Pedestrian Safety Infographic

Pedestrian Safety Infographic

Pedestrian Safety Infographic  

Pedestrian Safety Content Summary

Pedestrian Safety : We CAN Make a Difference

The Data Over 4400 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents 69,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents 1 pedestrian is killed every 2 hours 1 pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes Nearly 75% of pedestrian fatalities occurred in urban settings More than 50% of pedestrian fatalities are age 15 and under Nearly 90% of pedestrian fatalities occur are without rain, snow or fog-so weather isn’t the problem 70% of pedestrian fatalities occur during nighttime hours Nearly 20% of children 15 and younger who died in car crashes were pedestrians 35% of pedestrians killed were legally drunk

What Can You Do If You’re a Driver?

  • Always be on the lookout for pedestrians - especially at night
  • Drive slowly and be ready to stop at a crosswalk area
  • Always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk
  • Do not pass other cars that have stopped to allow pedestrians to cross
  • Pay special attention to pedestrians when you make a turn
  • Pay special attention to pedestrians in designated areas, such as schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods

What Can You Do If You’re a Pedestrian?

  • Do not walk in restricted zones (such as highways)
  • Always use sidewalks and crosswalks when they’re available
  • Wear light or reflective clothing at night
  • Do not drink alcohol or take drugs—you might not be able to walk safely or pay attention to cars on the road if you are impaired
  • Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic at all times
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Data from 2011 Sources: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( Highway Safety Research Center, UNC (

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