Legal Memes

Below is a collection of our Personal Injury Memes.


Beach Safety Meme #2

If You Can’t Hear The Lifeguards,



They Can’t Hear You Either.



Construction Safety Meme

Construction Safety Meme

You Are Not Alone on Site



Construction Safety Affects Everybody



Motorcycle Safety Meme thumbnail

Motorcycle Safety Meme

No Airbags, Doors or Bumpers



Watch Out for Motorcycles



Highway Workzones Meme thumbnail

Highway Workzones Meme PDF

Highway Work Zone Safety


Drive With Extra Caution







Pesticide Exposure



Affects Both You and Others





Patient Safety Meme PDF

Patient Safety Awareness


Know Your Rights.





2017 SpaceHeater Meme thumbnail

2017 Space Heater Meme PDF

Protect Your Family and Pets


Never Leave a Fireplace or Space Heater Unattended





2017 Superbowl Meme thumbnail

2017 Superbowl Meme PDF

It’s Going To Be A Super Weekend!


Don’t Let Your Friends Drink and Drive.






Birth Defect Month Meme thumbnail

Birth Defect Prevention Meme

Pregnant?  Make Informed Decisions.



Some Medication Can Be Dangerous To

Pregnant Women And Their Babies.




Dangerous Toy Thumbnail

Dangerous Toys Meme PDF

Toy Safety



Gifts Are Great

Make Sure The Toys You Give Are Safe For Play.





Winter’s Coming


Check Your Tires For Winter Safety








Checking Out a Used Car?


Make Sure It Has Not Been Recalled.






Old Medication Meme


Expired Medication is Dangerous


Always dispose of your old medicine properly







Smoke Detector Batteries Meme Thumbnailh


When You Change your clocks, Change your smoke detector batteries.







Backseat Seatbelts Meme thumbnail


Accidents Can Happen Anytime.  Buckle Up.




Even In The Back Seat.



Child Pedestrian Meme thumbnail


Back to School



Kids May or May Not Be paying Attention.

But Drivers Should Be.





Defective Products Meme thumbnail


Common Items Can Be Defective


Stay Safe.  Stay Informed.





Beach Safety Meme thumbnail

Beach_Safety_Meme  PDF

Beach Safety Tip


If you can’t hear the lifeguards,

they can’t hear you.






Fan Safety




Stay Alert in the Stands






Fireworks Safety Meme thumbnail



On July 4th..


Safety 1st




Playground Safety Meme thumbnail





Play It Safe This Summer




Bike Safety Meme_th


Think About Bike Safety

From a Rider’s Perspective







Distracted Driving Meme

Distracted Driving Meme

Distracted Driving Causes Crashes



Hands On The Wheel, Eyes On The Road.




Product Recall Meme thumbnail

Product Recall Meme PDF

Millions of Products Get Recalled Every Year

…Especially Toys



Always Check Toys For Safety and Recalls.





Slip and Fall Meme thumbnail


Not Everyone is Safe Walking on Ice





Watch Your Step.  It’s Slippery Outside.




Workplace Safety Thumbnail

Workplace safety PDF

Workplace Safety Awareness





Keep The Workplace Safe for All.




Space Heater Meme

Space Heater Meme

Protect Your Family and Pets



Never Leave An Electric Heater Unattended







Travel_Safely Meme_thTravel safely Meme

However You Travel…





Travel Safely.  Happy Holidays.





Early Darkness Meme PDF

It’s getting dark earlier.



Always Be Alert for Kids at Play.




High School Football Safety_Meme

High School Football Safety Meme PDF

High School Football





Player Safety First.





Hot Car Meme

Even a few minutes in a HOT Car

can lead to heatstroke



Never leave kids alone in a hot car.





Road Construction Safety


Summer is Road Construction Season


Drive Patiently and Cautiously





Pool Safety Meme

Pool Safety Meme

It’s Time For Summertime Fun


Remember Water & Pool Safety






Nursing_Home Abuse_meme_th


Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Happens, But it shouldn’t.







Truck_Accident_MemeTruck Accident Meme

Truck Accident Causes?


It Depends on how you look at it. Know Your Rights.






Super Bowl Drink & Drive Meme

Super Bowl Drink & Drive Meme

Fans Don’t Let Fans Drink and Drive



Have A Super Safe Weekend!







DUI Meme

DUI Meme

Enjoy The Holiday Season


Please Don’t Drink and Drive!







Cyber Monday Fraud

Cyber Monday Fraud Meme

This Cyber Monday Shop Carefully.

Protect Yourself & Avoid Frauds And Scams.









Eye Injury Meme

Eye Injury Meme

Eye injuries should be taken seriously.

Proper Eye Prevention Including Goggles, Safety Glasses, and Face Shields Can Reduce Injuries Up to 90%.






Federal Drug Administration Meme

Federal Drug Administration Meme

About 25% of all drugs approved by the FDA are later deemed unsafe for use.

Always research side effects of any new medication before use.






Pedestrian Safety Meme

Pedestrian Safety Meme

Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than vehicle passengers to be killed in a car crash.

Look both ways and proceed with caution.







Drowsy Driving Meme

Drowsy Driving Meme 

Sleeping fewer than 6 hours per night makes a driver far more likely to become drowsy while driving.

Save Lives:  Get off the road and rest if you are too tried to drive.






School Bus Meme

School Bus Safety Meme

Drive Safely

School is in session









Traumatic Brain Injury Meme

Timmy Didn’t Wear a Helmet

Almost 700 people die each year from bicycle crash induced head injuries..

Maybe Timmy’s mom didn’t know that statistic.





Texting and driving statistics.

Texting and Driving Meme

Be Smart with Your Smart Phone







Avoid car accidents. Always wear a seat belt. SeatBelt Meme

Live For Tomorrow

Fasten Your Seatbelt









Motorcycle accidents can be preventedMotorcycle Awareness Meme

In 29% of All Motorcycle Accidents,
the Driver had a Blood Alcohol Concentration Over the Legal Limit 

Don’t Let Your Next Ride Be Another Statistic.
Don’t Drink Before You Ride





Hard Hats save lives.Hard Hat – Construction Meme

85% of Construction Site Injuries involve workers who are not earing a hard hat.

Hard Hats save lives. Don’t Be Hard Headed

Wear Your safety gear on site!






Stop elder abuseElder Abuse Meme

“In the U.S. alone, more than half a million reports of abuse against elderly Americans reach authorities every year, and millions more cases go unreported.”









Patients and Doctor MemeDoctor Meme

Patients Have Rights

Have a question about your medicine?
Don’t be afraid to speak up









Drunk driving accident prevention

Drunk Driving Meme

You may be a good driver but when you drink,
the alcohol is the one driving.

Don’t let alcohol drive
Grab CONTROL of the wheel







Personal Watercraft SafetyBoating Meme

Distracted operators are the leading cause of accidents for personal watercrafts.

You pay Attention on the Road.

Why not pay attention on the water?







Prevent car heatstroke in children

Baby Heat Stroke Meme

Just Left Him in the Car for 1 Minute

That May have been one Minute too Long…

A Heat Stroke Can Be Fatal








Acetaminophin OverdoseAcetaminophen Meme

An estimated 33,000 people are hospitalized due to an acetaminophen overdose.  1,567 infants, children, and adults have died between 2001 and 2010 due to an Acetaminophen overdose.

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