Staying Safe Through Spring Cleaning

Law Enforcement Officers Suggest Performing a Safety Review of Your Home

Spring is here, and for many people this means that it is time for spring cleaning. According to a recent article in, spring is also “the perfect time to perform a complete safety review of your home.” In other words, if you are thinking about spring cleaning, you should also consider checking some of the safety hazards around your home. Staying safe is not simply about removing clutter and allergens.

Where should you start when you begin performing a safety check of your house? The article recommends beginning with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. You should test and change the batteries on these devices at least once per year. By making this part of your spring cleaning routine, it will help you to remember to always check these devices. It is also important for you and your family members to have ready access to a fire extinguisher that is in working condition.

In addition to checking smoke and CO detectors, you should also think about the safety of your furniture, your flooring, and your railings. Sometimes furniture is overused and becomes wobbly such that it is no longer safe for use. If you find a chair or a table that is not sturdy enough, you should remove it or have it repaired. Examining outdoor furniture is also important, given that winter weather can wreak havoc on these items. After checking your furniture, look to see whether your floors or railings could lead to a dangerous slips, trip, and fall accident.

For instance, are there any chips in your tiles or peels in your kitchen vinyl? When carpeting begins to curl, someone can trip and fall. Particularly when it comes to older adults, ensuring that stairway railings (both indoors and out) are secure as necessary to prevent falls.

When you are doing your spring cleaning, the article also emphasizes the importance of discarding old medicines. Taking a medication that has expired can at best be ineffective, and at worst it can result in injuries.

Preventing Injuries During Spring Cleaning 

As noted above, the start of springtime is the perfect time to check for and fix any hazards around your house that could result in preventable injuries. At the same time, it is important to be safe while you are engaging in your yearly cleaning expedition. An article in Health Magazine emphasizes that cleaning products can also result in injuries. To prevent harm while you are clearing out your home and performing safety checks, take note of the following tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):

  • Always keep cleaning products in their original containers, and avoid transferring them to bottles, jars, or other receptacles.
  • Do not sniff containers to determine what is inside, as inhaling a dangerous chemical can result in injuries.
  • Always read the labels on cleaning products before you begin using them, and do not use them in a manner for which they are not intended.
  • Keep cleaning products out of the sight and reach of your kids.
  • Do not mix cleaning products together.
  • Open the windows and turn on house fans when you use chemical cleaners.
  • Wear protective clothing while you are cleaning.
  • Keep medications out of the sight and reach of your kids while you are cleaning out medicine cabinets.

Enjoy the Spring weather and flowers and stay safe!

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