What are You Entitled to Under OSHA After a Construction Injury?

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OSHA Gives Rights and Protections to Employees in the Case of Construction Injuries

What rights do workers have to a safe workplace? When should workers contact a construction accident lawyer? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is part of the U.S. Department of Labor, and its primary aim is to prevent construction injuries at work as a result of preventable hazards on the job. As such, OSHA implements safety programs, develops standards and regulations for construction sites, and investigates accidents in which workers suffer what could be preventable construction injuries.

Under federal law, construction workers are entitled to a safe workplace that is free from health and safety hazards that are known or foreseeable to the employer. OSHA emphasizes that employees who have experienced construction injuries while on the job have the right to take action without fear of retaliation in the workplace and that they also are entitled to the following rights:

  • To be trained in a language the worker understands;
  • To work on machines that are safe;
  • To be provided with safety gear;
  • To have protection from toxic chemicals;
  • To request an OSHA inspection when the worker has concerns about safety conditions or after an injury;
  • To speak to an OSHA inspector;
  • To report an injury or illness;
  • To obtain copies of the employee’s medical records;
  • To see copies of the workplace’s injury and illness log;
  • To review records of work-related construction injuries and illnesses at the site; and
  • To receive copies of test results when a test is done to determine whether workplace hazards exist.

Given that a worker has the right to be free from retaliation, this also means that a worker can discuss his or her case with a construction accident attorney without fear of reprisal. A construction injury lawyer can help with filing a claim and seeking compensation.

If you experience construction injuries on a construction job and have questions about filing a construction accident claim, you should discuss your case with a construction accident attorney.

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