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Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After a Car Accident
Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After a Car Accident

Losing a loved one in a tragic car accident is a devastating experience that no family should ever have to… Read More

Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations 
Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations 

The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania is generally two years from the person’s death…. Read More

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What Is the Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death in New York?

The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in New York is two years from the date of… Read More

cars drive on a highway with a wrong-way sign in the foreground
New Jersey Highway Wrong-Way Accidents and Deadly Injuries

Wrong-Way Accidents in New Jersey Can Cause Fatal Injuries Car accidents can happen at any time of the day on… Read More

A construction worker is shown on a construction site.
New Bill Addresses Construction Site Safety Issues in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Construction Accident Prompts Safety Legislation The construction industry has one of the highest rates of workplace accidents and injuries…. Read More

Child Walkers Pose Dangers and Injuries

Crate and Barrel Child Walker Recalled Due to Risk of Choking and Lacerations For quite some time, pediatricians and other… Read More

Three men in construction hard hats stand at a construction job site. One in the middle in a yellow safety helmet point up at the second level on the site.
Construction Companies Can Make Workplaces Safer

Construction Companies can Take Straightforward Steps to Reduce the Rate of Workplace Injuries If you or someone you love works… Read More

New Study Addresses High Rates of Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions in the Suburbs

City Streets May Pose Fewer Risks to Pedestrian Safety Than Suburban Roads, Study Finds Drivers and pedestrians alike may assume… Read More

Woman and man mourning the death of a loved one in a dimly lit living room
10 FAQs about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When someone you love dies because of another party’s careless or reckless behavior, it is important to learn more about… Read More

Cranes on construction site and Philadelphia skyline
Construction Safety Violations in Philadelphia

Recent Construction Accidents and Safety Violations Should Raise Concerns in Philadelphia Many new construction projects are underway in Philadelphia, yet… Read More

construction worker with safety clip
Improving Construction Site Safety and Preventing Injuries After Deadly Accident

Philadelphia Construction Companies Cited by Department of Labor for Safety Violations After Fatal Fall According to a recent article in the… Read More

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Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

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Drugged Driving Collisions Cause More Deaths Than Drunk Driving Crashes

Philadelphia Motorists Suffer Fatal Injuries in Drugged Driving Car Accidents Did you know that drugged driving is becoming a serious… Read More

front section of a school bus with heat exchanger exposed
New Jersey School Bus Crash Raises Safety Questions

School Bus Collision Prompts Safety Experts to Reconsider Seat Belts and Personal Injury Accident Prevention When parents send their kids… Read More

Wearable Technology Plays a Role in Auto Accidents and Resulting Injuries

Recent Study Cites Wearable Technology as a Factor in Distracted Driving Crashes Do you currently wear an Apple Watch or… Read More

Bikers riding across a bridge in the bike lane
Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

Medical professional in a white coat with a tie and stethoscope
New Report Addresses Diagnostic Errors Caused by Medical Misconduct and Suggests Prevention Methods

Diagnostic Errors are a Leading Cause of Medical Negligence Cases, but Diagnostic Accuracy can be Improved There are many different… Read More

Hard hat featured in common causes of construction accidents
Common Causes of Construction Accident Injuries

Four Categories of the Most Common Construction Safety Accidents That Cause Injuries Construction site accidents can happen in many different… Read More

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Accidental Deaths And Injuries Are At An All-Time High

How frequently do Americans suffer accidental deaths and injuries? According to a recent report from the National Safety Council (NSC)… Read More

Deadly Escalator Accident at World Trade Center Transportation Hub- Did This Fatal Accident Have to Happen?

Are Escalator Injuries Common?  How dangerous are escalators and how often do escalator accidents happen? While many of us ride… Read More

New Jersey Resident Sustains Deadly Fall-Related Injuries at Penn State Fraternity House

Fatal Fall at Pennsylvania State University Fraternity According to a report from NBC News 10, a Pennsylvania State University student… Read More

women texting while driving about to hit a pedestrian
Victims’ Families Emphasize Risks of Deadly Pedestrian Accidents in NYC

Rally for Pedestrian Safety in New York You might have read news reports about the rise in fatal pedestrian accidents… Read More

Can a Football Helmet Manufacturer Be Responsible for High School Football Player’s Tragic Death?

A Chicago mother who tragically lost her son following a football-related injury recently filed suit against the city school board… Read More

Was Negligence the Cause of the Fatal Hoboken Train Crash?

Tragedy recently struck the New Jersey Transit’s Hoboken Terminal when a speeding train crashed through several safety barriers before ultimately… Read More

Pedestrian Deaths Rise in New York

Over the Last Four Years, Pedestrian Fatalities More than Double on the Upper East Side According to a recent report… Read More

Recent Hit-and-Run Accidents Result in Philadelphia Pedestrian Fatalities

Hit-and-Run Accidents in Philadelphia When you are walking in Philadelphia, are you at risk of sustaining serious personal injuries in… Read More

Auto Accident Deaths Still a Problem Across the Country

High Car Crash Fatality Rate in the U.S. Just how big a problem are auto accident fatalities? According to a… Read More

Third Child Injury Fatality from Recalled IKEA Product

Back in July of 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that IKEA had announced a repair program-essentially… Read More

Fatal Commuter Train Accident in NYC Metro Area- Can They Be Prevented?

Metro-North Train Strikes Bronx Pedestrian on Tracks Commuter trains can be dangerous whether you are a pedestrian or a passenger…. Read More

Deadly Amtrak Accident May Have Been Prevented With New Safety System

Passenger Train Safety System Goes Live According to a recent article from NJ.com, Amtrak officials have unveiled a new safety… Read More

Safety Violations and Construction Accident Deaths in NYC

Increase in Injuries and Fatalities at New York Construction Sites According to a recent article in The New York Times,… Read More

Red Light Camera Deaths in Philadelphia

Car Accident Fatalities Caught on Red Light Cameras Go Underreported Are red light cameras actually helping to prevent deadly car… Read More

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in NJ- How Often Do They Occur?

High School Student Sustains Fatal Injuries After Being Struck by Vehicle  Should New Jersey parents be concerned about the risks… Read More

Regulators Fine Automaker for Failing to Report Fatalities

Honda Hit with $70 Million Fine We just might end up remembering 2014 as the year of fatal car accidents… Read More

Winter Weather Results in Fatal Crashes

Icy Rain and Dangerous Road Conditions Driving in winter can be extremely hazardous. Given that the northeast recently experienced significant… Read More

Pedestrian Accident Fatality in New York

Sanitation Truck Struck Elderly Pedestrian on Staten Island Are we safe when we are out walking? A recent story from… Read More

Does “Wrongful Death” Apply to the Death of an Unborn Fetus?

Few things are more tragic than the unexpected, accidental death of a child. The United States Department of Health and… Read More

Amtrak Train Accident Takes Life of Philadelphia Man

Train accidents are more common than many suspect, and they often result in death and serious injury. Still, many prefer… Read More

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Safety in the Air – Helicopter Crash Kills New Yorker

Whether on the ground, in a car or high above in the air in a helicopter, accidents can change the… Read More