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disnfectant safety
Be Careful with the Disinfectant Products You Use to Combat Coronavirus

Safety Precautions To Follow When Using Disinfectant Products At Home To keep their home safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, many… Read More

Should Home Elevators Be Recalled?

Crush Injuries in Home Elevators Prompts Safety Advocates to Argue for a Product Recall Although we do not hear about… Read More

Evenflo Child Booster Seats May Not Protect Children From Car Accident Injuries

New Report Says Company Puts Profits Before Child Safety With Booster Seat Designed to Prevent Car Accident Injuries Is your… Read More

FMCSA Plans for New Truck Crash Causation Study

The FMCSA Will Undertake a New Trucking Accident Causation Study With Aim of Reducing Crash Rate Truck accidents are often… Read More

Daylight Saving Time May Lead to More Car Crashes

Do More Car Accidents Happen When Clocks “Spring Ahead”? Many of us do not look forward to that point in… Read More

Birth injury

smiling baby in a diaper on a white blanket with a person's hand holding a stethoscope to their heart
The Causes and Prevention of Birth Defects, and Knowing Your Rights

Birth defects happen more often than they should, occuring in about 3% of all live births, according to data from… Read More

Pink stuffed animal in foreground with baby shown blurred in the background
Brachial Plexus Injuries and Childhood Limitations

Brachial Plexus Injuries at Childbirth Can Impact a Child’s Ability to Engage in Physical Activity There are different types of brachial… Read More

Is your Hospital or Doctor Liable for your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Injury?

Cerebral palsy is an overarching term covering a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move and control their… Read More

Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania turnpike on a cloudy day with a 55 miles per hour sign
Bus Crash Results in Devastating Pileup on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Catastrophic Bus Accident Injured More than 60 People and Caused 5 Fatalities after Charter Bus Went out of Control Down… Read More

School-age child with colorful backpack boards yellow school bus
Would Seat Belts On School Buses Help Prevent Commuter Injuries?

Lawmaker Proposes A New School Bus Seat belt Requirement to Address School Bus Accidents in New Jersey  Most kids who… Read More

Bus drives up a tree-lined road in Philadelphia
Recent Serious and Fatal SEPTA Bus Accidents in Philadelphia

SEPTA Bus Crashes Result in Serious and Fatal Injuries to Motorists and Pedestrians Alike When you are thinking about public transit… Read More

Car Accidents

Do Parents Have the Power to Prevent Teen DUI Crashes?

New Study Says Parent Involvement May Prevent Drunk Driving Crashes Among Teenagers Do teenagers really listen to their parents when… Read More

Does New Jersey Need to Change its Seatbelt Laws?

New Report Says New Jersey’s Seatbelt Laws Are Not Doing Enough to Prevent Car Accident Injuries  When most of us… Read More

New Study Discusses Low Rate of DUI Accidents in New York and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey Have Low Alcohol-Impaired Crash Rates, Yet States Still Saw an Increase in DUI Fatalities New… Read More

Medical Malpractice

Pharmacy Errors and Workplace Safety Issues

Pharmacists Say Chaotic and Understaffed Workplaces May Result in Medication Errors Have you ever picked up a prescription medication from… Read More

An elderly couple sits at a table. One takes medication while the other reads documentation.
Medication Mistakes and Personal Injuries: Women and Elderly Patients

A New Study Suggests Some Medication Errors Affect Women and the Elderly at Higher Rates Are some types of medication… Read More

Young woman doctor closes eyes with hands to her mouth, while a young male doctor sitting next to her looks preoccupied after they both realize a medical mistake
Medical Mistakes Injure More Than 10% of Patients

More Than 50% of Medical Errors That Cause Injury are Preventable, New Study Says According to a recent study reported by… Read More

Personal Injury

New Study Highlights The Danger of Car Crashes on Philadelphia Roads

Car Accidents Occur More Often on Philadelphia Roads Than Anywhere Else in Pennsylvania If you regularly drive in or around… Read More

An image of a winding road design in the fall
New Study Addresses Link Between Car Accidents and Road Design

Researchers Say the Built Environment May Affect the Likelihood of a Car Crash Does road design play a major role… Read More

cars drive on a highway with a wrong-way sign in the foreground
New Jersey Highway Wrong-Way Accidents and Deadly Injuries

Wrong-Way Accidents in New Jersey Can Cause Fatal Injuries Car accidents can happen at any time of the day on… Read More

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