Two NY Suburban Bus Accidents

Wherever you may live in New York, you are bound to see or take a bus on a daily basis. And with buses come accidents.  Even with new technology and advancement in bus design, accidents continue to occur on a far too frequent basis.

If you are walking on the street or driving a car, an encounter with a bus is not at all surprising. What happens, however, if you are in your house? People do not usually expect to have an accident with a bus in their own home. Amazingly enough, this is exactly what happened to one Long Island family in late November.

On that particular Tuesday, a NassauCounty bus crashed into the front of a house. The bus was traveling along its normal route when the driver allegedly saw a pedestrian in the road. In an effort not to hit the pedestrian, the bus driver swerved into a multifamily house.

The results were horrific.

A six year old, David Granados, was in the front bedroom and died on impact. His seven year old brother Josue Molina was in the same room but suffered minor injuries.  The pedestrian was hit by the bus and suffered injuries such as multiple rib fractures, a broken right clavicle and skull fractures. Eight passengers on the bus also suffered injuries, which were reportedly minor.

Although the situation is shocking, this is not the only bus accident that occurred that day. In Coram (45 miles from Hempstead), a transit bus struck and killed a 35-year old pedestrian.

Creating a legal claim against a negligent bus driver or company may deter negligence in the future. Bus accidents occur too frequently in New York where many are injured and some even die. Although there have been no reports regarding the bus driver’s conduct in the two instances described above, accidents are usually caused by bus driver fatigue, inexperience or reckless driving. These accidents only take a few moments to occur but impact the victims for the rest of their lives. Not only do the victims have to face the pain of injuries, but their families have to deal with the devastation as well. When family members lose a loved one, their lives change forever.

No parent should ever have to bury their children, especially when their children are so young and have yet to experience life. Josue, the older brother that survived the incident described above, misses his brother David.

“I wish nobody invented the bus so he could still be alive,” Josue says sadly.

When tragic bus accidents like the ones above occur, often the best decision a victim or the family members of a victim can make is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. Accidents often cause substantial injury, burdensome medical expenses and extensive pain and suffering. If you had an unfortunate experience with a bus, then you should seek medical attention immediately even if your injuries seem minor at the time. Many injuries appear to be minor in the beginning but continue to escalate as time goes on. You should also consider discussing your particular situation with a personal injury attorney who may be able to help you receive financial compensation for your injuries.

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