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AmountCasePractice Area
$55 millionSettlement on behalf of multiple plaintiffs injured as result of exposure to toxic substances Product Liability
$26.3 millionMisdiagnosis of brain injury leading to permanent paralysis Medical Malpractice
$22.1 millionSettlement in defective prescription drug case against major pharmaceutical manufacturer Product Liability
$19.87 millionPregnant woman killed in explosion – verdict awarded to parents and husband Wrongful Death
$17.5 millionRecovery for child injured at birth Birth injury
$16.1 millionSettlement against major auto manufacturer for traumatic brain injury Product Liability
$13.75 million Won on behalf of client's family Wrongful Death
$13.5 millionVerdict in case involving brake failure that led to client's paralysis Product Liability
$11.8 millionMedical Malpractice case for an undiagnosed degenerative disease of the spine Medical Malpractice
$11.5 million For Traumatic Brain Injury in Construction Accident Construction Accidents
$10 millionSettlement in complex products liability case against major auto manufacturer Truck Accidents
$8.6 millionAward for psychiatric injuries in SUV rollover Product Liability
$7.3 millionRecovery for injuries in a trucking accident case Truck Accidents
$6.9 millionEye injury in auto accident caused by icy conditions Car Accidents
$6.825 million For worker injured in scaffold collapse. (including interest) Construction Accidents
$6.5 millionVerdict in Ford Explorer rollover roof crush wrongful death case Product Liability
$6.25 millionRecovery on behalf of pedestrian struck by a car Pedestrian Accidents
$5.15 millionFailure to diagnose a tear of the wall of the carotid artery Medical Malpractice
$5 millionSettlement in complex products liability case against major auto manufacturer Product Liability
$5 millionTraumatic Brain Injury Traumatic Brain Injury
$4.2 millionCar Occupants Struck by a Truck Truck Accidents
$4 millionInjury to 19-year-old in a trucking accident Truck Accidents
$3.8 millionPrenatal testing resulting in birth injury Medical Malpractice
$3.5 millionBowel injury caused by negligence of a commercial ambulance driver Medical Malpractice
$3.5 millionSettlement for spinal injuries in trucking accident Truck Accidents
$3.1 million Recovered for injuries from a trip and fall in movie theater Slip and Fall
$3 millionTrucking Accident Truck Accidents
$3 millionSettlement during trial for back injury suffered in construction accident Construction Accidents
$3 millionClient who Suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injury when Struck in Head by Falling Ceiling Tile at Work Traumatic Brain Injury
$2.8 millionDeath due to overdose of anesthesia Medical Malpractice
$2.65 millionFailure to Diagnose Cancer Medical Malpractice
$2.6 millionVerdict for arm and back injuries of pedestrian struck by bus Bus Accidents
$2.52 millionDeath caused by a slip and fall on ice in parking lot Slip and Fall
$2.5 millionAnkle injury caused by a defective fork lift Product Liability
$2.5 millionPedestrian struck by police car suffered injuries requiring knee replacement Car Accidents
$2.5 millionPedestrian Struck by bus Pedestrian Accidents
$2.4 millionMedical Malpractice Medical Malpractice
$2.25 millionRecovery for worker who fell through hatchway doors Construction Accidents
$2.25 millionSettlement for leg injury requiring multiple surgeries for defective portable basketball unit Product Liability
$2 millionFailure to diagnose cancer Medical Malpractice
$2 millionBack Injuries from Motor Vehicle Collision Car Accidents
$2 millionChild killed as a result of defective clothing/playground equipment Product Liability
$2 millionDeath of infant due to medical mistake Medical Malpractice
$1.9 millionNursing home negligence Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
$1.78 millionRecovery for pedestrian struck by SUV Pedestrian Accidents
$1.75 million 68 year old injured in a car accident Car Accidents
$1,730,000Mother and Son Injured in Collision while Passengers in Taxi Car Accidents
$1.6 millionRecovery for a client who suffered head injuries in a premises liability case against a corporate defendant Slip and Fall
$1.6 millionTraumatic Brain Injury from Bicycle Collision Traumatic Brain Injury
$1.55 millionHead Injury in Van Collision Car Accidents
$1.5 millionPedestrian struck crossing street resulting in death Car Accidents
$1.5 millionRecovery for facial fractures requiring surgery in bus accident Bus Accidents
$1.5 million Client tripped over a mat Slip and Fall
$1.5 millionLeg Fractures of Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Accidents
$1.5 millionDriver Injured in rear-end collision Car Accidents
$1.4 millionRecovery in wrongful death case against major automobile manufacturer Product Liability
$1.4 millionDram Shop Action Car Accidents
$1.4 millionRecovery for multiple surgeries after collision Car Accidents
$1.3 millionInjury at Birth Birth injury
$1.3 million Client slipped and fell on ice in front of building Slip and Fall
$1.3 millionRecovery for injuries to two car occupants struck from behind Car Accidents
$1.2 millionRecovery for injuries due to Negligence at a Nursing Home Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
$1.18 millionArbitration award in trip and fall case Slip and Fall
$1.15 millionVerdict for back injuries in automobile accident Car Accidents
$1.1 millionFailure to diagnose a heart attack, resulting in death Medical Malpractice
$1.08 millionLeg and arm fractures in automobile accident Car Accidents
$1.05 millionVerdict for back injuries suffered in intersectional collision Car Accidents
$1 millionRecovery on behalf of motorcyclist killed in collision Motorcycle Accidents
$1 millionRecovery on behalf of the estate of pedestrian struck and killed by delivery van Wrongful Death
$1 millionArbitration award for pedestrian struck by car of underinsured motorist Car Accidents
$1 millionRecovery for serious injuries from slip and fall on ice in parking lot Slip and Fall
$1 millionInjuries from automobile accident Car Accidents
$1 millionVerdict for eye injury at construction site Construction Accidents
$975, 000Recovery for Injuries at Birth (case ongoing against remaining defendants) Birth injury
$960,000Recovery for ankle injury from automobile accident Car Accidents
$950,000Neck injuries for slip and fall at fast food chain restaurant Slip and Fall
$950,000Verdict for ankle injury sustained from fall down flight of stairs Slip and Fall
$950,000Recovery for construction worker's fall from roof Construction Accidents
$950,000Death at workplace due to OSHA violation Wrongful Death
$940,000Recovery for injuries suffered from multiple vehicle accident Car Accidents
$925,000Recovery for head injury at a construction site Construction Accidents
$900,000Leg injury in bus accident Bus Accidents
$900,000EMS worker experienced a trip and fall outside a hospital Slip and Fall
$900,000Arbitration award for pedestrian struck by bicyclist Personal Injury
$898,000Head Injury to Passenger in Motor Vehicle Collision Traumatic Brain Injury
$898,000Head injury in trucking accident Truck Accidents
$880,000Injuries from automobile accident Car Accidents
$875,000 Passenger in a vehicle that lost control and crashed into several trees Car Accidents
$850,000Pedestrian Struck by Bus Pedestrian Accidents
$850,000Passenger in car suffered mild traumatic brain injury Car Accidents
$850,000Injuries suffered by patient at nursing home Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
$800,000Construction Worker with Herniated Disc Construction Accidents
$800,000Recovery on behalf of 72 year-old struck by a bus Bus Accidents
$800,000 56-year-old man injured in a motor vehicle collision Car Accidents
$785,000 Child burned at daycare Personal Injury
$775,000Injuries to passenger in ambulance Motorcycle Accidents
$757,000Injuries suffered due to hotel negligence Birth injury
$750,000Jet ski accident Personal Injury
$750,000Leg injury to pedestrian struck by SUV Car Accidents
$750,000Recovery on behalf of pedestrian suffering injuries to knees in automobile accident Car Accidents
$750,000Recovery for leg fracture requiring surgery Motorcycle Accidents
$725,000Recovered on behalf of victim killed in fire Wrongful Death
$715,000Child drowned as a result of improper installation of swimming pool Product Liability
$700,000Automobile accident causing low back and neck injuries Car Accidents
$700,000Knee injury in automobile accident Car Accidents
$700,000Misdiagnosis during prenatal care Medical Malpractice
$690,000Pelvic injury from trip & fall accident Slip and Fall
$650,000Husband and wife injured in boating accident Personal Injury
$644,383Injury from prescription drug Dangerous Drugs
$622,500Serious injury from prescription drug Dangerous Drugs
$600,000Neck injury in automobile accident Car Accidents
$600,000Client sustained orthopedic injuries in a motor vehicle crash Car Accidents
$600,000Client injured in ceiling collapse Personal Injury
$580,000Pedestrian hit by car resulting in knee injury Car Accidents
$550,000Student injured in wood cutting class Personal Injury
$525,000Pedestrian hit by car causing death Car Accidents
$520,000Trip and fall on business sidewalk Slip and Fall
$510,000Pelvic injury to 80 year-old from fall in a museum Slip and Fall
$501,254Injury as a result of prescription drug Dangerous Drugs
$500,000Vehicle landed on plaintiff's car Car Accidents
$500,000Recovery for ankle injury suffered in fall down defective flight of stairs Slip and Fall
$500,000Recovery for injuries to neck and back Car Accidents
$500,000Verdict for shoulder injury in automobile accident Car Accidents
$500,000Neck and back injuries in automobile accident Car Accidents
$500,000 Pedestrian Knockdown Personal Injury
$500,000For exacerbation of back injuries from fall off stage Slip and Fall
$500,000Scarring from improper laser hair removal Personal Injury
$495,000Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle Car Accidents
$495,000Inadequate security allowed assault to occur Slip and Fall
$490,000Shoulder injury from fall into unguarded cellar opening Slip and Fall
$460,000Leg injury in auto accident Car Accidents
$450,000Pedestrian struck by truck Truck Accidents
$450,000Defective chair collapsed causing back injuries Product Liability
$450,000Ceiling collapse causing back injury Slip and Fall
$400,000Motorcyclist struck by vehicle Motorcycle Accidents
$400,000Client fell in delivery grate Slip and Fall
$400,000Settlement for foot injury in trip & fall case Slip and Fall
$400,000For neck injuries in motor vehicle crash Car Accidents
$325,000Woman injured in nail salon Personal Injury
$300,000For ankle injuries due to icy conditions Slip and Fall
$300,000Infection suffered as a result of dental malpractice Medical Malpractice
$300,000Ankle injury to motorcyclist struck by car Motorcycle Accidents
$300,000Injuries in a hotel fire Personal Injury
$300,000Recovery for pedestrian struck by bicyclist Personal Injury
$280,000Spine injuries in a motor vehicle crash Car Accidents

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Victoria H.
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