man committing battery on another manThe word “battery” comes from the Latin battuere meaning “to beat”. For legal purposes, battery is the unlawful and intentional touching or use of force against another without consent. The act of battery must include either the perpetrator’s:

• actual physical contact with the victim;
• actual physical contact with an object connected to the victim; or
• setting something in motion which produces a non-consensual touching.

For example: a) Kicking or shoving of another would be battery resulting from actual physical contact with the victim; b) Knocking a tray of food out of another’s hands is an example of battery in which there is actual physical contact with an object connected to the victim; c) throwing of a ball that strikes another is an example of battery resulting from setting the ball in motion, eventually producing a non-consensual touching.

Battery laws are meant to protect bodily integrity regardless of one’s frame of mind. This means that a victim need not be aware of the offensive touching for battery to take place. Therefore, a victim may recover for battery even if they were unconscious, asleep, or otherwise unable to perceive the contact at the time of offensive touching.

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