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disnfectant safety
Be Careful with the Disinfectant Products You Use to Combat Coronavirus

Safety Precautions To Follow When Using Disinfectant Products At Home To keep their home safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, many… Read More

Young man looks at his phone and compares his credit card to the computer screen as he purchases a product.
Defective Products Are Being Sold through Secondhand Marketplaces

Consumers Should be Aware That Product Recalls do Not Prevent Dangerous Products From Being Sold At Secondhand Marketplaces Have you… Read More

cars drive under a bridge at dusk
Does Daylight Saving Time Result in More Personal Injuries?

Studies Link Shorter Daylight Hours to Higher Rates of Car Accidents and Pedestrian Injuries Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended on… Read More

smiling child with a blue bib on puts a spoon in their mouth
IKEA Bibs Recalled Due to Choking Risk

Defective IKEA Products Could Pose Choking Injury Risk to Kids IKEA is no stranger to product recalls. There have been… Read More

A baby stands herself up by holding onto a chair in a light-filled kitchen
New York Laws Addresses Furniture Safety and Injury Prevention in Childcare Facilities

Legislation Will Require Daycares to Take Steps toward Preventing Infant Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products  Many parents and caregivers know… Read More

Two vehicles in a rear-end crash on a New York City highway
NY Traffic Report Highlights the Main Causes of Car-Crash Injuries in New York City

Learn more about the common causes of injuries during car crashes and ways to stay safe this fall in New… Read More

Two two-year-old children play on the floor at a daycare center
Daycare Centers Still Using Defective Child Products

Recalled Inclined Sleepers Being Used by Daycare Centers, Posing Child Injury Risks  Many parents with infants may know that the… Read More

Child wearing a bike helmet and green shirt drinks from a water bottle
Child Water Bottles Recalled Due to Injury Risk

Contigo Recalls 5.7 Million Water Bottles Due to Choking Injury Risk Many products can pose a risk of injury to… Read More

Child Walkers Pose Dangers and Injuries

Crate and Barrel Child Walker Recalled Due to Risk of Choking and Lacerations For quite some time, pediatricians and other… Read More

child's room with rocking chair, crib, changing table, and pink and white color scheme.
Consumer Products and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids

New Research Links Most TBIs in Kids to Common Consumer Products Are some common products in your home putting your… Read More

from behind the dashboard of a vehicle, a man drives distracted while eating a burger and drinking a soft drink
AAA Campaign Uses Personal Narratives to Highlight The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Any Driver can be at Risk of a Serious Distracted Driving Accident Have you ever texted while driving, or looked… Read More

Older man with a gray beard behind the wheel in a vehicle.
Among Drivers, Older Adults May Be More Susceptible to Tech-Related Distracted Driving

 AAA Study Says Senior Drivers are More Likely to be Distracted by Technology While Driving When we think about distracted… Read More

A person in a plaid shirt and athletic pants walks with an aluminum walker toward a setting sun in an outdoor courtyard.
Could Artificial Intelligence Help to Prevent Falls Among the Elderly?

New Study Considers the Use of AI for Preventing Falls in Elderly and Dementia Patients  Can artificial intelligence (AI) help… Read More

Person rides on a scooter in a NYC park toward the 1 World Trade Center building shown in the background.
Accidents and Electric Scooters in New York and New Jersey

Electric Scooters are Coming to New York  According to a recent article in The New York Times, electric scooters will soon… Read More

Man's hands shown lighting a small brown firewor
Fireworks Recalled in Pennsylvania

Massive Fireworks Recall Due to Blast and Burn Hazards While all fireworks come with a risk of blast or burn… Read More

Green light for bicyclists on a traffic signal
Pedal-Assist Electric Citi Bikes Removed From NYC Due to Safety Concerns

A Braking Issue Linked to Dangerous Bicycle Accidents Prompts the Removal of Pedal Assist Electric Citi Bikes from New York… Read More

Fireworks Safety for the 4th of July Weekend

Fireworks are a tradition during the 4th of July in the U.S. In some states, it is legal to purchase… Read More

Philadelphia building in City Center
Fire Truck Collision with Pedestrian in Philadelphia

City Center Crash Involved Fire Vehicle and Pedestrian According to recent reports from ABC News 6 and Philadelphia CBS Local,… Read More

Dangerous Stroller Not Subject to Recall

Despite Injuring About 100 People, Stroller is Not Recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission According to a recent report from… Read More

Gray and black hard-disk drive laptop with a charger left unplugged by its side
HP Laptop Batteries Recalled Due to Injury Risk

Voluntary Safety Recall Reports HP Laptop Batteries Pose Risk of Burn Injury If you currently use an HP laptop, it… Read More

Man in the driver's seat of a car looks at his smartphone while driving.
Distracted Driving Collisions are Getting Worse as Drivers Interact More with Smartphones

A Recent Report Says that Drivers are Using Smartphones in Increasingly Risky Ways, Leading to More Distracted Driving Accidents Distracted… Read More

Woman in a yellow shirt looks at her phone in a deparrtment store aisle.
New App for Consumers to Identify Defective Products

Parents Can Use an App from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Identify Recalled Products Defective products result in… Read More

Man on scooter
New Study Addresses Dangers of Electric Scooters

Thousands of Electronic Scooter Users Injured in Crashes and Collisions Many cities in the U.S. have begun allowing electric scooters,… Read More

MIxer truck driving on an open road with a blue sky
New York City Council Proposes New Bill to Combat Accidents Caused by Tow and Mixing Trucks

Anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tow truck or cement mixer knows how dangerous these truck… Read More

child asleep in rear-facing car seat
How Long Should My Child be Rear-Facing and Other Car-Seat Safety Topics

Age Should Not be the Primary Factor in Determining Whether a Child Should be in a Rear-Facing Car Seat Rear-facing… Read More

Children from the Chester, PA area pose for a picture under a basketball hoop with Philadelphia 76ers tee-shirts
Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Safety Clinic Series Presented by The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

Learning the fundamentals of the game is important for all youth interested in the sport of basketball. Equally important however,… Read More

The Bayonne Arch Bridge, which connects Bayonne, NJ to Staten Island New York
Pedestrian Safety Advocates Highlight Dangerous Walkway in New Jersey

Northern New Jersey Town Cited for Hazardous Pedestrian Crossing Causing Accidents Many people who live in Bayonne, New Jersey work… Read More

Cars driving down a snowy road in the day time
A Guide to Driving in the Snow for the First Time

Understanding the Risks of Driving on Ice and General Wintertime Driving If you have never driven during the wintertime before,… Read More

child on a bike looking backward on an open country road
Injury Lawyers Answer: Should I Wear a Bike Helmet?

Learning More About Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness and Bicyclist Safety If you have plans to be more active on your bicycle,… Read More

woman applying product to teething baby's gums
FDA Acts Against Benzocaine Teething Products

If you have an infant or toddler, you probably think about the risks of child injury quite frequently. While we do… Read More

Assortment of germs on green-vegetable background revealed under magnifying glass
Is the FDA’s Recall System for Preventing Product Liability Negligence Failing Consumers?

The FDA’s Product Recall System Could do More to Prevent Consumer Injuries When you read about a food product or… Read More

How to stay safe while riding your bike
How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Bike

Cyclists and Pedestrians Experience Personal Injuries More Often in Traffic Crashes Serious personal injury accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians are… Read More

Teddy bear under the wheel of a car
Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

Smiling kids looking out the window on a school bus
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes School Bus Seat Belt Law

Can Three-Point Seat Belts Prevent Child Injuries in School Bus Accidents? As many New Jersey residents know, a recent school… Read More

Driver's hand holding phone showing navigation software near the dashboard
Uber Safety Review Cites Flawed Technology in Pedestrian Vehicle Accident

Software to Blame for Uber Vehicle Accident That Killed Pedestrian, According to Company Uber Technologies Inc. recently conducted a safety… Read More

Caution Wet Floor sign on porch setting with bright sunny background
Slip and Fall Injuries in Warm Weather

Trip and Fall Injuries Can Happen Even After the Ice Melts We often think of slip and fall accidents as being connected… Read More

child looking out through rear window in car
Hot Car Deaths Can Happen in One Hour

New Study Shows That Vehicles Can Reach Deadly Temperatures in 60 Minutes Now that summer is approaching and the weather… Read More

Woman reading to a child on an airplane
Airplanes Can Pose Child Injury Risks

Child Safety Advocates Ask Whether Child Seat Belts Should Be Mandatory on Airplanes When you are flying in or out… Read More

Bikers riding across a bridge in the bike lane
Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

Driver catching up on rest in the backseat of a vehicle
Ridesharing Industry and Drowsy Driving

Researchers Say Auto Accident Injuries From Drowsy Driving Are a Serious Concern in the Ridesharing Industry If you live in… Read More

Car dashboard with airbag activated
Can New Auto Recall Search Tool Prevent Safety Defect Injuries?

Automakers Launch Recall Search Tool to Increase Consumer Knowledge About Dangerous Auto Defects Has your car or one of its… Read More

older woman touching hands with a young child in a living room
Staying Active can Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries Among Older Adults

Teaching Your Body to “Move Like a Child” May Help Prevent  Slip and Fall Cases As people age, they tend… Read More

Happy man putting young child in a car seat
Can U.S. Car Travelers Do More to Prevent Child Injuries in an Auto Accident?

Are we doing enough to prevent our kids from sustaining serious injuries in car accidents? According to a recent article in The… Read More

child in car seat playing with phone
Do Rear-Facing Car Seats Prevent Rear-Impact Auto Accident Injuries? New Study Says Yes

If your child is still young enough or small enough to ride in a rear-facing car seat, you might be… Read More

Pedestrian "stop" signal with text
New Rule Allows Cyclists to Use Pedestrian Signals for Safety

When we discuss bicyclists on New York City streets, we often emphasize the motto of “share the road,” suggesting that automobiles… Read More

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Could Traffic Enforcement in Philadelphia Prevent Pedestrian Accidents?

Philadelphia Seeks to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Center City with More Traffic Enforcement Officers In recent years, Center City Philadelphia… Read More

Holiday Toy Safety Tips for Families

Children’s Hospital Provides Toy Safety Tips for Parents Can toys cause child injuries? Whether you are purchasing toys for your… Read More

Blog image
NYU and Columbia Address Youth Football Brain Injury Risks and Safety

Increasing Talk of Serious Brain Injuries Means Parents Have to Make Decisions About Their Kids and Football In order to… Read More

Blog image
Is Your Child’s Car Seat Prepared for a Collision?

Study Says Majority of Child Car Seats are Not Installed Properly, Increasing Risk of Injury in the Event of a… Read More

Blog image
Preventing Fatal and Brain-Related Childbirth Injuries

Monitoring Fetal Heart Rates Could be Key to Childbirth Injury Prevention  According to a recent article from BBC News, the… Read More

Blog image
Safest Cars for Teens in 2017

Advanced Safety and Driver Assistance Technologies Top the List for Best Teen Safety Features in Automobiles   There are eight… Read More

Blog image
School Bus Safety Orientation for Kids in New York

Back to School Bus Safety Orientation Teaches Kids How to Stay Safe and Avoid School Bus Accidents How can you… Read More

Blog image
Back to School Safety for Student Drivers

Keeping Your High School Drivers Safe Behind the Wheel at the Start of the Academic Year It is almost time… Read More

Blog image
Safest Cars and Car Accident Prevention

Buying a Safer Automobile to Help Avoid Car Accidents What are some of the safest cars on the road for… Read More

Blog image
Avoiding Summer Grilling Injuries

Avoiding Burn Injuries by Learning More About Safe Summer Grilling If you are planning to barbecue on your patio or… Read More

Blog image
Summer Travel Safety on Planes and in Automobiles

Record-Breaking Year of Summer Travel According to a recent article in The New York Times, this season is “shaping up… Read More

Blog image
Center City Bike Lanes and Cyclist Safety

Philadelphia Needs to Enforce Laws Surrounding Bike Lanes to Prevent Bicycle Accidents Do bike lanes in Philadelphia actually prevent bicycle… Read More

Blog image
Safe Summer Sports for Kids

How Can Parents Prevent Their Children from Sustaining Sports-Related Injuries this Summer? Kids look forward to summer vacation each year,… Read More

May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Learn More About the “Share the Road” Campaign in New Jersey   Last month, New Jersey residents focused on ways… Read More

Preventing Lawnmower Accidents in the Spring and Summer Months

Safety Precautions During Lawn Care Season The weather is getting warmer, and we are coming into what many homeowners know… Read More

What Parents Need to Know About the Spike in Child Product Safety Recalls

A recent report published by Kids in Danger (KID), a non-profit group dedicated to protecting child safety through recalls, indicates… Read More

Learning More About Philadelphia Child Car Seat Law

How Has Pennsylvania’s Recent Child Safety Seat Law Impacted Injury Rates Thus Far?  Back in August, a new child car… Read More

New York State Focuses on Fire Prevention During the Holiday Season

Holiday Fire Safety in New York Did you know that fire safety tips are commonly overlooked during the holiday season?… Read More

Avoiding Aggressive Driving in New Jersey

Jessica’s Law in New Jersey Aims to Curb High Rate of Aggressive Driving  How significant of a problem is aggressive… Read More

Safety Tips for Philadelphia Public Transit Users

Public Transit Safety and Etiquette Do you regularly rely on public transportation in the Philadelphia area? Like many other commuters… Read More

Learning More About National Teen Driver Safety Week

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, Advocates Raised Awareness About Preventing Car Accident Injuries  What is the best way to… Read More

Childhood Injury Prevention Awareness

Focusing on Child Injuries and Prevention Methods How often do childhood injuries occur? Are children of specific ages more susceptible… Read More

Pedestrian Safety Measures in New York City

New Legislation Gives Right of Way to Pedestrians at Flashing Red Lights When pedestrians in New York City cross the… Read More

Back to School and School Bus Safety

School Just Started and Children Should Learn About School Bus Safety  The school year has just begun, which means that… Read More

State of New York to Spend Millions Improving Pedestrian Safety in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Areas

$110 Million for New York Pedestrian Safety Initiatives When we think about pedestrian accidents in New York, many of us… Read More

Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle this Summer

More Summer Motorcyclists, More Need for Safety Measures While many motorcyclists might think that the winter months are among the… Read More

New Automobile Technologies Target the Needs of Mature Drivers

Car Safety Technology for Mature Drivers Can new technologies in automobiles help mature drivers to stay behind the wheel as… Read More

New Jersey Ranked Among Best States for Teen Drivers

Teen Drivers May Be Safer in New Jersey Than Other States According to a recent article from, a new… Read More

Serious and Preventable Medical Mistakes Remain all too Common

The Continuing Problem of Medical Errors According to a recent report in, most people working in healthcare fields understand… Read More

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a significant problem in the United States that affects thousands of innocent victims every year. Unfortunately,… Read More

New Report Says Backseat Passengers Need to Wear Seatbelts

AAA Report Emphasizes the Need for Backseat Seatbelt Laws  If you are riding in the backseat of an automobile, do… Read More

New Jersey Car Accident Prevention Programs Target Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Safety Focus in New Jersey How common are car accidents involving teenage drivers? According to a recent article… Read More

USA Swimming Foundation Addresses Swim Safety as Summer Nears

Launch of Water Safety USA Program Given that we are on the cusp of summer vacations and warm weather, it… Read More

Kids Learn About Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention

Teaching Children to Take Preventive Steps to Avoid Serious Injuries How can we help to ensure that our kids avoid… Read More

Plans to Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in New Jersey

Shore Towns Provide for Safer Street Option for Pedestrians and Cyclists For residents of two New Jersey shore towns, there… Read More

Auto Accident Safety and Self-Driving Cars

Safety Experts Warn NHTSA That Self-Driving Cars are Not Ready for Everyday Use There is currently a debate between safety… Read More

Nighttime Seat Belt Use to Prevent Car Accident Injuries

Safety Campaign to Encourage Drivers and Passengers to Wear Seat Belts at Night When is the most dangerous time to… Read More

Union County to hold Event for Child Safety Seat Inspections

Car Safety Seats and Child Injury Prevention Child safety seats may not prevent serious auto accident injuries if they are… Read More

Bicycle Messenger Safety in New York City

New York City Council Proposes a New Bill to Improve Bicycle Messenger Safety Throughout the five boroughs, many businesses and… Read More

Staying Safe Through Spring Cleaning

Law Enforcement Officers Suggest Performing a Safety Review of Your Home Spring is here, and for many people this means… Read More

Proper Car Seat Installation and Your Child’s Safety

Installing Your Child’s Car Seat Properly Can Prevent Fatal Injuries How safe is your child while riding in a car… Read More

Latest Measures in New Jersey Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Street Smart NJ Campaign Unveils New Initiatives to Combat Pedestrian Deaths Pedestrian accidents result in serious and fatal injuries in… Read More

New Ways of Depicting Distracted Driving Dangers

Simulator Shows Drivers How Distracted Driving Can Result in a Car Accident Just how dangerous is distracted driving? Many of… Read More

Winter Storms and Safe Driving

East Coast Roads, Homes Inundated by Winter Storm Jonas Just two weeks ago, the east coast—from North Carolina up through… Read More

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Birth Defect Prevention Awareness Each year, the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) starts the New Year off by naming… Read More

Hospital-Acquired Infections and Patient Safety

Rates of Hospital-Acquired Conditions Decline, But Not Enough When you are admitted to a hospital, do you need to worry… Read More

Tips for Avoiding Winter Motorcycle Accidents

Being Prepared for Winter Weather Can Prevent Motorcycle Crashes As the weather grows colder and roads become slick and icy,… Read More

Preventing Elder Abuse During and After the Holidays

National Center on Elder Abuse Recommends Assessing Risks of Elder Abuse During Holiday Visits Regardless of the time of year,… Read More

Filing a Claim After an Uber Accident

For many residents of urban centers like New York or Philadelphia, using Uber or Lyft—instead of hailing a taxi—has become… Read More

End of Summer Signals Attention to School Bus Safety

For most American kids, the end of summer means that it is time to go back to school. But this… Read More

Injury Prevention Strategies for Child and Teen Athletes

Sports-related concussions are a serious problem among athletes of all ages, including children. However, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are not… Read More

American Medical Association Adopts Policy Aimed at Reducing Concussion Risks

With increasing news about the risks of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in youth contact sports, it is not surprising that the… Read More

Keeping Kids Safe in Spring and Summer

Safety and Swimming Now that spring is here and summer is only a few weeks away, it is important to… Read More

Child Injuries Occur Frequently During the Summer

Getting Ready for Summer Safety Summer is on its way, and the weather is getting warmer. While summertime often conjures… Read More

New York Releases Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for the Boroughs

Making Streets Safer for Pedestrians and Bicyclists When we hear about pedestrian accidents in New York, many of us think about… Read More

Springtime and Home Safety

Preparing Your Home for Warmer Weather Despite some intense winter weather in the Northeast, we have recently come into a… Read More

Tobacco Companies Settle Hundreds of Cases Involving Smokers

$100 Million Tobacco Settlement According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the three largest tobacco companies in… Read More

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Learning More About Brain Injuries During the Month of March March is brain injury awareness month, and the Brain Injury… Read More

Learning to Prevent Birth Defects

Expectant Mothers Can Take Steps to Prevent Birth Defects When you are pregnant, it can be scary to worry about… Read More

How Do I Know if I Have a Premises Liability Claim?

Winter Weather and Premises Liability Injuries that lead to premises liability lawsuits can happen during any month of the year,… Read More

Winter Weather and Automobile Maintenance

Check Your Tires Now to Prevent Car Accidents Now that winter is here, it is important to make sure that… Read More

Drowning Accident in New Jersey- What You Can Do To Prevent Drowning

Swimming pools can provide hours of outdoor recreation in the summer months, but they can also pose serious dangers and… Read More

Pool Dangers as Summer Approaches

CDC Finds Serious Injuries Caused by Pool Chemicals Does your family look forward to relaxing in the swimming pool once… Read More

Preventing Accidents in Road Work Zones

Highway Work Zone Safety As the weather continues to improve, road construction across the country is on the rise. With… Read More

Pennsylvania Attorney General Warns Philadelphia Residents About Scams

Travel Scams Loom Large as Warmer Weather Leads to Vacation Season With warmer spring weather slowly making its way into… Read More

Understanding Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance in NY

Can I Sue If My Spouse Was a Negligent Driver? Distracted driving is emerging as one of the greatest dangers… Read More

Spinal Cord Injury Education in 2014

New York Webinars Discuss Continuing Spinal Cord Rehab Are you suffering from the effects of a spinal cord injury (SCI)?… Read More

School Bus Safety: Should School Buses Be Equipped With Seat Belts?

In a unanimous show of support, the US Senate recently passed a resolution designating one month (October) to school bus… Read More

Feuding Over Rear-Camera Requirements for New Cars? Should They Be Required or Recommended?

Conflict is brewing over rear-view cameras on new vehicles. Although many safety advocates want rear view cameras required on all new vehicles,… Read More

Drowning in Public Rivers and Creeks: Are Safety Warnings Needed?

Summer 2013 is officially over.  Autumn has begun.   Next year, many people will once again re-stock the sunscreen and look… Read More

Beware Before You Sign: Understanding Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Many consumer transactions that Americans make today are governed by mandatory arbitration clauses. Most frequently, cell-phone contracts,… Read More

Safe Boating Tips from the U.S. Coast Guard

New Yorkers are still mourning the loss of a bride to be and best man in the recent tragic boating… Read More

What Are Punitive Damages & When Can I Seek Them?

There are two different types of damages available in a personal injury lawsuit; compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages are intended… Read More

Stay Safe This 4th of July – Car Accidents & Safety

Cookouts, sparklers, patriotic music, pool parties, summer cocktails, smiles, laughter, and good cheer–The Fourth of July is a high water… Read More

NYC Bike Share Program: How to Safely Navigate NY Streets

Earlier this month, Citi Bike became a brand new method of transportation in New York City.  Starting June 2nd, this new bike… Read More

Are Hospitals Safer Today? Why Patient Safety Levels Remain Static

We have entered a new era in medical technologies. From electronic patient charts to robotic surgeries, hospitals have become more… Read More

Stay Safe: Be Aware of Injuries from Falling Tree Limbs

Tragedy struck a Connecticut town earlier this spring when a young girl was killed by a falling tree branch.  The… Read More

New Jersey Crosswalk Sting to Curb Pedestrian Accidents

New Jersey has seen a number of car accidents involving pedestrians in the past few months.  In response, Fort Lee,… Read More

Prepare for a disaster

A mass disaster can result from a collision, fire, explosion, storms, or any other accident that causes injury, loss of property, or loss… Read More