New Study Addresses Pedestrian Deaths in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Road Type Plays a Role in Pedestrian Vehicle Accident Rates and Severity, Study Says

According to a recent article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, a new study was conducted regarding pedestrian motor vehicle accidents in major urban areas throughout the country, including in cities like Philadelphia and New York. The researchers’ findings in the above study concluded that the type of roadway where the accident happens is the best predictor of whether a pedestrian is likely to be struck and killed by an oncoming motor vehicle. In addition, the time of day when a pedestrian is walking is also among the better predictors of the severity of a collision.

More specifically, the researchers found that “pedestrian crossings near curved areas of roadway are more likely to result in a fatality than those in straight roads by more than two and a half times.” For anyone who is designing new roadways or is thinking about improvements with pedestrian safety in mind, this information could prove to be lifesaving. If city streets are altered to discourage pedestrian crossings at curved areas of the road—and crossings instead are encouraged on straight roads—we could see fewer pedestrian vehicle accident deaths.

Get the Facts About Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accidents

In addition to the type of roadway, pedestrians who are involved in collisions with automobiles at night are “more than two times more likely to die in an accident than those hit during the daytime.” In other words, installing more lights in pedestrian-heavy areas could reduce the rate of serious crashes. In addition to street type and time of day, the presence of alcohol or drugs was also determined to be a predictor in pedestrian vehicle accident death rates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides the following facts and figures about pedestrian motor vehicle accidents:

  • 5,376 pedestrians died in traffic collisions in 2015, which represented a significant increase from the 4,884 deaths the previous year;
  • Pedestrians account for about 14% of all traffic deaths;
  • Pedestrians account for about 3% of all nonfatal injuries in motor vehicle crashes;
  • Children aged 10 and younger are the most susceptible to a dangerous pedestrian vehicle accident;
  • More than 15% of all pedestrians injured in accidents are under the age of 15; and
  • Nearly 70,000 pedestrians suffer nonfatal injuries in collisions each year.

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