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Cherry Hill is known for its diverse neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and vibrant cultural scene. It’s a place where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the best that South Jersey has to offer. However, accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, and when they do, an experienced Cherry Hill personal injury lawyer can protect your rights and obtain justice for you.

That’s where Rothenberg Law Firm LLP comes in.

We understand the unique challenges you may face when dealing with a personal injury. Whether in the busy commercial areas of Cherry Hill Mall or serene residential neighborhoods like Barclay Farm, our team is here to provide you with the legal support you need to navigate the complex legal landscape and secure the compensation you deserve.


Cherry Hill Personal Injury Guide

Why Choose Rothenberg Law Firm LLP for Your Cherry Hill Personal Injury Case?

Team of Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyer at Rothenberg Law FirmChoosing Rothenberg Law Firm LLP for your personal injury claim is a decision grounded in our deep empathy and unwavering commitment to your well-being. With over five decades of experience, our personal injury lawyers have recovered billions in verdicts and settlements for our clients and offered compassionate support throughout their journeys.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that personal injuries can have on individuals and their families. Our dedicated legal team prioritizes your needs and concerns, ensuring you receive the utmost care and guidance. We’re not just seasoned attorneys but empathetic advocates who genuinely listen to your story, address your questions, and tailor our strategies to align with your unique goals and circumstances.

Our proactive approach means we go above and beyond to seek justice on your behalf. We employ cutting-edge resources and technology to meticulously investigate and prepare your case. Operating on a contingency fee basis, we remove financial obstacles, allowing you to pursue justice without worry.

When you choose Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, you’re choosing a compassionate partner committed to securing fair compensation and providing the support you deserve on your path to recovery.

Types of Cherry Hill Personal Injuries We Handle

Personal injuries often result from accidents based on another person or party’s negligence.

Our personal injury attorneys have handled many personal injury claims from accidents, such as:

Do I Have Grounds to Bring a Cherry Hill Personal Injury Claim?

Marc Rothenberg Esq, Attorney for Personal Injury in Cherry HillPersonal injury cases often revolve around the concept of negligence. Negligence is a legal principle that forms the basis for many personal injury claims. It refers to a failure to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances.

In simpler terms, negligence occurs when someone’s actions or inactions fall short of what a reasonably prudent person would do in the same situation, and these actions or inactions result in harm to another person.

A successful personal injury claim based on negligence requires you to establish:

  1. Duty of Care: The first element in a negligence claim is establishing that the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. Duty of care is a legal obligation that requires individuals to act in a manner that avoids causing harm to others. In many cases, this duty is relatively straightforward, such as the duty of a driver to operate their vehicle safely to avoid accidents.
  2. Breach of Duty: To prove negligence, it must be demonstrated that the defendant breached their duty of care. This means they failed to act as a reasonably prudent person would under the circumstances. The breach can be an act (commission) or a failure to act (omission), depending on the specific case.
  3. Causation: Causation involves establishing a direct link between the defendant’s breach of duty and the plaintiff’s injuries. There are typically two components to causation: “cause in fact” (also known as “but-for” causation), which means that the harm would not have occurred “but for” the defendant’s actions or omissions, and “proximate cause,” which requires that the harm was a foreseeable result of the defendant’s actions.
  4. Damages: Lastly, to succeed in a personal injury claim, the plaintiff must have suffered actual damages or harm as a result of the defendant’s negligence. These damages can be physical, emotional, or financial in nature and may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or income, property damage, and more.

If we can establish all of these elements, the injured party may have a strong basis for a successful personal injury claim against the negligent party.

What Compensation is Available to Victims of Personal Injury?

AV Preeminent Badge 2024Victims of personal injury may be entitled to various types of compensation, depending on the circumstances of their case.

The following are some common types of compensation available to personal injury victims:

  • Medical Expenses: Personal injury victims can often recover compensation for their past, present, and future medical expenses related to the injuries caused by the accident. This includes hospital bills, surgeries, doctor’s visits, medication, rehabilitation, and other necessary medical treatments.
  • Lost Income: If the injuries result in the victim being unable to work or having to take time off from work, they may be entitled to compensation for their lost wages and any potential future loss of earning capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish experienced due to the injuries and their consequences are often available. These damages are less tangible but are an important part of personal injury claims.
  • Property Damage: In cases involving accidents such as car collisions, victims can seek compensation for the repair or replacement of damaged property, including vehicles.
  • Loss of Consortium: This type of compensation is available to spouses or family members of the injured person, covering the loss of companionship, support, and services as a result of the injury.
  • Disfigurement or Scarring: If the injuries lead to permanent disfigurement or scarring, victims may recover compensation for the physical and emotional impact of such changes to their appearance.
  • Special Damages: These are specific out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the injury, such as transportation costs for medical appointments or modifications to the home to accommodate a disability.
  • Wrongful Death Damages: When a personal injury results in the death of the victim, the surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and other losses.
  • Punitive Damages: In rare cases where the defendant’s conduct was particularly egregious or intentionally harmful, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar behavior in the future.

New Jersey does not place a cap on compensatory damages in personal injury lawsuits. Unlike many other states, there is no cap on medical malpractice awards either.

What if I’m Partly to Blame for My Injuries?

The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers BadgeComparative negligence is a legal doctrine used in personal injury cases to determine the degree of fault or responsibility of each party involved in an accident or injury. It is applied when more than one party is believed to have contributed to the incident that resulted in harm.

Here’s how comparative negligence typically works in personal injury cases:

  1. Assessment of Fault: The court or a jury assesses the actions and behaviors of all parties involved in the accident or injury to determine their respective levels of negligence. This assessment includes evaluating the actions leading up to and during the incident.
  2. Percentage of Fault: Each party’s degree of fault is expressed as a percentage. For example, if a plaintiff is 30 percent at fault for an accident, while the defendant is 70 percent at fault, their respective levels of negligence are established.
  3. Damages Calculation: The total damages awarded to the injured party are then reduced by their percentage of fault.

New Jersey follows a “modified” comparative negligence rule with a 50 percent bar. Under this rule, a plaintiff can only recover damages if their own negligence is equal to or less than 50 percent of the total fault for the accident. If the plaintiff’s degree of fault exceeds this threshold, they cannot recover any damages from the other party, even if the other party is partially at fault.

Comparative negligence allows for a fair allocation of liability and the apportionment of damages based on each party’s degree of fault. So, even if you are partly at fault, you have a fighting chance at obtaining compensation for your medical bills and other losses. When in doubt, it’s in your best interest to consult a personal injury lawyer.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Top Rated Personal Injury AVVO Rating BadgeIn New Jersey, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident. However, some exceptions can shorten or even lengthen this deadline.

For example, if the defendant is any type of public entity, the statute of limitations is much shorter. For any public entity, a Notice of Tort Claim requires filing within 90 days after the incident.

Otherwise, a claim against the public entity may be barred. Some personal injury victims may not be aware that their injury occurred on or with a public entity property, as this category encompasses public schools as well as municipal, county, state, and federal entities.

When medical malpractice is involved, New Jersey adheres to the discovery rule. That means the plaintiff has two years from the date they discovered that a healthcare provider harmed them. Keep in mind that the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff to prove they did not know about their health conditions earlier.

If a person succumbs to their injuries, their families may file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible. Such a lawsuit requires filing within two years of the death date.

This is one reason why contacting a Cherry Hill personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your injury is important to ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines. Otherwise, you cannot seek compensation through the court system.

How Can Your Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers Help With My Claim?

Super lawyers 2023 BadgeA lawyer from Rothenberg Law Firm LLP can provide valuable assistance and support throughout the process of pursuing your personal injury claim. Here are some ways in which a lawyer from the firm can help:

Legal Experience

Rothenberg Law Firm LLP has over 50 years of experience in personal injury law, and its attorneys have a deep understanding of the legal principles and complexities involved in such cases. They can use their knowledge and experience to assess the strength of your case, identify potential legal issues, and determine the best course of action.


An attorney can conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your accident or injury. This may involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, obtaining relevant documents, and working with experts, if necessary, to establish liability and damages.

Legal Strategy

Your lawyer will develop a strategic plan tailored to your specific case. They will advise you on the best approach for maximizing your chances of success, whether through negotiations, mediation, or litigation in court.


Many personal injury cases are resolved through negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Your lawyer will handle communication with the insurance company, negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf, and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.


If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you in court. They will handle all aspects of the litigation process, including legal filings, discovery, and motions, and represent you at trial if necessary.

Legal Documentation

Your attorney will draft and file all necessary legal documents, such as complaints, motions, and settlement agreements, ensuring that all deadlines are met and that your case is properly documented and presented to the court.

Expert Witnesses

When needed, your lawyer can identify and work with expert witnesses who can provide testimony to support your case, such as medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists, or vocational experts.


Your attorney will be your advocate throughout the entire process, protecting your rights, negotiating on your behalf, and fighting for the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Peace of Mind

Having an experienced personal injury attorney from Rothenberg Law Firm LLP on your side can provide peace of mind. You can focus on your recovery while your lawyer handles the legal aspects of your case, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome.

Maximizing Compensation

Ultimately, the goal of your attorney is to maximize the compensation you receive. They will work diligently to secure compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages you are entitled to under the law.

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