Airplane Accidents

Crashed Airplane SceneThe civil law often allows those hurt in airline accidents (or their surviving family members) to seek compensation and accountability.  It is important for family members to seek out airplane accident lawyers if they are involved in one of these events.

The Rules

Commercial airplanes are governed by different laws and protocols than private airplanes or other private vehicles. Referred to, technically, as “common carriers,” commercial airplanes are businesses that transport persons or cargo for compensation. Both federal and state regulations govern the activities of common carriers such as buses, trains, and airplanes. As a general rule, a common carrier is held to a higher standard of care than is a private party.  They are also held to a greater standard of care than would be reasonably expected of other parties.

The Federal Aviation Administration keeps detailed records and reports of airline accidents.  You can view incident data at the agency’s research website, found HERE.

After an Accident

Following a plane crash, the first legal priority is to determine what caused the accident. Investigating causation can prove difficult due to the dramatic and violent nature of aerial crashes. Evidence that could offer insight into causation, such as signs of mechanical failure or pilot error, is frequently destroyed. Crashes can result from pilot error (most common), design flaws, mechanical failure, extreme weather conditions, or various combinations thereof. It is vital that any evidence that is available be collected, studied, and preserved so the source of the crash can be uncovered and recorded. Once this process is complete it is the responsibility of airplane accident lawyers see if the basis for a lawsuit exists.

Damage Awards for Airplane Accidents
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