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Slip and fall injuries occur every day within New York City and our New York slip and fall lawyers are available to help you determine your rights. These injuries result from an assortment of incidents. From falling down dimly lit stairs in your building to slipping on a spilled item in a supermarket, individuals in our busy city regularly face unknown variables of life that lead to unwanted harm.NYC Slip and Fall Lawyer

Considering that we live in a place of non-stop movement and activity, the chance of getting hurt due to hazardous conditions is higher here than anywhere else.

The New York Department of Health has reported that injuries sustained by falling top the list for hospitalizations among children ages 0-14 and adults 25 years and older. These types of injuries often lead to things like concussions, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, other head injuries, or bone fractures, and often force those injured to accrue costly medical expenses and suffer lost wages.

Slip and fall injuries may occur because of a lack of reasonable care on the part of the store or building owners. If you or a loved one has fallen and suffered a serious injury you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Consider contacting the lawyers at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP for help.

Discussing Your Rights with a Lawyer

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Lack of Reasonable Care: Under New York law, property owners are obligated to exercise reasonable care when maintaining their properties so that patrons that frequent their establishments or individuals who venture into common areas are not subject to unreasonable risks resulting from unsafe conditions. This means that individuals should not have to look down to watch that every place they step is free of danger due to the property owner’s negligence in establishing safe conditions.

Proprietors have a duty to keep their premises safe from foreseeable dangers. When that high degree of responsibility is neglected, it leads to individuals tripping on things like unrepaired stairs or slipping in a puddle from a shattered jar of applesauce in aisle 9. In some of these instances, owners are aware or at least should be aware of certain hazards that await fall victims. When these owners do not exercise their requisite degree of care, many establishments become lurking dangers.

These sorts of accidents are referred to in the law as “premises liability” claims, and actually extend to a wide variety of situations in which the owner of a property, such as a business owner, causes a visitor to that property to be injured due to their negligence.  In addition to traditional “slip and fall” occurrences caused by things like wet floors, foreign objects, or a failure to properly clear ice and snow from walkways, premises liability claims can arise from maintenance failures like cracked or loose flooring, improperly secured railings, or a property owner not replacing light bulbs.  An injury caused by any of these sorts of negligent failures to maintain a facility can lead to a premises liability claim.

Unfortunately, property owners often fail in this duty. Hospitalizations for injuries from falling in New York create a yearly cost of approximately $1.3 billion in medical expenses. People in need of medical attention are left holding the bill for careless property owners.

Fortunately, civil law provides an avenue for those harmed to recover from their losses. It is logical and fair for those responsible, in whole or in part, for causing a serious fall to provide redress for the harm caused. However, unique legal rules apply to each situation to determine what the party should have done to prevent the accident. It is imperative for those affected to seek the best possible legal advice from a legal team experienced in premises liability cases in order to receive maximum compensation.

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Premises Liability Claims in New York City

In addition to traditional “slip and fall” occurrences caused by things like wet floors, foreign objects, or a failure to properly clear ice and snow from walkways, premises liability claims can arise from maintenance failures like cracked or loose flooring, improperly secured handrails/guardrails, or a property owner not replacing light bulbs. Dimly lit passageways and slippery floors result in thousands of preventable injury claims. An injury caused by any of these sorts of negligent failures to maintain a facility can lead to a premises liability claim.

Dangerous conditions that can be avoided by property owners are the leading cause of slip, trip, and fall cases that occur on sidewalks and parking lots.  Property owners often fail in their duty to maintain safe premises. Fortunately, civil law provides an avenue for those harmed to recover for their losses. If you are injured as a result of a dangerous condition, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions for New York City Slip and Fall Lawyers

Do I have to fill out or sign an accident claim form if I slip/trip or fall in a store?

You do not have to sign any documents in the store. However, you should report your fall as soon as possible. Ask that your fall be recorded in an incident report.  It is then the property owner’s responsibility to file their own claim with their management and/or insurance company. If someone tells you that you have to sign something- make sure you are only signing an incident report. You have to be careful that you are not signing a document that waives your rights to file a claim or lawsuit in the future. Always discuss with an experienced injury lawyer before signing any documents on a slip and fall case and do not discuss anything with an insurance adjuster before talking with a slip and fall lawyer.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents?

  • Pools of water on slippery surfaces
  • Ice and snow
  • Broken stairways
  • Trips and falls on broken pavement like potholes, street grates or loose construction materials
  • Uneven and unsecured rugs or carpets
  • Tripping on merchandise or slipping on spills
  • Unmarked curbs or steps
  • Missing handrails
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Exposed cables or wires

What is the statute of limitations for a slip/trip or fall accident in NYC?

In New York State, the plaintiff has up to THREE YEARS from the date of the slip and fall accident to file a lawsuit against a private owner.  However,  when filing a lawsuit against a public entity and/or municipality, injured individuals must file a fall claim within 90 days and the statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit expires in only 1 year and 90 days. Failure to file a claim within that time frame may bar you from seeking compensation in the future. It is always important to discuss with an experienced New York personal injury lawyer because timelines differ on a case-by-case basis.

What Should I Do If I Have A Slip / Trip or Fall Accident?

  1. Seek Medical Help: Do not neglect going to the doctor if you are injured or suspect injury. Over one million accidents occur every year from falls. Sometimes the injuries can be minimal like cuts and bruises, but when they are more severe they may result in permanent damage like broken bones, spinal cord trauma, brain injuries and even wrongful death. Traumatic brain injuries may start with fewer symptoms but develop into life-lasting problems. Clients who do not seek medical help but develop permanent damage, later on, may miss the statute of limitations by waiting to have the extent of their slip and fall injuries diagnosed. 
  2. Document the Scene: If you believe that there was negligence on the property owner's part then it is in your best interest to record what caused the accident as long as you're not too hurt to do so. Examples can include pictures and/or videos where the accident occurred, especially if what you tripped, slipped or fell from was something that isn't meant to be left there and maybe cleaned up after. Collect witness information, if you can get a video recording of what they saw right at the accident, or take their phone number and name so you can reach out to them later. The first thing our personal injury law firm does in these cases is to send an investigator to take pictures and record the scene.
  3. Report the Accident: Let the property owner know about the fall. Be careful what you say as what you say may be used to undermine your case when you attempt to get compensation. Be straightforward about the injury and let them know where it happened so they can prevent others from hurting themselves in a similar way.
  4. Contact Personal Injury Attorneys: You should contact a New York City slip and fall lawyer as soon as you suffer a slip and fall that occurred due to the result of negligence. An experienced personal injury law firm will be able to guide you through medical bills and the entire process in order to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

What if I’m Partly to Blame for My Slip and Fall Accident?

Distractions are everywhere, and it is incumbent upon everyone to pay close attention to their surroundings to avoid accidents. For example, suppose you are distracted while in an unsafe area on someone else’s property and suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident. The owner of that property may try to reduce their liability for your damages with a successful claim that you were at least partially responsible. 

Under New York State law, the amount of compensation you are entitled to recover from a negligent property owner will be reduced in proportion to your relative fault. For instance, if a jury determines that you suffered $100,000 in damages, but you bear 25% of the responsibility for the accident, the compensation you can recover will be reduced by 25%. As a result, you will receive a damages award of $75,000.

This principle will hold in New York even if a jury finds that you were more than 50% responsible for the accident. In contrast, New Jersey and Pennsylvania follow a stricter principle under which you will not recover any compensation if a jury finds that you bear more than 50% of the blame for the slip and fall accident.

To recover the largest damages award in your case, your attorney will first use all available evidence to show that the negligent property owner owed a duty to you. Further, the owner needed to either remedy a dangerous condition on the property or warn you of that hazard. The property owner and the insurers will likely argue that you could have prevented the accident. Ultimately, the skill of your slip and fall attorney will significantly affect your ability to recover the highest available damages award.

This principle of New York’s negligence laws adds to the complexity of a slip and fall accident lawsuit. However, it also provides stronger assurances that an accident victim in many cases will receive some compensation to reimburse their losses. Your lawyer will thoroughly analyze all the facts, circumstances, and details of your case to support your compensation claim. If necessary, they will also demonstrate to a jury that you bear no little to no blame and that the property owner had an opportunity to prevent the accident that caused your injuries.     

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