School-age child with colorful backpack boards yellow school bus
Would Seat Belts On School Buses Help Prevent Commuter Injuries?

Lawmaker Proposes A New School Bus Seat belt Requirement to Address School Bus Accidents in New Jersey  Most kids who… Read More

baby hands take batteries out of the back of a blue toy
This Holiday Season, Avoid Buying Dangerous Toys for Children

Consumer Safety Group’s List of 2019 ‘Most Dangerous Toys’ Released as Holiday Shopping Begins If you are buying gifts for… Read More

Women buckles in her two-year-old into a rear-facing car seat
New York Car Seat Law Designed to Reduce Injuries in Accidents

New Car Seat Law in New York Requires Rear-Facing Seats for Infants and Toddlers If you have a motor vehicle… Read More

smiling child with a blue bib on puts a spoon in their mouth
IKEA Bibs Recalled Due to Choking Risk

Defective IKEA Products Could Pose Choking Injury Risk to Kids IKEA is no stranger to product recalls. There have been… Read More

A baby stands herself up by holding onto a chair in a light-filled kitchen
New York Laws Addresses Furniture Safety and Injury Prevention in Childcare Facilities

Legislation Will Require Daycares to Take Steps toward Preventing Infant Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products  Many parents and caregivers know… Read More

Two two-year-old children play on the floor at a daycare center
Daycare Centers Still Using Defective Child Products

Recalled Inclined Sleepers Being Used by Daycare Centers, Posing Child Injury Risks  Many parents with infants may know that the… Read More

Child wearing a bike helmet and green shirt drinks from a water bottle
Child Water Bottles Recalled Due to Injury Risk

Contigo Recalls 5.7 Million Water Bottles Due to Choking Injury Risk Many products can pose a risk of injury to… Read More

Child Walkers Pose Dangers and Injuries

Crate and Barrel Child Walker Recalled Due to Risk of Choking and Lacerations For quite some time, pediatricians and other… Read More

child's room with rocking chair, crib, changing table, and pink and white color scheme.
Consumer Products and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids

New Research Links Most TBIs in Kids to Common Consumer Products Are some common products in your home putting your… Read More

Happy babies playing with colorful toys on the floor of a daycare facility.
Infants Suffer More Fatal Injuries Than Children of Other Ages

Study Says Child Injury Deaths Occur Most Frequently for Infants  A recent study reported in Business Wire suggests that infants… Read More

child with dark hair and eyes puts colored objects in his mouth
Rising Number of Child Injuries Caused by Ingesting Objects

Recent Study Says More Kids Suffering Injuries After Swallowing Foreign Objects Most parents know that leaving small objects around the… Read More

Cruise ship on the ocean with blue sky and clouds in the background
Cruise Ships Pose Dangers that Can Lead to Death and Child Injury

Toddler Falls from Window of Cruise Ship, Raising Concerns About Cruise Ship Safety and Child Injuries  According to a recent… Read More

small child sleeping on a white sheet shown in aerial view
Fisher-Price Continued to Sell Defective Product Despite Child Injury Fatalities

New Report Highlights Dangers of Defective Children’s Products If you have had a child in the last 10 years or… Read More

Dangerous Stroller Not Subject to Recall

Despite Injuring About 100 People, Stroller is Not Recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission According to a recent report from… Read More

Child pulling out on a bicycle behind the rear of a red caravan.
Bicycle Accidents Causing Child Visits to Emergency Departments

Every Hour, 25 Children are Taken to an Emergency Department for Bicycle Accident Injuries, Study Says Now that the weather… Read More

child asleep in rear-facing car seat
How Long Should My Child be Rear-Facing and Other Car-Seat Safety Topics

Age Should Not be the Primary Factor in Determining Whether a Child Should be in a Rear-Facing Car Seat Rear-facing… Read More

child's arm in a sling
New Study Addresses Causes of Preventable Child Injury

Researchers Say 60% of Child Deaths Result from Preventable Injuries According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University… Read More

Infant in winter coat and hat in a car seat
Winter Coats Hinder Car Seat Safety for Children

Child Safety Advocates Say Winter Coats can Affect Car Seat Effectiveness If you have an infant, a toddler, or a… Read More

infant receiving liquid ibuprofen orally
Tris Pharma Issues Infant Ibuprofen Recall

Parents Should be Aware of Dangerous Drug Recall of Ibuprofen Affecting Children Do you have infant ibuprofen in your medicine… Read More

woman applying product to teething baby's gums
FDA Acts Against Benzocaine Teething Products

If you have an infant or toddler, you probably think about the risks of child injury quite frequently. While we do… Read More

woman holding a table device and showing it to her child in the back seat of a car
New App Promotes Car Seat Safety

App Will Help Parents Use Kids’ Car Seats Properly to Avoid Injuries After a Car Accident Do you have a… Read More

Are Children With ADHD at Higher Risk of Child Injury?

New Study Links ADHD Diagnosis to Increased Risk of Child Injury If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit… Read More

Teddy bear under the wheel of a car
Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

Smiling kids looking out the window on a school bus
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes School Bus Seat Belt Law

Can Three-Point Seat Belts Prevent Child Injuries in School Bus Accidents? As many New Jersey residents know, a recent school… Read More

front section of a school bus with heat exchanger exposed
New Jersey School Bus Crash Raises Safety Questions

School Bus Collision Prompts Safety Experts to Reconsider Seat Belts and Personal Injury Accident Prevention When parents send their kids… Read More

child looking out through rear window in car
Hot Car Deaths Can Happen in One Hour

New Study Shows That Vehicles Can Reach Deadly Temperatures in 60 Minutes Now that summer is approaching and the weather… Read More

Woman reading to a child on an airplane
Airplanes Can Pose Child Injury Risks

Child Safety Advocates Ask Whether Child Seat Belts Should Be Mandatory on Airplanes When you are flying in or out… Read More

child's hands shown reaching up on a table for pills
Accidental Poisonings in Children Are an Increasingly Common Personal Injury Accident

  Child Injuries Caused by Accidental Poisonings are on the Rise When we think about child injury risks, many of us… Read More

child in car seat playing with phone
Do Rear-Facing Car Seats Prevent Rear-Impact Auto Accident Injuries? New Study Says Yes

If your child is still young enough or small enough to ride in a rear-facing car seat, you might be… Read More

Blog image
4 Tips from Child Care Lawyers on Hiring Daycare Providers

Prevent Daycare Injuries from Negligence with These Precautionary Tips As parents, your first priority is the health and safety of… Read More

FDA Warns Parents and Caregivers to Stop Using Teething Tablets

Teething Tablet Products Linked to Child Deaths Are homeopathic products safer than others and less likely to cause serious injuries… Read More