Sports Accidents

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Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

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Youth Sports Personal Injury Accident Risks are Avoidable

Parents, Coaches, and Kids Can All Play a Role in Reducing the Risks of Youth Sports Injuries Does your child… Read More

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Traumatic Brain Injuries May Lead to Dementia

New Study Links Brain Trauma and Alzheimer’s Disease We often think about short-term effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), as well… Read More

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Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

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Less Than Half of All Youth Concussions Result from Contact Sports

  New Study Suggests Only 40% of Child and Teen Concussions Happen While Playing Contact Sports Contact sports such as… Read More

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Skateboarding Injuries in Philadelphia

Children and Adolescents Sustain Injuries Related to Skateboarding in Philadelphia Many children and teens in the Philadelphia area enjoy skateboarding… Read More

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New Study Clearly Links Brain Disease to Sports-Related Concussions

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Found in Brains of 110 Deceased NFL Players  Are sports-related concussions in contact sports like football… Read More

MLB Teams Extend Protective Netting After Series of Spectator Injuries at Parks

Anyone involved in organized sports already knows the importance of remaining alert and keeping an eye on the ball during… Read More

New Mouth Guard Technology Addresses Sports-Related Concussions

Recent Study Uses Mouth Guard Technology to Assess the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury  What exactly happens to a football… Read More

Need for More Concussion Research on Women

Women May Suffer Sports-Related Concussions as Frequently as Men, But Their Injuries are Studied Disproportionately  According to a recent article… Read More

Can a Football Helmet Manufacturer Be Responsible for High School Football Player’s Tragic Death?

A Chicago mother who tragically lost her son following a football-related injury recently filed suit against the city school board… Read More

More Children Suffering Injuries in Soccer

As More Kids Play Soccer, Rates of Sports-Related Concussions and Other Injuries Rise  For many parents, the risk of sports-related… Read More

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NFL and NFLPA Update Concussion Protocol to Avoid Traumatic Brain Injuries

New Concussion Protocol for Professional Athletes If you are a sports fan or have been paying attention to recent debates… Read More

USA Swimming Foundation Addresses Swim Safety as Summer Nears

Launch of Water Safety USA Program Given that we are on the cusp of summer vacations and warm weather, it… Read More

Handling Your Child’s Sports Injuries

Millions of Kids Sustain Sports-Related Injuries Each Year Do you know what to do if your child suffers a sports… Read More

High School Football Players Dying on the Field

If your child is a high school athlete, how much attention do you need to pay to the risks of… Read More

Brain Injury Study Stresses Concerns for NFL Players

Majority of Deceased Football Players Suffered from CTE  According to a recent article from Yahoo! Sports, a new study that… Read More

Football, Concussions, and the Continuing Appeal of Contact Sports

Sony Pictures Shifts Focus in ‘Concussion’ Film to Avoid Antagonizing the NFL Do enough Americans know about the links between… Read More

NFL Players Exit League for Fear of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Trauma Concerns Among Professional Athletes Are NFL players more likely than other professional athletes to suffer a traumatic brain… Read More

Brain Injury Lawsuits and High School Athletes

Sports-related brain injuries have been making national news over the last several years as researchers continue to learn more about… Read More

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Contact Sports and Spinal Cord Injury Awareness

Hockey Player Raises Awareness for Severe Spinal Cord Injuries Back in December of 2011, former hockey player Jack Jablonski suffered… Read More

College Athletes Experience Life-Threatening Side Effects from Head Trauma

NCAA Faces $50 Million Lawsuit for TBIs Over the last several years, sports coaches and athletes have gained an increased… Read More

Youth Soccer and Traumatic Brain Injuries: Are Changes on the Way?

Soccer Parents File Class-Action Lawsuit against FIFA The link between traumatic brain injuries and contact sports like football and hockey… Read More

New Wearables May Detect Early Signs of Sports Concussions

Identifying Concussion Injuries with Wearable Sensors While they may sound like devices from the future, sports “wearables” may be able… Read More

Soccer Risks and Traumatic Brain Injury

CTE Diagnosed in Soccer Player, Suggests Riskiness of Sport When news about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) first began emerging in… Read More

New Jersey Hockey Player Suffers Broken Neck During Game

Neck Injuries in High School Sports Even at the high school level, contact sports can lead to extremely dangerous accidents,… Read More

New Football Helmet Warning Labels Beg the Question – Do you really want to get your head in the game?

Football helmet companies make attempts to avoid future athletes’ injuries and lawsuits: The topic of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in… Read More

NCAA Concussion Cases – In the News…Again

Brain Disease Probable Factor in Former NCAA Football Player’s Death The discussion surrounding sport-related concussions in the National Collegiate Athletic… Read More

NFL Concussion Lawsuits in Philadelphia

Earlier this month, a federal court in Philadelphia heard arguments about concussions in the National Football League (NFL).  More than… Read More