$775,000 For Wheelchair Transportation Crash Victim

A female client was being transported via wheelchair to her doctor’s office for an appointment.  After being placed inside the van, the operator failed to lock the woman’s seatbelt as required by N.J. State Law.  During the trip, the driver slammed on his brakes to avoid a collision with a preceding vehicle causing the wheelchair to lurch forward and throw the woman out of the wheelchair causing serious injuries.  The injuries were:

1) displaced tibia and fibula fractures for which surgery was required;

2) post-operative wound infection;

3) adverse reaction to antibiotics.

This case was filed in Middlesex County.


Barbara Rothenberg, Esq. began her career with The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP in 1978. Barbara has been the Managing Attorney of the law firm’s Philadelphia office since 1985.
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