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Cancer-Causing Benzene Found in Dry Shampoos by Procter and Gamble

As of December 17, 2021, the hair product and cosmetic company Procter and Gamble has announced a recall of several… Read More

Should Home Elevators Be Recalled?

Crush Injuries in Home Elevators Prompts Safety Advocates to Argue for a Product Recall Although we do not hear about… Read More

Evenflo Child Booster Seats May Not Protect Children From Car Accident Injuries

New Report Says Company Puts Profits Before Child Safety With Booster Seat Designed to Prevent Car Accident Injuries Is your… Read More

plastic water bottle sits on the gear stick in the car in the sunlight
Consumer Reports Cites FDA’s Failure to Prevent Harm from Defective Bottled Water

Recent Report Addresses Contaminated Water Bottles and the FDA’s Failure to Act The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible… Read More

baby hands take batteries out of the back of a blue toy
This Holiday Season, Avoid Buying Dangerous Toys for Children

Consumer Safety Group’s List of 2019 ‘Most Dangerous Toys’ Released as Holiday Shopping Begins If you are buying gifts for… Read More

Young man looks at his phone and compares his credit card to the computer screen as he purchases a product.
Defective Products Are Being Sold through Secondhand Marketplaces

Consumers Should be Aware That Product Recalls do Not Prevent Dangerous Products From Being Sold At Secondhand Marketplaces Have you… Read More

smiling child with a blue bib on puts a spoon in their mouth
IKEA Bibs Recalled Due to Choking Risk

Defective IKEA Products Could Pose Choking Injury Risk to Kids IKEA is no stranger to product recalls. There have been… Read More

A baby stands herself up by holding onto a chair in a light-filled kitchen
New York Laws Addresses Furniture Safety and Injury Prevention in Childcare Facilities

Legislation Will Require Daycares to Take Steps toward Preventing Infant Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products  Many parents and caregivers know… Read More

Two two-year-old children play on the floor at a daycare center
Daycare Centers Still Using Defective Child Products

Recalled Inclined Sleepers Being Used by Daycare Centers, Posing Child Injury Risks  Many parents with infants may know that the… Read More

Woman wearing a protective mask around her shoulders is helped by a medical technician before an x-ray breast cancer screening.
Breast Implants Recalled After Being Linked to Cancer

Textured Breast Implants Tied to Rare Form of Cancer and Recalled  Dangerous medical devices enter the consumer market with more… Read More

Man's hands shown lighting a small brown firewor
Fireworks Recalled in Pennsylvania

Massive Fireworks Recall Due to Blast and Burn Hazards While all fireworks come with a risk of blast or burn… Read More

Army person with a helmet stares into a green background
Recalled 3M Combat Ear Plugs

Defective 3M Combat Ear Plugs Put Military Service Members at Risk of Harm  According to a recent article in Military… Read More

Green light for bicyclists on a traffic signal
Pedal-Assist Electric Citi Bikes Removed From NYC Due to Safety Concerns

A Braking Issue Linked to Dangerous Bicycle Accidents Prompts the Removal of Pedal Assist Electric Citi Bikes from New York… Read More

Makeup Recalled Due to Asbestos

Claire’s Issues Voluntary Recall for Makeup Products Containing Asbestos Do you have any makeup sold by Claire’s, or do you… Read More

Dangerous Stroller Not Subject to Recall

Despite Injuring About 100 People, Stroller is Not Recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission According to a recent report from… Read More

Pacemaker shown in X-ray image
“Implant Files” Lead FDA to Reevaluate its 510(k) Standards for High- to Medium-Risk Medical Devices

Implanted Medical Device Safety Reexamined by U.S. Food and Drug Administration Are most medical devices safe for use, or are… Read More

infant receiving liquid ibuprofen orally
Tris Pharma Issues Infant Ibuprofen Recall

Parents Should be Aware of Dangerous Drug Recall of Ibuprofen Affecting Children Do you have infant ibuprofen in your medicine… Read More

Sick daughter lies in bed while an adult gets ready to give her medication
Recent Drug Recall: King Bio Children’s Medicines

Dangerous Children’s Medicines Recalled After Contamination Reports Is your child currently using a King Bio medicine? Whether your child is… Read More

Young man riding on a hoverboard on the roof of a building with high-rise buildings shown in the background
Thousands of Children Suffer Fall-Related Injuries in Hoverboard Accidents

Hoverboards Often Result in Child Injuries, New Research Says Since 2015, hoverboards have been a popular toy for older children… Read More

Assortment of germs on green-vegetable background revealed under magnifying glass
Is the FDA’s Recall System for Preventing Product Liability Negligence Failing Consumers?

The FDA’s Product Recall System Could do More to Prevent Consumer Injuries When you read about a food product or… Read More

medical diagnostics and measuring devices shown in front of blurred medical background
Are Medical Devices Being Tested Properly for Safety?

Congressional Briefing Suggests Medical Devices Need Stronger Regulations Through Legislation to Prevent Injuries How dangerous are medical devices? How often… Read More

IKEA Bicycles Recalled Due to Safety Defect
IKEA Bicycles Recalled Due to Safety Defect

Bicycles Show Defect in Belt Drive, Potentially Causing Bicycle Accidents and Personal Injuries Whether you go to a store to… Read More

Three hard hats displayed in a row
Hard Hats Recalled Due to Safety Defect That Poses Vulnerability for an Injury at Work

More Than 80,000 Hard Hats Recalled for Possible Insufficient Protection from Impact and Construction Injuries When you go to work… Read More

Car dashboard with airbag activated
Can New Auto Recall Search Tool Prevent Safety Defect Injuries?

Automakers Launch Recall Search Tool to Increase Consumer Knowledge About Dangerous Auto Defects Has your car or one of its… Read More

Travel adaptor recall due to electric show risks
Travel Adapter Recall Due to Electric Shock Risks

WHSmith Travel Adapters May Pose Risk of Fire, Burn Injuries, and Electric Shock Are you currently in possession of a… Read More

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100+ Product Liability Lawsuits filed for E-Cig Explosions in 2017

E-cigarettes and vape pens are supposed to be a safer, healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products. Unfortunately, they come with… Read More

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Thousands of Child Injuries Caused by Blind Cords

Recent Study Suggests 17,000 Children Have Suffered Blind-Related Injuries  Nearly all homes have window blinds with blind cords. Yet if… Read More

Failure to Conduct Lead Safety Inspections in New York City

Long Overdue Lead Inspections Needed in Thousands of New York Homes How important is it to have the paint in… Read More

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What to Expect in Driverless Car Accident Lawsuits

As driverless cars become more sophisticated, the odds of seeing them out on the road get a lot better. There… Read More

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CPSC Investigating Popular Toy for Choking Risk

Consumer Product Safety Commission Launches Investigation into the Choking Risks of “Fidget Spinners.”   You may have noticed kids in… Read More

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Child Safety Gates Pose Strangulation Hazard

Children’s Product, Designed to Make Kids Safer, Recalled Due to the Risk of Strangulation   Do you have baby safety… Read More

Hoverboard Fire- A Tragedy that Should Not Have Happened

Tragedy recently struck a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania family when a fire caused by a recharging hoverboard consumed their home, killing a… Read More

New Study Addresses Nursery Products and Infant Injuries

Rising Rates of Young Children Injured By Carriers, Strollers, and Cribs How safe is that baby carrier you just purchased… Read More

Young Children at Risk of Injury From Laundry Packets

Liquid Laundry Packets Can Pose Risk of Severe Eye Injury to Small Kids, Researchers Say  Many of us purchase household… Read More

Certified Used Vehicles for Sale Can Have Unrepaired Defects

Used Car Dealers Not Required to Fix Safety Recalls Before Selling Automobiles Have you recently purchased a certified used vehicle… Read More

Can a Football Helmet Manufacturer Be Responsible for High School Football Player’s Tragic Death?

A Chicago mother who tragically lost her son following a football-related injury recently filed suit against the city school board… Read More

FDA Warns Parents and Caregivers to Stop Using Teething Tablets

Teething Tablet Products Linked to Child Deaths Are homeopathic products safer than others and less likely to cause serious injuries… Read More

Potential Choking Risk with Apple AirPods

New Consumer Product May Pose a Risk of Child Injury from Choking  Have you recently purchased a new Apple iPhone… Read More

Regulators Rethink Automated and Electric Car Technology Following Tesla Crash

Fatal Tesla Accidents and Electric Car Safety Are electric cars safer than gasoline-powered vehicles? Does it make a difference whether… Read More

Recent Inspection of SEPTA Trains Reveals Potentially Hazardous Defect

SEPTA Passenger Railcars and Structural Defects According to a recent article from, SEPTA authorities in the Philadelphia area have… Read More

Risk of Consumer Injury from Overheating Toshiba Lithium-Ion Batteries

Computer Recall Due to Battery Overheating If you use a laptop that contains a lithium-ion battery, do you need to… Read More

Hoverboards Could Be Seized or Recalled Due to Safety Issues

New Attention to Hoverboard Dangers Hoverboards are a hot commodity and were one of the most popular consumer toys or… Read More

Crisis Surrounding Lead in City Water Supply

Learning About the Consequences of Lead Exposure According to a recent article in The New York Times, the city of… Read More

Hoverboard Injuries Rise After Holidays

Physicians and Emergency Departments See Increase in Hoverboard Accidents  Did your child receive a hoverboard as a Holiday gift? You… Read More

Zofran Morning Sickness Lawsuit and Birth Defects

If you took Zofran to treat the symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy, and your baby has a serious birth… Read More

High Chair Maker Recently Fined for Hazardous Product Defect

Hidden Dangers in High Chairs and Children’s Products When you buy a high chair for your child, you should not… Read More

Defective Design and Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

With hundreds of thousands of women alleging injuries from transvaginal mesh, the potential risks of this dangerous product are becoming… Read More

IKEA Malm Dressers Pose Hazards to Young Children

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, IKEA recalled 27 million of its Malm-style dressers. This particular design is… Read More

Child Injuries from a Common Household Product

Laundry Pods Are Too Risky for Young Children, Says Consumer Reports Have you ever purchased laundry pods—those small plastic packets… Read More

FDA Investigates Risks of Permanent Birth Control Device

How safe is Essure permanent birth control? According to a recent article from WebMD News, the U.S. Food and Drug… Read More

Settlement for Late Product Defect Reporting

Black & Decker Agrees to Pay $1.6 Million Penalty The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the U.S. Department… Read More

Recall Mishandling and Dangerous Child Products

Last year, Graco recalled almost 6 million car seats due in large part to a safety defect. The recall began… Read More

Social Media Makes it Easier to Learn About Dangerous Products

Product Recalls and Social Media How do you know if you have a dangerous product that has been recalled? Whether… Read More

Arthritis Pain Relievers Linked to Death in Stroke Patients

Can Painkillers Increase Risk of Death After a Stroke? Are stroke victims at added risk when they take certain painkillers?… Read More

Secondhand Baby Gear May Pose Serious Injury Risks

Child Injuries and Buying Secondhand Having a baby can be quite expensive, and many parents try to save on costs… Read More

Consumer Product Safety Commission to Decide Fate of Fitbit Flex

Activity-Monitoring Wristbands and Product Safety Earlier this year, consumers who had used certain Fitbit wristbands complained of a significant product… Read More

Defective Air Bags in Honda, Toyota, and Other Vehicles

Recall Expands for Exploding Airbags Defective automobile parts can result in major car accidents, severe injuries and even death. The… Read More

Magnets, Choking Hazards, and Fatal Child Injuries

CPSC Tackles Child Injuries in Proposed Ban When should a hazardous product be banned due to safety concerns? A recent… Read More

FDA Rejects Total Ban on Transvaginal Mesh Products

Transvaginal Mesh and FDA Bans Defective medical devices like transvaginal mesh can cause serious and life-threatening injuries to consumers. According… Read More

Stop Using “Nap Nanny” Recliners, Says Consumer Product Safety Commission

Infant Seat Defects and Child Safety Concerns Many parents with infants look for comfortable chairs for their children, yet many… Read More

FDA Warning and Transvaginal Mesh

Pharmaceutical Facility Inspection Leads to Manufacturer Warning After a recent inspection of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility belonging to Endo International… Read More

Mirena Contraceptive Defects- Are They Safe?

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP is no longer accepting cases involving intrauterine devices (IUDs).    Lawsuits Filed Over Mirena and Serious… Read More

Testosterone Therapy Poses Serious Health Risks

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP is no longer accepting cases involving testosterone therapy (AndroGel™). Report Connects Heart Attack Risk to… Read More

Consumer Fraud and Weight Loss Scams

Federal Trade Commission Charges Companies with Deceptive Marketing We all have seen advertisements for weight-loss solutions, and they are often… Read More

Are Children Safe in High Chairs? Rise in High Chair Injuries Reported in New Study

Child Injury and Defective Products Are our children safe in high chairs? According to a recent study published in the… Read More

Are Hands-Free Devices Really Safe? New Study Shows Hands-Free Devices Impair Driver Concentration

Everyone knows that hands-on texting or talking on a cell phone while driving can cause accidents on the roadways.  But… Read More

Is There Any Legal Liability Following Airbag Malfunctions?

As reported by the New York Times and Forbes, airbag supplier Takata Corp. announced to the National Highway Traffic Safety… Read More

Why Your Morning Coffee Could Pose an Injury Hazard

Most people remember the famous case of an elderly woman who purchased a scalding hot cup of coffee from a… Read More

The Dangers of Bed Rails

Out of all of the dangerous places in the world, the one spot that you should feel the safest is… Read More

Bounce House Injuries on the Rise

Children in New York are full of energy and love to play with their friends and toys. Unfortunately, children often… Read More