Our People

Our Family. Everyone in our law firm is a Rothenberg or someone who believes in the Rothenberg way (See “Our Mission & Values” and “Our Methods - The Rothenberg Way”). Roughly half of us share the same DNA, and all of us share the same values and commitment to justice for personal injury victims. We think of ourselves as family, and when we take on a new client, we adopt them into our family, fighting for them as one of our own. Our Motivation. Every person in this firm obtains their greatest personal satisfaction from helping an injured client and his or her family to get the necessary treatment and compensation to repair the damage to their lives as much as possible. We also take a special pride in delivering to our client a sizeable, restorative check from a billion dollar insurance company that made every possible effort to minimize or eliminate the amount it had to pay in compensation. Our Passion. As a professional family, we love working together and solving problems as a team, and we often literally lay awake at night, ruminating over how we can solve a client’s problems brought about by catastrophic injury. Battling sophisticated and well-financed corporate defendants and insurance companies in court is hard, difficult and painstaking work, so we bring into our family only the most competent and dedicated lawyers who are up to the task. We recognize that you must have a passion for this work to do it well, and we are known by and defined by that relentless passion. Our History. Our relentless passion has driven us to become one of the most reputable and well-recognized personal injury firms in the country ever since our founding by Allen L. Rothenberg in 1969. It was Allen and his wife, Barbara, who blazed the trail for the rest of us, enabling our family of lawyers to recover literally hundreds of millions of dollars for injured clients during more than four decades of legal service. We all chose this work because there is no more fulfilling way to live than by helping others to restore their shattered lives. It is certainly the best way to feel a true connection with our clients and our legal work. Our Credentials. When we tackle a case as a team, we bring to it an array of legal experiences (See “Our Reputation & Record”). Collectively, we also offer to our clients the life experiences of:
  • Hundreds of trials in numerous courts around the country and in some foreign countries;
  • Multiple lawyers who are members of the Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum (those who have obtained Multi million dollar recoveries for their clients);
  • Advocates who have obtained advanced degrees in other fields of study in addition to law;
  • Advocates who are lecturers and teachers in trial advocacy;
  • A former Philadelphia deputy district attorney in charge of homicide cases who is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in the nation
  • A former special assistant attorney general in Pennsylvania;
  • A former corporate General Counsel (chief legal officer  to a corporation) with inside knowledge and understanding of corporate defense work;
  • A former corporate defense lawyer who understands how “the other side” works;
  • A former judicial clerk, who understands how judicial decisions are made and how judicial opinions are written and interpreted in chambers;
  • A former management consultant professional;
  • Multiple attorneys with honors degrees from Ivy League undergraduate and law schools; and
  • Recognized professionals who have appeared on television, and been quoted on radio, in newspapers and other forms of media.
Our Attitude. We understand that attitude can determine altitude, and so we are generally upbeat and try to be of good humor for our clients and our teammates. We take our work very seriously, but we do not take on “airs” about ourselves as lawyers. We know that it is important to maintain good humor when dealing with the tragedy and hardship so often caused by personal injury. We are also both passionate and competitive as a team. Many of us are avid sports fans.  We love the challenge of taking on an opponent in the court room and we live for the battle. At the same time, we are sensitive to and empathetic with our clients, especially those whose families are affected by a catastrophic injury, because we are not only part of a large professional family, but we have families of our own. We understand how an injury to or the loss of a mother, father, son or daughter can impact many different lives. See also: “Our Commitment to Community

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    Our Results

    $55 million
    Settlement on behalf of multiple plaintiffs injured as result of exposure to toxic substances
    $26.3 million
    Misdiagnosis of brain injury leading to permanent paralysis
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    What Our Clients Say

    "Working with The Rothenberg Law Firm was a very easy and straightforward process. They actually surprised me with the extra time and additional attention to my case. I'd recommend them to anyone."

    Victoria H.
    New York

    “During the course of the litigation there where a number of settlement offers which the firm promptly and dutifully communicated to me and urged me not to accept. They were right. In the end they got me an enormous amount of money for my injuries and loss of earnings; far more than I could have ever imagined.”

    Ed M.