Our Resources & Technology

Because our firm has captured billions of dollars for thousands of clients over a period of decades, we can invest in the resources necessary to take any case to trial, using state of the art technology and reputable experts to persuade a judge or jury.

Corporate defendants and insurance companies know that we have the money, the resources and the experts to go all the way, and they know we are willing to do so. Thus, they will gain nothing by stringing out a case, waiting to see if we “cave in” prior to trial. We are always ready to try a case, and we have the recognized ability to do it.

Among the human resources we can bring to bear upon any given case are the following:

1. Medical Experts. We master the medicine of injuries, and because of our rich experience, we have access to reputable doctors and medical specialists in almost every field. We work regularly with neurophysiologists on head injuries, with orthopedic experts on bone injuries, and with a host of other medical experts. This is important, not only because these medical experts may have to testify at trial, but because they may have to provide medical care to our clients. The doctors with whom we work are well-known professionals that we would entrust with our own family members’ medical care.

2. Science Experts. Our lawyers have worked with experts in bio-engineering, physics, psychology and other disciplines when necessary to understand how an accident happened or what its long-term impact might be upon a client and a client’s family. With the help of our existing professional network, we know how to find any expert needed – inside or outside of the network – to support our case at trial.

3. Accident Reconstruction Experts. We have worked with and can afford to hire the leading experts in accident reconstruction, whether the accident in issue involves cars, trains, planes, mechanical equipment, explosions and fires, or other types of hazards.

4. Other Experts. Clients often require other kinds of experts to assist in preparing their case or to provide care for them. We have helped clients find reputable marital counselors when accidents have impacted their marriages, reputable mental health providers when accidents have impacted their minds and reputable financial or asset management advisers when clients need help planning for their futures.

5. Investigators. Through years of experience, we have identified and can afford to pay the best investigators to locate witnesses, discover evidence and perform other critical tasks in preparation for trial. Some of these investigators are former FBI agents, police officers, and other law enforcement professionals.

6. Medical Illustrators. Nothing speaks to a judge or jury better than a good visual depiction of an injury. We have worked with the best medical illustrators, who are experienced in developing all kinds of graphic illustrations of various kinds of injuries.

Among the technology resources we can bring to bear upon any given case are:

1. Trial Presentation Software. It is not unusual for us to make an investment in some form of technology that will assist us in making a successful trial presentation in the form of graphics, tables, charts, or motion pictures. We have also invested in software for rapid storage, sorting and retrieval of terabytes of information that have to be methodically produced “on the spot” to impeach witnesses, bolster their credibility or prove up facts in dispute at trial.

2. E-discovery Solutions. In order to get to trial quickly and cost-effectively, it is becoming more and more important to master technologies that help lawyers to sift through terabytes of electronic information in order to find critically relevant e-mails, attachments or other electronic documents. We have the ability to pay for and utilize those resources.

3. Accident Animations. We have the capability to do accident animations that give to judge and jury a slow motion or normal speed view of just how an accident happened. This helps the viewer to discern who is at fault and who is a victim of someone else’s mistakes or misconduct.

4. Motion Lab Analysis. We can send clients, when necessary and appropriate, to the best motion analysis laboratories, some of which work with world class athletes to get them to the top of their games. These technology providers can analyze a client’s range of motion and use of any bodily joint, and determine if the joint is working properly or is working defectively in a way that will cause long-term damage or require repair and rehabilitation.

5. Medical Diagnostic Equipment. We have worked with providers who can help our clients to access equipment for MRI scans, CAT scans, PET scans or other state-of-art testing and imaging equipment.

6. Computer Assisted Research. We can access not only legal libraries and information from around the world, but databases full of news and other information about defendants, their products and their practices. We will invest in most any technology necessary to help our clients present their cases.

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    $55 million
    Settlement on behalf of multiple plaintiffs injured as result of exposure to toxic substances
    $26.3 million
    Misdiagnosis of brain injury leading to permanent paralysis

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    "Working with The Rothenberg Law Firm was a very easy and straightforward process. They actually surprised me with the extra time and additional attention to my case. I'd recommend them to anyone."

    Victoria H.
    New York

    “During the course of the litigation there where a number of settlement offers which the firm promptly and dutifully communicated to me and urged me not to accept. They were right. In the end they got me an enormous amount of money for my injuries and loss of earnings; far more than I could have ever imagined.”

    Ed M.