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Pedestrian accidents can wreak havoc in an instant, leaving behind a trail of trauma, life-altering injuries, and all too often, irreplaceable loss. In the heartbeat between one step and the next, lives can be forever changed.

Each incident underscores the vulnerability of those on foot, as well as the harsh reality that serious injury or even wrongful death can be the outcome of a routine journey.

An experienced Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer is your ally to help you get through the aftermath.

Pedestrian accident victims may be able to file a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages for their injuries and losses. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma are very real results of this type of accident.

Your lawyer can handle the accident investigation and negotiations with insurance companies and negligent parties while you focus on healing.

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Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Guide

Why Choose Rothenberg Law Firm for Your Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Claim?

Team of Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Rothenberg Law FirmWhen it comes to navigating the aftermath of a pedestrian accident in the heart of Philadelphia, choosing the right legal representation is important. At the Rothenberg Law Firm, we stand out as your dedicated advocates.

As locals ourselves, we understand the intricacies of the city’s streets, the challenges pedestrians face, and the unique dynamics that contribute to accidents. This knowledge allows us to approach your case with a depth of understanding that goes beyond legal statutes.

In times of distress, having legal support that feels close to home is invaluable. Our Philadelphia-based lawyers are not distant figures; we are your neighbors.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable, ensuring that you can reach out to us whenever you need guidance or have questions about your pedestrian accident claim.

We work hard to dig deep into the facts, plan our moves smartly, and passionately fight for our clients. This approach has helped us bring cases to a successful close, giving our clients comfort when things get tough. Contact us today.

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Ross Rothenberg, Philadelphia personal injury attorneyYou can find the Rothenberg Law Firm Philadelphia office at 1420 Walnut Street. We are located at the heart of the city’s proud history, just down the street from Independence Hall and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Our attorneys are inspired every day by the memories of those who have gone before us, building our system of laws and jurisprudence. We have successfully represented clients in Philadelphia for over 50 years, securing billions of dollars in compensation on their behalf.

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Get the Compensation You Deserve

Super lawyers 2023 BadgeEvery pedestrian accident case is different. Even minor factors can drastically change a case, such as whether someone owned or rented the scooter or car that caused an accident. Our experienced attorneys review each case carefully to determine our clients’ options.

We fight hard to help our clients hold negligent persons responsible for the damages caused. Our team’s persistence has helped us recover billions of dollars for injured pedestrians and other injured persons.

Here are some of our case results for pedestrians:

  • $6.25 million for a pedestrian struck by a car
  • $2.6 million for a pedestrian struck by a bus
  • $2.5 million for a pedestrian struck by a police car
  • $2.5 million for a pedestrian struck by a bus
  • $1.5 million for a fatal pedestrian accident at a crosswalk

We cannot guarantee results like these for every case we handle, but we do everything possible to recover the compensation your injuries deserve.

Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the latest statistical report compiled by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Pennsylvania has over 120,000 miles of roads and highways. In the last reporting period, there were 115,938 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania. These crashes claimed the lives of 1,179 people and injured another 67,012 people.

PennDOT notes that there are an average of 318 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania each day or about 13 crashes per hour. Of that number, three people were fatally injured each day, and about 184 people were injured daily in reportable crashes.

Philadelphia County has the second most reported traffic crashes, accounting for 7.5 percent of the state’s total crashes. PennDOT reports that 48 percent of the total traffic fatalities occurred in only 10 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Philadelphia had the most traffic fatalities in the state, at 12.1 percent, with 143 fatal traffic crashes.

Pedestrian-related crashes accounted for 2.8 percent of the total reported traffic crashes; however, they account for 15.6 percent of all traffic crash fatalities. Reported crashes involving pedestrians have increased slightly over the last two years.

The most pedestrian injuries were reported in cities. The percentage of pedestrian fatalities in cities was also higher, likely because of increased traffic congestion and drivers traveling at higher speeds.

Most pedestrians were injured during daylight hours (64.2 percent), but more pedestrian fatalities occurred during non-daylight hours (76.6 percent).

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents and Deaths?

Million Dollar Advocate ForumPedestrian accidents and deaths can result from various factors, often involving a combination of human behavior, vehicle-related issues, and environmental conditions.

Some common causes include:

  • Distracted Driving: Focus is in short supply these days, and it’s easy to get distracted. Cellphones, passengers, and even built-in infotainment systems can lead to distraction while driving. Distracted drivers are far less likely to notice pedestrians or to stop in time.
  • Driver Impairment: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports alcohol-related crashes accounted for approximately 7 percent of the total crashes in its most recent reporting year, and they resulted in 27 percent of all persons fatally injured in crashes. Alcohol-related crashes were nearly five times more likely to result in fatal injury than those not related to alcohol, Prescription medicine and recreational drug use also contribute to additional fatalities across the state.
  • Speeding: Philadelphia is one of several cities across America that joined the Vision Zero campaign to reduce traffic accidents. Speed is the number one factor determining fatality in a crash. It shared that one in 10 pedestrians die when struck by a vehicle at 20 miles per hour. That number climbed to nine out of 10 at 40 miles per hour.
  • Vehicle Size: Americans have a strong preference for larger vehicles, and this holds true even in the city. The longstanding love for pickup trucks and the rise in crossover vehicles have created more safety risks for pedestrians, often in the form of worse visibility. Larger and heavier vehicles cause more physical damage. The angle at which they strike a person also increases the risk of injury to critical organs. Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or spinal cord injuries.
  • Sidewalk Sharing: Pedestrians now share sidewalks with operators of electric micro-vehicles. These operators are often inexperienced and face many of the same impairment risks as drivers. Consequently, they can cause crashes. While these likely won’t lead to the same severity of injuries as car accidents, they can still lead to medical bills and lost income. Children and seniors are especially susceptible to injuries from these types of crashes.

Where Are Some Areas Where Pedestrian Accidents Happen Frequently?

Top Rated Personal Injury AVVO Rating BadgePedestrian accidents can occur in various locations throughout Philadelphia, but some areas are more prone to such incidents.

Common areas where pedestrian accidents happen frequently include:

  • Tourist Areas: Philadelphia is full of historic sites that draw visitors from around the world. Popular tourist destinations often see increased foot traffic, and visitors may be unfamiliar with local traffic patterns, leading to a higher likelihood of accidents.
  • Crosswalks and Intersections: Crosswalks may seem like safe zones, but accidents often happen when drivers fail to yield to pedestrians or ignore traffic signals at intersections.
  • Busy Urban Streets: High-traffic urban areas with a mix of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles can be accident hotspots, especially during rush hours.
  • Residential Areas: Neighborhood streets where pedestrians, including children, may be present, are susceptible to accidents, particularly if drivers are not cautious.
  • School Zones: Areas near schools can be dangerous, especially during school drop-off and pick-up times, when children are more likely to be walking.
  • Shopping Centers and Parking Lots: Pedestrian accidents can occur in and around shopping centers, parking lots, and busy commercial areas where there is a mix of foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Public Transportation Stops: Bus stops and train stations are places where pedestrians may be crossing streets or navigating traffic, leading to a higher risk of accidents.
  • Rural Roads: Even in less populated areas, pedestrian accidents can happen on rural roads, particularly if there are limited sidewalks or pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Construction Zones: Areas undergoing construction or roadwork may have altered pedestrian pathways, contributing to an increased risk of accidents.

Poor visibility at night can also contribute to accidents. Locations with inadequate lighting, especially if combined with impaired driving, pose a higher risk.

Pedestrian Right of Way

Some cases are so complex that it becomes difficult to determine who caused the accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys must review all the details and prove the defendant’s negligence. Pennsylvania law regarding the right of way significantly impacts this.

Here are some of the instances where pedestrians have the right of way:

  • When using sidewalks
  • When crossing the street via a crosswalk
  • When crossing at intersections and signaled by traffic-control devices

Who Can You Hold Liable for Your Philadelphia Pedestrian Crash?

AV Preeminent Badge 2024Determining liability requires a careful examination of the specific circumstances surrounding the crash.

Negligent parties in pedestrian accidents may include:

  • Reckless, impaired, or drunk negligent drivers
  • Operators of micro-vehicles.
  • Manufacturers of defective or malfunctioning auto parts.
  • Rental companies.
  • Municipalities whose traffic lights are malfunctioning.

A lawyer handling a Philadelphia pedestrian accident case will consider various factors to help prove liability or negligence.

These factors may include:

  • Traffic Violations: Any evidence of the at-fault party violating traffic laws, such as speeding, running red lights, or failure to yield.
  • Eyewitness Testimony: Statements from witnesses who observed the accident can provide valuable accounts of the events and help establish fault.
  • Video Evidence: Surveillance footage, dashcam recordings, or footage from nearby security cameras can serve as compelling evidence to reconstruct the accident.
  • Accident Reconstruction: Experts may analyze the scene, vehicle damage, and other relevant factors to reconstruct how the accident occurred, helping establish liability.
  • Cellphone Records: If we suspect distracted driving, we can examine cellphone records to determine if the at-fault party used their phone at the time of the accident.
  • Driver’s History: Previous traffic violations, accidents, or a history of reckless driving by the at-fault party may demonstrate a pattern of negligence.
  • Micro-Transportation Device Data: In cases involving e-scooters or e-bikes, data from the micro-transportation device, such as speed and usage patterns, may be examined.
  • Alcohol or Drug Use: Evidence of impairment, such as a positive blood alcohol content (BAC) or drug test results, can establish negligence on the part of the at-fault party.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records: If we suspect a vehicle malfunction, we can examine maintenance records to determine if the at-fault party neglected proper upkeep.

By thoroughly investigating these factors, a skilled lawyer can build a compelling case to prove liability or negligence in a pedestrian accident, increasing the chances of a successful legal outcome for the injured party.

What Is Micro-Transportation and How Does It Factor into Pedestrian Accident Claims?

Micro-transportation refers to small, lightweight, and often electric-powered modes of personal transportation. This includes vehicles like bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, and electric unicycles.

These modes of transport have gained popularity for their efficiency and eco-friendly nature, but they also introduce new dynamics to traffic and can impact pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Status of Micro-Transportation Users

People operating micro-transportation devices like scooters are not typically considered pedestrians. Instead, they fall into a category often referred to as micromobility users. While not classified as pedestrians, they share some vulnerabilities with pedestrians due to the lack of protective structures common in traditional vehicles.

Liability Concerns in Micro-Transportation Accidents

When individuals using micro-transportation strike a pedestrian, several liability concerns may arise:

  • Operator Negligence: If the micro-transportation user is negligent, such as by violating traffic rules or riding recklessly, they may be held responsible for the accident.
  • Vehicle Malfunctions: Malfunctions in the micro-transportation device, such as brake failure, could lead to accidents. In such cases, liability may extend to the manufacturer or maintenance entity responsible for the device.
  • Infrastructure Issues: Poorly maintained roads, uneven surfaces, or inadequate signage may contribute to accidents involving micro-transportation. Liability could be attributed to the entity responsible for maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Pedestrian Right of Way: Micro mobility users must adhere to traffic rules, especially regarding pedestrian right of way. Failure to do so may result in liability for the micro-transportation operator.
  • Insurance Coverage: Determining insurance coverage for accidents involving micro-transportation can be complex. Issues may arise regarding whether the operator has insurance, and if so, the extent of coverage.
  • Pedestrian Awareness: Pedestrians may not always anticipate the presence of micro-transportation devices. In accidents, questions may arise about the duty of micro-transportation users to ensure pedestrian safety.

Given the evolving nature of micro-transportation and related legal considerations, consult a pedestrian accident attorney who is experienced in personal injury law and traffic law. They can help determine liability in these often-complicated cases.

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