State Legislators Hear Commuters’ Safety Fears Concerning NJ Transit

New Jersey Commuters Voice Concerns at Safety Meeting

Many residents of New Jersey recall the recent fatal NJ Transit train accident that occurred in Hoboken last September. That crash resulted in one fatality and nonfatal injuries to more than 100 people. While accidents can happen almost anywhere, residents and safety advocates believe the Hoboken train crash could have been prevented if more safety measures had been in place. As such, New Jersey state legislators recently met with commuters to learn more about their fears regarding mass transit safety and to discuss how those commuters might approach safety improvements, according to an article from

As the article explains, this is not the first time that a group of state legislators have convened to address the Hoboken crash. It is actually the fourth hearing of its kind since the crash occurred on September 29, 2016, and it brought together the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee and the Assembly Judiciary Committee. What did these meetings address previously? In addition to considering the crash more generally, these committees also met to hear expert testimony on crash prevention and the safety record of NJ Transit.

The commuters who spoke at the meeting each had experienced safety issues aboard NJ Transit trains, with some more severe than others. One individual who was injured in the recent Hoboken crash suggested that his “recommendation would be for the state government to compel NJ Transit to implement safety measures quickly that would prevent a similar crash.”

Other commuters who were not involved in the fatal accident at the end of last year, had nevertheless, experienced safety problems while on their way to work. For example, Corrine Cerati, a Hillsdale resident, has not been involved in a train crash. However, she told the committees how, “on numerous occasions, she [has] been on a train that shook so much that passengers were sliding and crying from fear.” Cerrati indicated that “once she even got off early because she didn’t feel safe.” Commuters who attended the meeting also voiced concerns about overcrowding and delays.

Staying Safe on NJ Transit

It is difficult to prepare for a train crash or derailment, especially when it involves another party’s negligence. Yet, there are certain things you can do to try to avoid serious injury. The most important of which is to always pay attention to your surroundings.

Whether you are on the train, getting off or on the train, or waiting for the train- pay attention! Of course, always stay off the tracks and behind the yellow line while waiting for train. Hopefully, with increased awareness and with the help of new technology, NJ Transit will provide a safer ride for its commuters. In the event that you were injured in a train crash, contact a train accident lawyer to discuss your case.

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