FDA Warns Parents and Caregivers to Stop Using Teething Tablets

Teething Tablet Products Linked to Child Deaths

Are homeopathic products safer than others and less likely to cause serious injuries to children? According to a recent article in CNN News, the FDA issued a warning to parents and caregivers about injuries and deaths linked to homeopathic teething tablets, suggesting that homeopathic products are not necessarily safer than non-homeopathic items. The article emphasizes that 10 children who used these teething tablets suffered fatal injuries, while an additional 400 are known to have suffered from some form of adverse side effect. As such, the FDA recommends that anyone in possession of these products should stop using them, and parents should be sure to seek medical attention if infants display any problems.

What are teething tablets and how do they result in a child injury? They are products that are designed “to soothe teething babies,” according to the article. These particular teething tablets were made by Hyland’s, which has said that it will no longer distribute teething tablets in the United States. While the products have not yet been recalled, the FDA previously issued a safety alert concerning Hyland’s teething tablets back in 2010. What was wrong with the homeopathic products more than five years ago? The article indicates that lab testing showed “inconsistent amounts of belladonna in the tablets,” and the FDA received “reports of adverse events related to using the products that were consistent with belladonna toxicity.”

The company indicated that it had reformulated its teething tablets since the FDA safety alert. However, in response to the new FDA warnings about these products, the American Academy of Pediatrics has urged parents to stop using these teething tablets, as well as any “teething tablets that contain belladonna and gels with benzocaine.”

Keeping Your Young Children Safe from Injuries

If you have a teething baby at home, what types of products are safe for use? According to the article, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following to soothe pain associated with teething:

  • With a clean finger, massage the baby’s gums;
  • Use a solid teething ring;
  • Use a wet washcloth that you have frozen in your freezer; and/or
  • Use frozen foods, such as bananas or bagels.

Do not turn to using these teething tablets no matter how severe your child’s teething pain appears. In fact, you should get rid of any of the Hyland teething tablets in your home immediately and if your child was injured as a result of these teething tablets, contact an experienced child injury lawyer to discuss your child’s situation.

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