Laser Hair Removal Lawsuit

Laser hair removal is growing in popularity as a way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair—often on the upper lip and chin. Many different companies, mostly spas and salons, are adding this service to their repertoire. The process works by using streams of invisible light to destroy a hair follicle with heat. When done properly it represents a beneficial service, but in a growing number of cases, it is not going as planned. In fact, laser hair removal lawsuits are on the rise, with suits filed across the country on behalf of those severely injured as a result of negligence by those performing the treatment.

Laser hair removal in professional studio.

Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

According to Hair Facts, severe burns are perhaps the most common injury suffered by some receiving this treatment. Just because the procedure is performed in a non-medical setting does not mean that it is any less risky than treatments in a hospital or surgical center. In fact, lax standards or ill-trained employees might actually mean that errors are more likely to occur.

According to federal officials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing the practice to determine if use of these devices by non-physicians should continue. Of course, it is entirely unacceptable for any patient to suffer injury as a result of problems with the treatment. However, if too many patients are negligently harmed, it may become important for the FDA to step in and take action.

Hair Facts suggests that those with darker or tanned skin are more likely to suffer injury from these procedures. The organization recommends this procedure only be performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with significant experience with these matters. It is vital to perform research on the one to perform the procedure, because in some states a laser practitioner does not require any training at all.

Laser Hair Removal Lawsuits

Regardless of the FDA action, it is important for resident to understand that they have legal rights if harmed following one of these procedures. The civil law provides an avenue for recourse for those hurt by the negligence of others in all settings—including by botched spa or salon procedures.

One of the earliest lawsuits was filed in 2001, when a woman suffered serious second and third-degree burns as a result of the removal surgery. The burns occurred on her face and left deep scarring. Obviously, the long-term consequences of permanent facial scarring are severe. The plaintiff in that case admitted that she now wears face coverings to hide the injuries and has suffered serious depression and other emotional trauma as a result of the injury.

Since that time, many other laser hair removal suits have been filed. In 2007, a Chicago woman settled a lawsuit out of court following severe scars and burns from the ordeal. Two lawsuits were recently filed in Arizona along the same lines against different clinics following burning following laser treatments.

Legal Help For Laser Hair Removal Injuries

If you or someone you love was hurt during a laser hair removal session, it is important to act quickly to hold the wrongdoers accountable. For professional help, please reach out to The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP at 1-800-624-8888 or submit an online case evaluation at Our experienced teams of legal professionals offer a free consultation.  If we end up taking your case, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means there is no charge unless you successfully recover for your losses.   Be sure to act quickly to ensure the statute of limitations does not expire on your claim.

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