Nursing home abuse

Tips for Selecting a Safe Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is a critical decision. It can also be a complex one. In… Read More

New York Nursing Home Staff Shortages and Elder Neglect

Understaffing at New York Nursing Homes May Result in Elder Abuse and Neglect Injuries and Deaths If you have an… Read More

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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Makes Changes to Website for Comparing Nursing Homes

Seniors and Their Families May Have an Easier Time Identifying Nursing Homes with a History of Abuse If you are… Read More

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New Jersey Senior Pedestrian Accident Raises Safety Concerns

An Elderly New Jersey Resident was involved in a Pedestrian Accident in Belmar Older adults can be particularly at risk… Read More

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Could Artificial Intelligence Help to Prevent Falls Among the Elderly?

New Study Considers the Use of AI for Preventing Falls in Elderly and Dementia Patients  Can artificial intelligence (AI) help… Read More

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Older Women and Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

New Study Addresses Sexual Assault Against Elderly Women in Nursing Homes It can be extremely difficult to find a nursing… Read More

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New Jersey’s Nursing Home Camera Loans a Model for Others in Preventing Negligence and Abuse

Nursing Home Camera Loaner Program to Prevent Abuse and Negligence Becomes a Model for Other Regions If you live in… Read More

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Nursing Home Staff Numbers and Elder Neglect

New Report Shows Nursing Homes are Largely Understaffed and Put Patients at Risk of Neglect When you select a skilled… Read More

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Air Conditioning and Nursing Home Negligence

New Jersey Nursing Home Residents And Risk of Serious Injuries Due to Air Conditioner Malfunction When we think about nursing home… Read More

Pennsylvania House Votes Against Bill to Limit Nursing Home Malpractice & Abuse Punitive Damages
Pennsylvania House Votes Against Bill to Limit Nursing Home Malpractice & Abuse Punitive Damages

Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Patients Will Still be Able to Seek Punitive Damages in Personal Injury Lawsuits If an elderly… Read More

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New Jersey Lawmakers Design Bill to Reduce Nursing Home Negligence Cases

  Legislation in New Jersey Would Improve Ratio of Aides to Patients in Nursing Homes One of the most common… Read More

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Philadelphia Nursing Homes Are Failing to Report Abuse and Negligence

Nursing Homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are Underreporting Cases of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence How reliable are Philadelphia nursing homes… Read More

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Elder Abuse by Caregivers can Happen in Facilities and at Home

Identifying Signs of Abusive Caregivers in Nursing Homes, Assisted-Living Facilities, and at the Homes of Seniors When we talk about… Read More

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Facial Injuries Due to Nursing Home Neglect are Unfortunately Common

Nursing homes should be places of care and recovery for loved ones. Unfortunately,  a significant number of fall injuries occur… Read More

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Defining and Preventing Elder Abuse in New York

To Prevent Nursing Home Abuse, We Need Better Definitions and More Awareness How does New York define the “elder” in… Read More

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New York Bill Provides Greater Elder Abuse Protections

Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Elder Abuse Bill into Law in New York According to a recent article in USA Today,… Read More

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Common Myths About Nursing Home Abuse

Dispelling Misconceptions Surrounding Elder Abuse and Neglect Whether you are beginning to speak with an elderly loved one about the… Read More

New Protections for Nursing Home Residents

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revise Nursing Home Regulations to Improve Health and Safety of Residents  How safe are… Read More

New Jersey State Program to Guard Against in-Home Elder Abuse

“Safe Care Cam” Will Help Protect New Jersey Seniors Given that many seniors in New Jersey who endure elder abuse… Read More

Medication Errors in Nursing Homes Harm Thousands Every Year

When we send our elders to an assisted living facility or nursing home, we expect them to be treated with… Read More

Federal Agencies Take Aim at Nursing Home Abuse on Social Media

CMS Issues Memo to Nursing Homes Requiring Protections from Social Media Abuses Over the last several months, news has surfaced… Read More

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a significant problem in the United States that affects thousands of innocent victims every year. Unfortunately,… Read More

Elderly Nursing Home Residents with Dementia May Be Targeted for Eviction

Nursing Home Evictions Aimed at Dementia Patients When a nursing home evicts an elderly patient in need of care, can… Read More

Social Media Platforms and Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Workers Post Abusive Photos of the Elderly on Social Media Sites Nursing home abuse can take many forms…. Read More

Preventing Elder Abuse During and After the Holidays

National Center on Elder Abuse Recommends Assessing Risks of Elder Abuse During Holiday Visits Regardless of the time of year,… Read More

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Queens

Report Alleges that Nurses Abused and Neglected Bleeding Patient  How important are surveillance cameras when it comes to preventing nursing… Read More

Report Emphasizes Elder Abuse Detection is the Key to Prevention and Treatment

Detecting Elder Abuse How common is elder abuse? In all likelihood, it happens with much more frequency than the average… Read More

New York State Elder Abuse Study

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Reminds Us of Elder Abuse Risks In response to outreach measures conducted each year as… Read More

Dementia, Elder Abuse, and the Ability to Consent

Dealing with Dementia in Sexual Relationships at Long-Term Care Facilities If a patient is in a nursing home or other… Read More

New York Charges Against Healthcare Workers

Financial and Physical Abuse Rampant Among Seniors Is your elderly loved one at risk of nursing home abuse or neglect?… Read More

Preventing Elder Abuse in Pennsylvania

Providing Open Reports of Elder Abuse Investigations Many seniors live in the Philadelphia area. Whether they are residing at home… Read More

Nursing Home Abuse and Your Elderly Loved Ones

Elder abuse is a serious problem across the country. For family members with elderly loved ones in nursing homes or… Read More

New York Concierges Watch Out for Elder Abuse

New Online Program for Detecting Elder Abuse at Home Given that many older Americans suffer nursing home abuse at the… Read More

Elder Financial Abuse in New York

New Report Shows Financial Abuse Targeting Seniors Is your parent or elderly loved one currently residing in a nursing home… Read More

Combating Elder Abuse in New York

NYC Doormen Tasked with Elder Abuse Prevention Aside from friends and family members, who is in the best position to… Read More

Nursing Home Neglect: Lack of Dental Care for Older Adults

Moving an elderly parent or loved one into a nursing home can be a heart-wrenching experience. Unable to care for… Read More