Amtrak Train Accident Takes Life of Philadelphia Man

Train accidents are more common than many suspect, and they often result in death and serious injury. Still, many prefer the convenience and affordability of a train over driving their own vehicles or taking a bus. While trains are usually statistically safer than traveling on the road, it is still important to act prudently to avoid an accident.  If you decide to take a train, here are a few safety measures that you should be aware of:

If you see something suspicious or out of place, be sure to tell an employee of the train station or a police officer. Often times, objects that are out of someone’s routine are usually not seen and someone can slip and fall. To prevent such accidents, be aware of your surroundings at all times and contact an authority who can properly move the object to a safer spot.

Be aware of the safety officials and procedures around you. For instance, Amtrak informs its passengers that there will be uniformed officers present and at times, special operations units to conduct random passenger inspections and on-board security checks. Noticing that authorities are present will help you in case there is an emergency.

Stay a safe distance away from the train tracks. Train operators may not be able to see someone on the tracks in time to stop and the likelihood of you getting off of the track if you fall is small. Train accidents involving a person who is on the tracks usually leads to death of that person on impact.

Taking precautions when you travel by train is essential if you want to have a safe ride to your destination. Too many accidents occur because passengers are not paying attention to their surroundings. For instance, an article by The Reporter indicates that an Amtrak train struck a 68-year old man at the Merion Station in Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving night. While it was originally believed that the man was committing suicide, further investigation by the Merion police and Amtrak police led to the revelation that the man was hit by mistake. When the train was approaching, the man was walking near the tracks. The engineer had sounded the whistle to warn the man to step away from the tracks, but by this time it was too late.

As you may be using the train to get around this holiday season, The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP sincerely hopes that you arrive at your destination safely. Such accidents like the one that occurred to the Philadelphia man above can be prevented by being cautious as well as being aware of your surroundings. Trains travel at high speeds and if you are in the way, an accident may be unavoidable. If you are traveling with children or the elderly, be sure to make sure that they stay far away from the tracks to avoid mishaps.

If you or a loved one is unfortunately involved in a train accident, you should consider discussing your particular situation with a personal injury attorney who may be able to help you receive financial compensation for your injuries.

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