Bike Accidents

I was Hit by a Car While Riding My Bicycle: Who will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you have been struck and injured by a car while riding your bike, your priority is to seek medical… Read More

A view of the Manhattan Bridge though a cobblestone street in Brooklyn.
Truck Accident Causes Bicycle Accident Fatality

Brooklyn Truck Collides with Cyclist in Deadly Accident In early July, a 28-year-old Brooklyn cyclist died in a bicycle accident after… Read More

Green light for bicyclists on a traffic signal
Pedal-Assist Electric Citi Bikes Removed From NYC Due to Safety Concerns

A Braking Issue Linked to Dangerous Bicycle Accidents Prompts the Removal of Pedal Assist Electric Citi Bikes from New York… Read More

bike lanes with barriers
New Study Suggests Protected Bike Lanes Reduce All Traffic Accidents

Cities with Protected Bicycle Lanes Have Lower Car Accident Rates, Study Says Protected bike lanes are designed to prevent traffic… Read More

Pedestrian crossing the street with distracted cyclist riding in front of him.
Pedestrian-Cyclist Collisions are a Growing Concern in New York City

Cyclists Crashing into Pedestrians in City Parks and Elsewhere in Manhattan Many pedestrians in New York know that they may… Read More

Child pulling out on a bicycle behind the rear of a red caravan.
Bicycle Accidents Causing Child Visits to Emergency Departments

Every Hour, 25 Children are Taken to an Emergency Department for Bicycle Accident Injuries, Study Says Now that the weather… Read More

Veterans monument on the mountain overlooking Lake Marcia in Sussex County, New Jersey.
New Jersey Fatal Car Crashes Increased in Sussex County

Statewide Fatal Car Accidents Decreased While Sussex County Saw a Rise in Traffic Fatalities The state of New Jersey reports… Read More

child on a bike looking backward on an open country road
Injury Lawyers Answer: Should I Wear a Bike Helmet?

Learning More About Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness and Bicyclist Safety If you have plans to be more active on your bicycle,… Read More

bike helmet in foreground with bicycle in the background and sunshine
Airbag Collars Designed to Replace Helmets and Prevent Bicycle Accident Injuries

Airbag Bicycle Helmet Alternative Promises Safe Cycling and Fewer Head Injuries in Bicycle Accidents Is it ever safer to take… Read More

How to stay safe while riding your bike
How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Bike

Cyclists and Pedestrians Experience Personal Injuries More Often in Traffic Crashes Serious personal injury accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians are… Read More

Man shown injured through rear-view window
Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents are on the Rise

New AAA Study Says More Bicyclists and Pedestrians are Vulnerable to Hit-and-Run Collisions If you regularly ride your bike or… Read More

side view of two parked trucks
Philadelphia Makes Truck Safety Enhancements to Prevent Auto Accident Injuries

Trash Compactor Trucks in Philadelphia Will be Equipped With New Safety Features Most people assume that large truck accidents happen primarily… Read More

Bikers riding across a bridge in the bike lane
Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

cyclist riding while lifting front wheel of a bike
Opposition to Vision Zero Bike Lanes in Philadelphia Stems From Concerns for Pedestrian Safety

Philadelphia Has Plans for Protected Bike Lanes to Reduce Accidents and Injuries, but Not All City Residents Agree Many residents… Read More

Pedestrian "stop" signal with text
New Rule Allows Cyclists to Use Pedestrian Signals for Safety

When we discuss bicyclists on New York City streets, we often emphasize the motto of “share the road,” suggesting that automobiles… Read More

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Cyclist Deaths and Bike Lanes in Manhattan

After Bicyclists Killed in Manhattan, NYC Plans Crosstown Bike Lanes in Midtown Do bicyclists in New York City have a… Read More

Learning More About Philadelphia’s Protected Bicycle Lanes

Protected Bike Lanes Could Prevent Accidents in Philadelphia Motor vehicle collisions happen more often than they should in Philadelphia, and… Read More

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Bicyclist Death Caused by Speeding Prompts Advocacy Work

Calls for Speeding Enforcement Expansion After Brooklyn Teen Bicyclist Killed by Speeding Driver According to a recent article in Streets… Read More

Blog image
Center City Bike Lanes and Cyclist Safety

Philadelphia Needs to Enforce Laws Surrounding Bike Lanes to Prevent Bicycle Accidents Do bike lanes in Philadelphia actually prevent bicycle… Read More

New York Breaks Ground on Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety Projects

Vision Zero Plan Involves Making Crosswalks, Bicycle Lanes, and Medians Safer  How safe are pedestrians and bicyclists in New York… Read More

Bicycle Helmets Prevent Brain Trauma

New Study Emphasizes the Importance of Helmets in Avoiding Bike Accident Injuries Not all states in the U.S. have bicycle… Read More

Bike Ramp to Connect Cyclists from NJ and PA

Improving Bicycling Safety in the Philadelphia Area with Bike and Accessibility Ramp For cyclists who live in New Jersey and… Read More

New York Cracks Down on Bicycle Safety Laws

NYPD Focuses on Bike Lane Violations in All 77 Precincts If you are driving in New York City, it is… Read More

Plans to Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in New Jersey

Shore Towns Provide for Safer Street Option for Pedestrians and Cyclists For residents of two New Jersey shore towns, there… Read More

Bicycle Messenger Safety in New York City

New York City Council Proposes a New Bill to Improve Bicycle Messenger Safety Throughout the five boroughs, many businesses and… Read More

Recent Spike in Bicycle Accidents and Injuries

Bicycle Injuries Rise as More Adults Choose Cycling for Transportation According to a recent article from National Public Radio, more… Read More

Accidents Happen When Bicyclists Ride on Sidewalks

Bicycling and Sidewalk Safety Most of us know that sidewalks were designed for pedestrians. Sidewalks help to prevent deadly pedestrian… Read More

Bicycle Accident Risks in New Jersey

New Jersey Bicyclists Face Serious Road Risks According to a recent article in the Daily Record, when we look at… Read More

Bicycle Accidents and Saving Lives with Police Reports

Bike-Vehicle Crash Reports Can Help Improve Safety According to a recent article in Common Health, it is important to understand… Read More

Deadly Bicycle Accidents in New York City

Bicycle Crash Kills Pedestrian in Central Park Are bicycles a leading cause of pedestrian fatalities in New York City? According… Read More

Elderly Jogger Killed By Teen Bicyclist in Central Park

Fatal Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Fatal pedestrian accidents and traffic collisions happen too frequently on the streets of New York… Read More

Cycling Accident Dangers in Philadelphia and Other Major Cities

City Bicycling: Is it Worth the Hazards Involved? Is it safe to ride your bicycle in city traffic, or are… Read More