Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission: The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP is a family of lawyers and legal support professionals, all dedicated to accomplishing the same mission. When a client hires us, they are getting a legal team that is committed to achieving the following goals as part of our mission:
1. Maximizing Our Client’s Recovery. We recognize that our legal system only allows injury victims to seek one type of recovery from those who injured them: a monetary award.  Therefore, when we take a case, we do everything we can to  achieve the maximum recovery possible to compensate our client and his or her family for the injuries they have suffered. Our goal is to tilt the playing field in favor of our client, who would otherwise be at a distinct disadvantage going up against well-financed corporate defendants and/or insurance companies.
2. Repairing Shattered Lives. We understand that a personal injury can be devastating to a family, so we seek to do more than just legally prosecute a client’s claim. We try to make sure that  our client gets necessary attention from medical specialists, psychological counselors, financial advisers and other professionals who can help repair the damage to our client and his or her family, as much as possible. We seek to be more than mere legal counselors to our clients; we want to be their beacon of hope during the darkest days of their lives.
3. Going To Trial When Needed. We are not a “plaintiff’s mill” that takes on a volume of cases, only to settle as many as possible for  modest money and minimal effort. We are not mere “middlemen” seeking to take a piece of an easy settlement. When we take a case, we take it as zealous advocates, aggressively preparing it for trial and willing to go the distance for our clients when defendants do not offer full and fair compensation for the injuries they caused or for which they are liable.
4. Winning a Client’s Loyalty. We seek not just satisfied clients, but loyal clients who will remember us for having helped them put their lives back together. At the end of every case, we want a client who will enthusiastically and unhesitatingly recommend us to others.
Our Values: We are not only committed to achieving our mission on behalf of clients, but we are committed to doing it in a manner that is consistent with our values. Thus, when a client hires us, they can expect we will act with:
1. Honesty. Consistent with our professional duty, we will be honest with the client, the court, the opposing party and their counsel, as well as all others involved in the judicial process. Sometimes, this means telling a client something that is hard to hear, but it always means protecting our reputation for honesty and integrity in dealing with others.
2. Promptness and Courtesy. We will return every phone call as promptly as possible, and we will treat our clients with courtesy and respect. We also believe that anyone calling our office for any reason – as a client, a referral source, or an opposing lawyer – deserves a prompt and professional reply.
3. Patience. We know that dealing with personal injuries can be frustrating and difficult, and so we pledge to act quickly and zealously on behalf of our clients. But we are also committed to being patient with them when they need explanations of legal, medical or other relevant information, or when they just need someone to be a committed listener during difficult times.
4. Compassion. We do not forget why we are here – to help others. So, if we can get an insurance company to  promptly fulfill its obligations to  provide our clients the medical care and other attention that they need, then we will prioritize that over fighting about money. We have, in fact, succeeded in persuading insurers to pay for our clients to get top-flight medical care without necessity of trial (e.g. getting a hip fixed by the same doctor who attended to a famous sports star) in order to eliminate our client’s future physical pain and suffering.
5. Thoroughness.  We pay attention to every detail for our clients, from the start of a case to the very end. Thus, even after a defendant has agreed to  settle a case, we don’t just accept a written settlement agreement from opposing counsel, no matter how it is worded. We will advocate for the best possible wording to insure that our client’s rights are not hindered with respect to future claims or related issues.  At case end, we also contact and negotiate with any entities (medical, governmental, etc.) that have asserted liens against our client’s recovery.  We customarily provide this assistance at no extra charge to our client, regardless of the time expenditure required.
In summary, the representation of injured clients is not just business for us – it is personal. It is not just a job – it is a mission. We believe we are here only to serve others, and that is why we are dedicated to serving our clients completely and to getting them more than monetary compensation. We try, whenever possible, to help repair the damage to their bodies, their families and their broken spirits.

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    Our Results

    $55 million
    Settlement on behalf of multiple plaintiffs injured as result of exposure to toxic substances
    $26.3 million
    Misdiagnosis of brain injury leading to permanent paralysis
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    What Our Clients Say

    "Working with The Rothenberg Law Firm was a very easy and straightforward process. They actually surprised me with the extra time and additional attention to my case. I'd recommend them to anyone."

    Victoria H.
    New York

    “During the course of the litigation there where a number of settlement offers which the firm promptly and dutifully communicated to me and urged me not to accept. They were right. In the end they got me an enormous amount of money for my injuries and loss of earnings; far more than I could have ever imagined.”

    Ed M.