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Welcome to The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, a prominent advocate in New York City fighting for the rights of those injured due to negligence or recklessness since 1969.

Our practice is deeply rooted in a strong commitment to those who have suffered injuries in New York State. We focus on motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, pedestrian, rideshare, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.

Our approach is unique: we prioritize the needs of our clients, ensuring they receive thorough and assertive representation and fair and full compensation.

Our team understands the complexities of New York personal injury law and is skilled in guiding our clients through the challenges that each unique injury case presents.

At The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, our New York City personal injury lawyers don't just represent our clients. We advocate fiercely for their rights, providing the justice and maximum compensation they need and deserve.

Our attorneys are not just legal professionals; they are relentless advocates for the injured, committed to turning their experience into tangible results for you and your family.

New York City Personal Injury Guide

Why Hire The Rothenberg Law Firm for Your Personal Injury Case?

What Does it Mean When the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP Serves You?

Team of NYC Injury Attorneys at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLPOur mission is to maximize recovery, try to make our clients whole again, prepare every case as if it were going to trial, and earn client trust and loyalty.

We accomplish our mission through our values of honesty, promptness, courtesy, patience, empathy, and thoroughness.

We are committed to more than just monetary compensation; we aim to help clients repair the damages to their bodies, families, and spirits.

At The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, our commitment to your case is unparalleled. The following are some of the reasons why clients have chosen The Rothenberg Law Firm in the past for their personal injury cases in New York City.

  • Remarkable History of Success. We have secured billions of dollars in settlements, awards, and verdicts in accidents and personal injury cases. This track record is a testament to our ability to handle complex, high-stakes cases with legal excellence, and an undeniable tenacity in getting the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Client-Focused Approach. Our dedication to justice is unwavering. We offer thorough and compassionate legal support, always seeking the best outcomes for our clients. This client-focused approach is the cornerstone of the Rothenberg philosophy and method. Never underestimate the ferocity of a compassionate attorney from our law firm.
  • Maximizing Your Recovery. We understand the importance of compensation in personal injury cases and focus on achieving the maximum recovery for you. It’s more than just getting a settlement from an insurance company – it’s also about making sure you have enough money for the future because some injuries will last a lifetime.
  • Repairing Lives. Beyond legal prosecution, we strive to be a source of hope and support, ensuring comprehensive care for you and your family. The only remedy our legal system provides in an attempt to make people whole after a serious injury is through monetary compensation. We are lawyers, but we are also counselors whom our clients can lean on for guidance. We will always advise our clients to do what’s best for them.
  • Trial Readiness. We are prepared to take each case to trial, fighting relentlessly for your rightful compensation. The insurance company is already preparing a case against you with their team of lawyers. The Rothenberg Law Firm levels the playing field against big insurance companies. Having the right New York personal injury lawyer can significantly impact the amount of compensation you receive.
  • Client Loyalty. We hope to leave every client in a better place than when they came to us. From initial consultations to the resolutions of thousands of cases, over the years we have won the trust and loyalty of our clients through consistent dedication. We have the reputation of getting to know how the injuries of our clients have affected their lives and their loved ones, and we make their voices heard.
  • Your Health Matters. We take your health and well-being very seriously. We collaborate with medical and financial professionals to make sure you get the best care possible. Our law firm offers more than legal advice to assist in all aspects of their recovery. You focus on healing, while we strive to win your case.
  • No Fee Promise: People who are injured in an accident in New York City shouldn’t have to worry about getting the best representation. With our free case evaluation and no-fee-unless-we-win approach, we ensure access to quality legal representation without the financial burden of paying out of pocket for an attorney.
  • The Rothenberg Method. We take aggressive action from the moment a client hires us as part of The Rothenberg Way. With skill and knowledge, we master both the law and the science behind each case. We invest in each case by engaging top-tier experts and using cutting-edge technology for trial presentations.

Choosing The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP means selecting a partner who fights for your legal rights and cares deeply about your overall well-being.

We are not just another personal injury law firm in New York City – we are advocates committed to your journey to justice and recovery.

The Personal Injury Claims Process in New York City

  1. Initial Claim Submission:
    • The process begins with submitting a claim to the responsible party's insurance company. This claim includes details about the incident and the injuries sustained.
  2. Role of Insurance Adjusters
    • Once the claim is submitted, an insurance adjuster is assigned to the case. The adjuster's role is to investigate the claim, assess the extent of the insurance company's liability, and evaluate the damages.
  3. Information Gathering
    • The adjuster may request additional information, such as medical records, police reports, and evidence from the accident scene. This data is important in determining the validity and value of the claim.
  4. Claim Review and Liability Decision
    • After reviewing the information, the adjuster decides on the insurer's liability. They will determine if the insurer is responsible and to what extent.
  5. Settlement Offer and Negotiations
    • If the insurance company accepts liability, they may propose a settlement offer. Often, this initial offer may not fully cover all damages. It's common for the claimant and their attorney to negotiate for a higher settlement.
  6. Lawsuit Filing (if necessary)
    • If the insurer denies the claim or fails to offer a fair settlement, filing a lawsuit may be the next step. This legal action is initiated to pursue adequate compensation.
  7. Legal Representation and Advocacy
    • Throughout this process, having a skilled personal injury lawyer cannot be overstated. A skilled injury lawyer in New York City guides clients through each step, advocating on their behalf, and ensuring that their rights are protected.

The personal injury claims process in NYC can be complex and challenging, especially when dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

When you hire a New York City personal injury attorney to represent you, the burden of dealing with the insurance company is lifted since your lawyer will communicate with an adjuster on your behalf.

When you have questions about getting a fair settlement, contact an experienced personal injury attorney from The Rothenberg Law Firm. The consultation is free without any obligations.

How Much is a Personal Injury Case in New York City Worth?

The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers BadgeIt’s natural to want to know how much compensation you will recover after someone injures you. The injury and accident attorneys at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP want you to be well-informed about the potential outcome of your case.

Factors Affecting the Value of a Personal Injury Case

The value of a personal injury case depends on various factors. The nature and severity of the injury play a crucial role, as more severe and catastrophic injuries typically lead to higher compensation due to increased medical costs, long-term care needs, and the potential for permanent disability or disfigurement.

Lost income and lost wages both current and future, are also considered. This includes not just immediate lost earnings but also the impact on future earning potential, especially in cases where the injury leads to long-term or permanent inability to work.

Medical expenses, both incurred and anticipated, significantly affect case value. This includes hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and any future medical care required.

Past and future pain and suffering, though more subjective, are very much a part of determining the case value. This accounts for physical discomfort and emotional distress resulting from the injury.

In cases involving egregious negligence or intentional harm, punitive damages may also be considered, adding to the case's value.

Contingency Fee Structure

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP operates on a contingency fee basis. This means clients do not pay any fees upfront.

Our fees are a percentage of the settlement or award obtained, safeguarding that our interests are aligned with yours. We are motivated to secure the best possible outcome for you.

This structure also means that if we do not win your case, you do not owe us any legal fees. This reduces the financial risk for clients seeking justice.

Transparency and Communication

We maintain transparency about our fee structure from the outset. During the initial consultation, we explain how contingency fees work and what percentage will be applied in your case.

Throughout the case, we keep you informed about any costs that may affect the final settlement or award amount.

We know that clients have questions and want to know the progress of their cases. We promise to respond to return phone calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time.

Our focus is on maximizing your compensation while minimizing your stress and financial burden. We handle the complexities of the legal process, allowing you to focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

With our extensive experience, we are adept at negotiating with insurance companies and opposing counsel, ensuring that your settlement reflects the true value of your claim.

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in New York?

Million Dollar Advocate ForumIf you are considering legal action after an injury in New York, the law sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit.

Failing to meet this deadline, called the statute of limitations, can lead to losing the right to seek legal remedy for injuries suffered.

The General Rule - Three Years

For most personal injury claims in New York, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the injury.

This timeframe includes cases like slip and fall accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and many other common types of personal injury cases. It's imperative to be aware of the date of the injury, as this date marks the start of the countdown.

Medical Malpractice - A Different Timeline

Medical malpractice claims have a distinct statute of limitations. In these cases, the time limit is typically two years and six months from the date of the malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment rendered by the party you plan to sue.

However, certain situations may alter this timeline, which is why you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer in New York City for help.

Wrongful Death Claims

In cases of wrongful death, the statute of limitations is usually two years from the date of the deceased person's death. This is a shorter period compared to other personal injury claims, making timely legal consultation even more important.

Exceptions and Special Circumstances

There are exceptions to these rules. For instance, if the injured party is a minor, the statute of limitations may start to run on their 18th birthday.

Likewise, in cases where the defendant is a government entity, special notice requirements and shorter time limits may apply.

The Importance of Acting Promptly

It's highly advisable to seek legal advice from a personal injury firm as soon as possible after an injury.

Waiting too long can jeopardize your ability to file a claim. Even if you believe you have time, early consultation with an NYC personal injury lawyer can help preserve evidence, gather necessary documentation, and build a stronger case.

Additionally, a lawyer can help you avoid missing deadlines and will advise on the best course of action, whether it’s negotiating a settlement or proceeding to trial.

Given the varying timelines and exceptions, it's advisable to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can guide you through the process and help protect your rights.

If you have questions regarding how to file a personal injury claim, contact a New York City personal injury lawyer for help by calling (800) 624-8888.

Understanding Insurance Company Tactics

AV Preeminent Badge 2024Insurance companies in personal injury cases often employ several tactics to reduce their payout to claimants.

These methods are designed to protect the company's financial interests but can be detrimental to those rightfully seeking compensation for their injuries.

Adjusters May Question Your Injury Severity

One common strategy is to cast doubt on the severity of the claimant’s injuries. Insurance companies may argue that injuries are not as serious as claimed or were pre-existing.

They might request extensive medical records to search for any evidence that can minimize the severity of the injuries.

Disputing the Liability of an Accident Claim

Insurance companies often dispute liability in an accident. By questioning who is at fault, they aim to reduce their financial responsibility.

This involves scrutinizing accident reports, witness statements, and any available surveillance footage to find discrepancies or evidence that can shift blame, either partially or entirely, away from their insured.

Rapid, Low Settlement Offers

Insurance adjusters may approach claimants with quick settlement offers. These offers are often made before the full extent of damages can be assessed and are typically lower than what the claimant may be entitled to.

This tactic preys on claimants’ desire for a speedy resolution and their potential lack of knowledge about the true value of their claim can constitute bad faith on the part of an insurance company.

Delaying Your Claim

Contrary to making rapid offers, some insurance companies use delaying tactics. By prolonging the claim process, they aim to pressure the claimant into settling for less. This can be particularly challenging for claimants facing financial hardships due to their injuries.

Use of Complex Legal Jargon

Insurance policies and settlement offers are often laden with complex legal terms and conditions. This can be overwhelming and confusing for claimants, leading them to agree to less favorable terms.

Surveillance and Social Media Monitoring

Some insurers engage in surveillance or social media monitoring to gather evidence that can be used against the claimant.

For instance, pictures or posts depicting physical activity can be misconstrued to argue that the claimant’s injuries are not debilitating.

Misinterpretation of Policy Coverage

Insurance companies may attempt to misinterpret the terms of their policy coverage to deny a claim or reduce the payout.

They might argue that certain aspects of the claim, such as specific types of injuries or circumstances of the accident, are not covered under the policy.

When insurance adjusters resort to using unfair tactics against an injured person, it highlights the importance of having knowledgeable legal representation to stand up for you and ensure fair compensation.

What is Evidence Important in a NYC Personal Injury Case?

In personal injury cases, the role of evidence is fundamental in establishing the facts and supporting the client’s claim.

Superlawyers 2023 BadgePersonal injury lawyers meticulously gather and document all relevant evidence, which includes various types of proof:

  • Medical Records. Comprehensive medical records are indispensable. They provide a detailed account of injuries sustained, treatments received, and the prognosis. This information is used to demonstrate the direct impact of the injury on the client's health and life.
  • Eyewitness Statements. Accounts from people who witnessed the incident can be powerful. Eyewitnesses can offer a perspective on the accident that supports the client’s version of events and helps establish liability.
  • Expert Testimonies. Experts in fields like medicine, accident reconstruction, or occupational therapy can provide authoritative opinions that bolster a claim. Their insights can help in understanding the severity of injuries, economic losses and the impact on future earning capacity, and other consequences of the accident.
  • Photographic and Video Evidence. Images and videos from the scene provide tangible proof of the circumstances surrounding the accident. This can include photos of the location, the injuries, and any property damage.
  • Police and Accident Reports. Official reports can be a decisive source of information. They offer an objective viewpoint and often include details like the time, date, conditions of the accident, and witnesses of the accident.
  • Personal Diaries or Journals. Keeping a daily log of the injury’s impact on everyday life can be persuasive. This might include notes on pain levels, mobility issues, and how the injury affects day-to-day activities. Having a journal will help you recollect your memory if your case goes to trial.
  • Financial Records. Evidence of financial loss due to the injury is key in calculating damages. This includes records of lost income, medical expenses, and costs related to rehabilitation or ongoing care.
  • Physical Evidence. Items from the accident, like a damaged car seat, lost clothing, or a broken bicycle, can be used as physical proof of the incident and the severity of the impact.

Collectively, these pieces of evidence form the backbone of a personal injury claim. They provide a comprehensive picture of the accident, the injuries suffered, and the subsequent impact on the claimant's life.

The strategic gathering and presentation of this evidence by personal injury lawyers are central to negotiating with insurance companies and, if necessary, presenting a compelling case in court.

How to Win a Personal Injury Case in New York City

Cases Can Be Won or Lost Based on Preparation

Preparedness for litigation is a key aspect of a personal injury lawyer's role, particularly when negotiations with insurance companies fail to yield fair compensation. This readiness involves several decisive steps and strategies.

  1. Thorough Case Preparation
    • Building a litigation-ready case begins with meticulous preparation. In addition to evidence and expert testimonies, we master the law and the science of each case. Every aspect of liability, admissible evidence, the cause and treatment of injuries, and recoverable damages are used to effectively plead, discover facts, and prove client damages with laser precision.
  2. Trial Strategies
    • Being able to present a convincing case before a judge and jury is a unique trait among top trial attorneys. This includes crafting compelling opening and closing statements, preparing for direct and cross-examinations, and anticipating the arguments of the opposing side.
  3. Client Preparation
    • At The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, we prepare our clients so they never feel unprepared for legal proceedings. We familiarize clients with the courtroom and guide them through various stages of the case, including hearings, mediations, negotiations, and trials. Our goal is to leave clients confident and ready for what might otherwise be intimidating situations.
  4. Mock Trials and Scenario Planning:
    • Conducting mock trials and scenario planning can be an effective way to anticipate different courtroom situations and how a jury may react to certain statements or pieces of evidence. This helps in refining arguments and preparing for various lines of questioning.
  5. Courtroom Presentation:
    • We invest in technology, including trial presentation software, to enhance our courtroom presentations with graphics, tables, charts, and videos. We also utilize state-of-the-art software for the storage, sorting, and seamless retrieval of vast amounts of information crucial for witness examination and fact verification during trials.

Preparing for litigation means being ready to fight for the client's rights in the courtroom, using all available legal tools and strategies to strive for a favorable outcome.

This level of professionalism is just part of The Rothenberg Law Firm’s commitment to winning our client's cases.

The Importance of Hiring a New York City Personal Injury Lawyer from The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

Fair Representation in New York City

Any accident and injury attorney can take your case, but that doesn’t mean they should. In many personal injury cases, the injured victim will find themselves up against formidable opponents like large corporations or institutions, which have substantial legal resources.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer will enter the ring and fight a legal battle that might otherwise be heavily skewed against you.

Knowledge of New York Laws and the Court System

The Rothenberg Law Firm has been representing personal injury clients for many years. When injured New Yorkers are recovering from an accident, the last thing they want to do is worry about legal procedures that are often a part of personal injury cases.

A skilled personal injury lawyer takes charge of these legal complexities, ensuring that all paperwork is accurately and timely filed.

Our NYC lawyers have an in-depth understanding of local regulations and procedures, which can significantly influence the outcome of a case. Improper or late filing of documents can result in a case being dismissed or critical evidence not being able to be presented.

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP Teaches Other Lawyers Trial Skills

The attorneys at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP are actively involved in teaching trial practice at local, regional, and national seminars for practicing lawyers.

Their contribution not only demonstrates their proficiency in trial law but also their dedication to elevating the standards of legal practice in the field of personal injury law in New York.

In addition, members of the firm teach law students at various law schools. By sharing their extensive knowledge and real-world experiences, they play a vital role in shaping the future of the legal profession, ensuring that upcoming lawyers are well-prepared for the challenges of personal injury law.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injuries in New York City

Our Attorneys Answer Some Questions Frequently Asked by Injured

Hiring a personal injury attorney significantly balances the scales at each phase of your case. In the investigative stage, an attorney can tap into specialized resources to uncover crucial evidence and information that might otherwise be challenging for you to obtain. 

When negotiating settlements, their experience becomes invaluable in identifying and countering strategies often employed by insurance adjusters.

Given that insurance companies have legal advisors guiding them, navigating negotiations without an attorney places you at a substantial disadvantage.

Should the need arise to escalate your claim to a lawsuit for fair compensation, a qualified personal injury lawyer and their experience in handling similar cases becomes instrumental in safeguarding your interests.

Contact the New York City Personal Injury Lawyers at Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

At Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, we are more than just a team of trial lawyers and legal professionals; we are a family dedicated to a singular mission of serving our clients with unwavering commitment.

When you choose us, you are not just gaining legal representation; you are becoming part of a family that is passionate about fighting for your rights and securing your future.

For us, each case is deeply personal. We understand that behind every case is a life profoundly affected, and we take on your cause as if it were our own, embracing you as a member of our family.

Over fifty years of experience have equipped us with the skills to face off against powerful corporations and insurance companies, leveling the playing field and ensuring your voice is heard.

Our approach goes beyond traditional legal counseling. In your most challenging times, we are here to offer real solutions, dedicated support, and passionate advocacy.

We celebrate our ability to go the distance, especially when others refuse to acknowledge the full extent of the harm they have caused.

Our law office carefully selects and meticulously prepares each case with the intent to maximize the compensation you deserve.

We meticulously build each case so that the story of what truly happened is compellingly presented to juries and judges. Our record of securing multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements speaks for itself.

Allen L. Rothenberg, Esq., Attorney for Personal Injury in New York City

Allen L. Rothenberg, Esq., New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

Ultimately, our goal is to leave you so content with our service that you would recommend us enthusiastically and without hesitation.

This commitment to excellence has driven us to recover billions of dollars for our clients and fuels our aspiration to be recognized as one of the top personal injury law firms in the nation.

If you are seeking a law firm that will stand by you, fight for you, and treat you like family, reach out to Rothenberg Law Firm LLP today.

Let us bring our passion, experience, and skill to your case and work toward the justice and recovery you and your family need now and in the future.

For a consultation and to find out if we are the right New York City personal injury law firm for you, please call us at (800) 624-8888 or talk to our attorneys online. We are here to support you in your journey to justice and recovery.

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