New York City Council Proposes New Bill to Combat Accidents Caused by Tow and Mixing Trucks

MIxer truck driving on an open road with a blue sky

Anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tow truck or cement mixer knows how dangerous these truck accidents can be. According to a recent report in the Queens Chronicle, newly introduced legislation aims to reduce the risk of tow truck accidents and other crashes caused by these larger trucks. The legislation is part of a couple of new bills introduced by a Queens councilman to improve roadway safety. The legislation that targets tow and mixing truck accidents would prevent the spillage of dirt and gravel on roads, and it would also change the way other motorists and pedestrians could report speeding tow trucks and cement mixers.

A series of bills called Int. 1354 would do the following to prevent tow truck accidents:

  • “Require cement-mixing trucks to install certain spillage prevention equipment to avoid materials falling into the roadways”;
  • Create a 311 function on the app, website, and telephone service to allow people to report illegal towing incidents with video evidence, which would be sent to the NYPD for adjudication; and
  • Allow reporting of tow trucks speeding to the scene of an accident.

“When driving around the city, it is common to find mounds of cement or piles of gravel and sand that can be hazardous to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike,” says councilman Bob Holden.  “Before these mounds cause any more accidents, damage to tires, fenders or other parts of a car or bike, or a trip-and-fall incident, requiring spillage bags on all trucks is a simple and easy solution.”

In addition to the road debris that can result in dangerous conditions and truck accidents, the legislation is also aimed at tow truck drivers who speed to the scenes of crashes. As Holden explained, while many tow truck drivers simply are thinking about arriving at the scene of an accident as quickly as possible, speeding can be extremely reckless and can result in serious and deadly injuries.

Getting the Facts About Tow Truck Accidents

How do most tow truck accidents happen, and who is responsible? The U.S. Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides statistics about tow truck collisions. Learning more about these tips for avoiding truck accidents can help you stay aware on the road and prevent serious crashes. The most recent tow truck accidents were characterized as follows:

  • Tow truck driver struck by an oncoming motor vehicle;
  • Tow truck driver killed in collision between SUV and school bus;
  • Individual struck by a tow truck during a roll-over accident;
  • Employee killed by a tow truck cable;
  • Employee crushed by vehicle falling off a tow truck;
  • Employee crushed while lifting a vehicle onto a tow truck;
  • Driver run over by tow truck;
  • Employee struck in the head by tow truck pry bar;
  • Employee injured after falling off tow truck; and
  • Employee caught between tow truck frame rail and the box.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may have a personal injury case and should speak with a motor vehicle accident attorney.

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