Product Recalls

Consumer Advocacy Group Says Stores Need to Warn Consumers About Product Recalls

Supermarkets Need to Do Better When it Comes to Warning Consumers About Dangerous Products According to a recent report from… Read More

baby hands take batteries out of the back of a blue toy
This Holiday Season, Avoid Buying Dangerous Toys for Children

Consumer Safety Group’s List of 2019 ‘Most Dangerous Toys’ Released as Holiday Shopping Begins If you are buying gifts for… Read More

Young man looks at his phone and compares his credit card to the computer screen as he purchases a product.
Defective Products Are Being Sold through Secondhand Marketplaces

Consumers Should be Aware That Product Recalls do Not Prevent Dangerous Products From Being Sold At Secondhand Marketplaces Have you… Read More

smiling child with a blue bib on puts a spoon in their mouth
IKEA Bibs Recalled Due to Choking Risk

Defective IKEA Products Could Pose Choking Injury Risk to Kids IKEA is no stranger to product recalls. There have been… Read More

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More Companies Could be Using Social Media to Warn About Product Recalls

New Survey Says Companies are Not Doing Enough to Alert Customers About Product Recalls and Injury Risks  When companies issue… Read More

Two two-year-old children play on the floor at a daycare center
Daycare Centers Still Using Defective Child Products

Recalled Inclined Sleepers Being Used by Daycare Centers, Posing Child Injury Risks  Many parents with infants may know that the… Read More

Child wearing a bike helmet and green shirt drinks from a water bottle
Child Water Bottles Recalled Due to Injury Risk

Contigo Recalls 5.7 Million Water Bottles Due to Choking Injury Risk Many products can pose a risk of injury to… Read More

child's room with rocking chair, crib, changing table, and pink and white color scheme.
Consumer Products and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids

New Research Links Most TBIs in Kids to Common Consumer Products Are some common products in your home putting your… Read More

Woman wearing a protective mask around her shoulders is helped by a medical technician before an x-ray breast cancer screening.
Breast Implants Recalled After Being Linked to Cancer

Textured Breast Implants Tied to Rare Form of Cancer and Recalled  Dangerous medical devices enter the consumer market with more… Read More

Man's hands shown lighting a small brown firewor
Fireworks Recalled in Pennsylvania

Massive Fireworks Recall Due to Blast and Burn Hazards While all fireworks come with a risk of blast or burn… Read More

Green light for bicyclists on a traffic signal
Pedal-Assist Electric Citi Bikes Removed From NYC Due to Safety Concerns

A Braking Issue Linked to Dangerous Bicycle Accidents Prompts the Removal of Pedal Assist Electric Citi Bikes from New York… Read More

small child sleeping on a white sheet shown in aerial view
Fisher-Price Continued to Sell Defective Product Despite Child Injury Fatalities

New Report Highlights Dangers of Defective Children’s Products If you have had a child in the last 10 years or… Read More

CPSC Recalls Portable Speakers Due to Explosion Risk

Consumer Audio Product May Cause Explosion and Burn Injuries Nobody who purchases audio speakers for their home, office, or motor… Read More

Makeup Recalled Due to Asbestos

Claire’s Issues Voluntary Recall for Makeup Products Containing Asbestos Do you have any makeup sold by Claire’s, or do you… Read More

Dangerous Stroller Not Subject to Recall

Despite Injuring About 100 People, Stroller is Not Recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission According to a recent report from… Read More

Gray and black hard-disk drive laptop with a charger left unplugged by its side
HP Laptop Batteries Recalled Due to Injury Risk

Voluntary Safety Recall Reports HP Laptop Batteries Pose Risk of Burn Injury If you currently use an HP laptop, it… Read More

Woman in a yellow shirt looks at her phone in a deparrtment store aisle.
New App for Consumers to Identify Defective Products

Parents Can Use an App from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Identify Recalled Products Defective products result in… Read More

Hands hold a package of birth control pills, pressing their thumb into a blister on the first row of the package.
Nationwide Recall of Oral Contraceptive Because of a Packaging Error

Defective Birth Control Pill Recalled When consumers pick up prescription medications from their local pharmacies, they should be able to… Read More

infant receiving liquid ibuprofen orally
Tris Pharma Issues Infant Ibuprofen Recall

Parents Should be Aware of Dangerous Drug Recall of Ibuprofen Affecting Children Do you have infant ibuprofen in your medicine… Read More

woman applying product to teething baby's gums
FDA Acts Against Benzocaine Teething Products

If you have an infant or toddler, you probably think about the risks of child injury quite frequently. While we do… Read More

Assortment of germs on green-vegetable background revealed under magnifying glass
Is the FDA’s Recall System for Preventing Product Liability Negligence Failing Consumers?

The FDA’s Product Recall System Could do More to Prevent Consumer Injuries When you read about a food product or… Read More

IKEA Bicycles Recalled Due to Safety Defect
IKEA Bicycles Recalled Due to Safety Defect

Bicycles Show Defect in Belt Drive, Potentially Causing Bicycle Accidents and Personal Injuries Whether you go to a store to… Read More

Three hard hats displayed in a row
Hard Hats Recalled Due to Safety Defect That Poses Vulnerability for an Injury at Work

More Than 80,000 Hard Hats Recalled for Possible Insufficient Protection from Impact and Construction Injuries When you go to work… Read More

Car dashboard with airbag activated
Can New Auto Recall Search Tool Prevent Safety Defect Injuries?

Automakers Launch Recall Search Tool to Increase Consumer Knowledge About Dangerous Auto Defects Has your car or one of its… Read More

Travel adaptor recall due to electric show risks
Travel Adapter Recall Due to Electric Shock Risks

WHSmith Travel Adapters May Pose Risk of Fire, Burn Injuries, and Electric Shock Are you currently in possession of a… Read More

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VTech Recalls Children’s Products

Infant Rattles and Children’s Travel Mobiles Have Serious Child injury Risks Does your infant or young child have a VTech… Read More

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Dressers Recalled Due to Child Injury Risks

More than One Million Dressers Recalled Because of Tipping and Entrapment Dangers  If you have a young child in your… Read More

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Urgent Recall of Schizophrenia Drug

Manufacturer Issues Urgent Recall of Schizophrenia Drug According to a recent report in Medscape Medical News, Teva Pharmaceuticals initiated a… Read More

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Safety Defects and IKEA Recalls

List of Recalled IKEA Items Grows, Prompting Safety Defect Concerns Over the last year, IKEA has issued several safety recalls due… Read More

Children’s Sleepwear Recalled Due to Flammability Risk

Product Recall for Children’s Sleepwear Highlights Risk of Burn Injury  When we purchase clothing for our children, especially sleepwear, most… Read More

What Parents Need to Know About the Spike in Child Product Safety Recalls

A recent report published by Kids in Danger (KID), a non-profit group dedicated to protecting child safety through recalls, indicates… Read More

National Highways Traffic Safety Administration Investigates Defective Seatbelt Allegations in the 2013 Hyundai Sonata

Investigation into Seatbelt Failures Most drivers and motor vehicle passengers know that seatbelts can save lives, and that it is… Read More

Risk of Laceration and Fall-Related Injuries Leads Aria Child to Issue Stroller Recall

Children’s Strollers Recalled Due to Injury Risk Many child injuries are preventable, especially when they result from hazards posed by… Read More

Cuisinart Food Processors Recalled

Safety Defect in Cuisinart Food Processors Causes at Least 30 Reports of Lacerations Were you thinking about investing in a… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Recalled Due to Risk of Fire and Burn Injuries

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls Popular Smartphones Did you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone over the summer?… Read More

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Child Strollers Recalled Due to Safety Defect

CPSC Recalls Safety 1st Brand Strollers Because of Child Injury Risk Is the stroller that you currently use safe? According… Read More

Third Child Injury Fatality from Recalled IKEA Product

Back in July of 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that IKEA had announced a repair program-essentially… Read More

Hoverboards Could Be Seized or Recalled Due to Safety Issues

New Attention to Hoverboard Dangers Hoverboards are a hot commodity and were one of the most popular consumer toys or… Read More

Child Injury Risks Prompt Recall

Child Safety Seat Manufacturer Evenflo Recalls 56K Seats Due to Risk of Injury When you purchase a safety seat for… Read More

New Product Recalls in 2016

Although we are only into the third month of a new year, there are already product recalls that you need… Read More

More Auto Recalls Cite Dangerous Airbag Inflators

Ford Recalling Ranger Pickups Due to Injuries from Exploding Airbags If you are a consumer who has been following auto… Read More

CPSC Announces Product Recall for Britax Car Seats and Strollers

Infant Products Recently Recalled When we buy products for infants, we should be able to assume that they are safe… Read More

Biggest Product Recalls of 2015

Looking Back on the Most Dangerous Products and Consumer Recalls Last Year Was 2015 the year of defective products? Over… Read More

Over 1 Million Bicycles Recalled Over Safety Defect

Front Brake Defect Prompts CPSC to Recall 1.3 Million Bicycles  Is your bicycle safe for everyday use? Are you currently… Read More

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls DaVinci Brand Cribs

Is your baby’s crib safe for use? Every year, products intended for children are recalled because of potential hazards. In… Read More

Dangerous Food Products Recalled Amid Serious Concerns of Listeria Infections

Listeria Outbreak Lasts for Five Years While you may have heard stories about food poisoning and Salmonella infections, for instance, fewer… Read More

Graco Fined $10M for Failure to Timely Recall Dangerous Car Seat

Child Injury and Delayed Product Recalls Last year saw a number of product recalls. Indeed, the sheer number of vehicles involved… Read More

Five Recent Recalls All Consumers Should Know About

Alert About Product Defects and Notable Recent Recalls Product recalls occur on a regular basis, and many product defects are… Read More

Recall Mishandling and Dangerous Child Products

Last year, Graco recalled almost 6 million car seats due in large part to a safety defect. The recall began… Read More

How Effexor Recalls Can Leads to Lawsuits

When a manufacturer recalls a dangerous drug, how does that medication become the topic of a lawsuit? In the case… Read More

Recalled Dangerous Dietary Supplements Remain for Sale

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a dietary supplement recall for a product that contains banned substances, are… Read More

Dangerous Drug Contamination Leads to New Xarelto Recall

Microbial Contamination Discovered in Anticoagulant Drug When we buy medications and prescription drugs, we expect that they will be free… Read More

New Takata Air Bag Recall For Infiniti SUVs

Airbag Automotive Recalls Continue Can you trust that your airbags will function properly if you are in a car accident?… Read More

Defective Air Bags in Honda, Toyota, and Other Vehicles

Recall Expands for Exploding Airbags Defective automobile parts can result in major car accidents, severe injuries and even death. The… Read More

Drug Recalls May Hit ‘Record Numbers’ in 2014

Drug Recalls at Record High According to a recent article from Becker’s Hospital Review, 2014 may prove the worst year… Read More

Child Product Recalls: Hazardous High Chairs and Cribs

Recent Recalls Aimed at Infant Products It is always distressing to learn that a product you have purchased has been… Read More

Defective Airbags Lead to More Automobile Recalls

Honda, Nissan, and Mazda Recall Could Affect Nearly 3 Million Vehicles Automobile recalls have been a hot topic in the… Read More

Recall of Blood Thinner Product

Alere Defective Medical Testing Strips Recalled Are you currently taking a blood thinner to prevent the risk of a stroke,… Read More

Cars with Recalls Often Sold without Repairs or Replacements

Recalled Automobiles and Used Car Sales Have you or someone you know purchased a used automobile? Every year, thousands of… Read More

Evenflo Announces Product Recall of Child Car Seat Buckles

Recent months have witnessed a heightened level of attention regarding car seat safety. Evenflo is the most recent company to… Read More

Drug Recalled Over Concerns with Tampering

GlaxoSmithKline Recalls Non-Prescription Weight-Loss Drug When we buy non-prescription drugs at our local pharmacies, we do not anticipate that they… Read More

IKEA Announces Product Recall of Children’s Bed Canopies

International furniture retailer IKEA announced in March that many of its bed canopies were being recalled. The company explained that many… Read More

Report Suggests Children’s Products Recalls Are Largely Ineffective

Are Product Recalls Effective? For most Americans, hearing news that one of our children’s products has been recalled can induce… Read More

General Motors Recall Implicates Federal Safety Regulators in Deaths

Automobile Defects, Consumer Complaints, and Recalls According to a recent article in the New York Times earlier this month, General… Read More

Graco Recalls Nearly 4 Million Car Seats Over Faulty Buckle

Click to Enlarge Car Seat Recall and Child Safety Concerns When we buy a car seat for our children, we… Read More

Ford Recalls Vehicles Due to Faulty Child Safety Locks

Defective safety feature prompts Ford’s massive recall: According to an article posted by USA Today, in August of this year,… Read More

Johnson & Johnson Recall: Blood Glucose Meters

In March 2013, LifeScan, a division of Johnson & Johnson, announced a voluntary recall and replacement of approximately 90,000 blood… Read More

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Toyota Recalls 160,000 Tacoma Pickups Due to Rust

Toyota issued another recall that will affect a number of drivers in New York as well as other states. This… Read More

Recalled Car Part May Cause Fire: Subaru Recalls Nearly 640,000 Vehicles

Do you currently own a Subaru?  You may be driving with a recalled part.  According to a recent article in The… Read More

Recall of Newly Approved Glaucoma Medication Mitosol

According to a recent article in the St. Louis Business Journal, the St. Louis-based Mobius Therapeutics, LLC is conducting a… Read More

Costs are Rising in Stryker Hip Recalls

An article in Reuters reported that the Stryker Corporation recently increased its low-end expectations for the costs surrounding a hip implant recall,… Read More

Recent Product Recall Summary

Defective products can cause serious injury to consumers, especially since recalls are usually issued after a number of people have… Read More

Fire Hazard Recalls for Cordless Drill and Riding Lawnmower

When we purchase products from stores or manufacturers, we expect these products to  be safe and function properly. Unfortunately, many… Read More

Bicycle Recall Warns of Potential Hazards for Riders

When New Yorker think of recalls for defective products, they most often associate them with defects in automobile parts that… Read More