Falls from Heights and Slips, Trips and Falls Can Be Fatal

Preventing Deadly Fall Injuries

When most of us hear about a deadly fall accident, we might think about employees who slipped at a construction site or lost their balance on a rooftop.  But are we actually more susceptible to a dangerous—and potentially life-threatening—slip, trip and fall injury than we would like to believe?

In mid-October, a young New Jersey man died after sustaining injuries in a fall from heights, according to a report from the Bergen County Record.  Police officers referred to the incident as a “tragic, unfortunate accident,” but could it have been prevented?  Witnesses at the scene indicated that the victim had been sitting on the railing of a stairwell while engaged in a conversation with others. Suddenly, he lost his balance and fell backward striking his head.

Fall Prevention and Risk Assessment

While falls can happen to anyone at any time, certain groups of people are at greater risk of sustaining a serious or fatal injury in a fall.  According to the New York State Department of Public Health, fall-related injuries are the leading cause of hospitalizations for two different age groups: those aged 0-14 and those aged 25 and older.  As we age, however, the risk of a fall-related death increases drastically.  In fact, “falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for those 45 years and older.”

In the recent deadly fall accident in northern New Jersey, the victim’s fall led to a fatal brain injury.  While falls can also lead to bone fractures and other serious injuries, head traumas are the leading cause of fall-related deaths. How can we help to make sure older adults (and persons of any age) do not suffer these often deadly injuries?  The National Safety Council suggests some of the following tips for preventing falls:

  • Keep potential tripping hazards out of walkways and stairways, including electrical cords, phone cords, boxes, toys and shoes;
  • Place non-slip or non-skid mats under your throw rugs to prevent a slip and fall;
  • Maintain your stairs and other walkways, ensuring that they are safe and free of damage; and
  • Do not stand on chairs, moving surfaces, or other hazardous objects.

Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer

Have you been seriously injured in a fall? Have you lost a loved one in a dangerous accident that involved a fall from heights? You may be able to file a claim for financial compensation. Contact an experienced premises liability attorney at the Rothenberg Law Firm to learn more about your rights.

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