Toy Safety Infographic

Toy Safety Infographic

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Content Summary for The Toy Safety Infographic

Toy Safety 2014:  CPSC received 11 reports of toy related deaths. All victims were younger than 12. 64% Riding toys were associated with seven of the reported deaths. All were due to motor vehicle involvement. 251800:  Toy-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments. 69% Occurred to children 12 or younger. 34% Occurred to children 5 or younger. 42% Of emergency department-treated injuries were classified as lacerations, contusions, or abrasions. 44%  Estimated injuries were to the head and face, the most commonly affected area of the body. Approx 25%  Estimated injuries were to the head and face, the most commonly affected area of the body. Toy Safety Tips When Buying Toys:
  • Choose toys carefully.
  • Keep in mind safety issues.
  • Buy toys with quality design/construction.
  • Consider a kids age, interests or skill level.
  • Heed age recommendations.
  • Look for safety labels.
  • Be cautious of the risks of toys with:
  • Sharp edges
  • Cords and strings
  • Small parts
  • Toys with projectiles
  • Electric toys
When Storing Toys:
  • Check toys periodically for breakage or potential hazards.
  • Look for edges or surfaces that might have become sharp.
  • Examine outdoor toys for rust or weak parts that are hazardous.
  • Teach kids to put toys away safely to prevent trips and falls.
  • Check toy boxes for safety:
  • Use toy chests that have lids that will not fall unexpectedly on a child.
  • For extra safety, be sure there are ventilation holes for fresh air.
  • Wrappings on toys should be discarded immediately.
Houses with Small Children:
  • Be aware of all things that are sharp or breakable.
  • Keep items with small parts out of the reach of children to prevent them from swallowing or inhaling small pieces.
  • Avoid anything that resembles candy or food that may tempting to eat.

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