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Product Liability LawyerDefective or unsafe products can cause significant or even catastrophic harm and injuries. When this occurs in Pennsylvania, product liability attorneys in Philadelphia can ensure the responsible party is held accountable, whether they be the manufacturer, component manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer.  Items covered under product-defect law include motor vehicles, SUV’s, trucks, airplanes, trains, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, drugs, foods, toys, machines, barbecues, appliances, and virtually every type of consumer product.

They were injured as a result of using the product, even if they were not the individual who originally purchased it. Typically, a person may have a valid product liability case if:

  • They were not using the product for a purpose outside its intended use.
  • The product had not been substantially modified.
  • The product was defective, unsafe, and/or failed to have adequate warnings.
  • The defect directly contributed to the injury.

If you were injured as a result of a defective product, contact a Philadelphia product liability attorney to determine your rights. You may have a case with claims of Product Defect for Negligence,  Breach of Warranty,  Strict Liability,  Failure to Warn,  Design Defect,  and/ or Manufacturing Defect.

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    Examples of potentially defective products and accidents caused by defective products include (but are not limited to) the following:

    •   SUV Rollovers
    •   Airbags defects
    •   Tire defects
    •   Seatbelt defects
    •   Car door and/or lock defects  
    •   Seatback failures and defects
    •   Defective Windshields and tempered glass  
    •   Fuel Tank defects
    •   Vehicle Rollovers   
    •   Roof crush defects  
    •   Biomet Hip Replacements
    •   DePuy Hip Implants & DePuy ASR Hip System
    •   Triaminic Vapor Patch
    •   Zimmer Hip Implants
    •   Zimmer Durom Cup
    •   Stryker Hip Implant
    •   Essure
    •   Attune knee system
    •   Talc Baby powder
    •   Taxotere
    •   Zofran

    It is crucial to gather key pieces of evidence when pursuing these types of cases in Philadelphia. That includes the defective product, receipts, repair records, and any other appropriate documentation. Speak with a Philadelphia defective product attorney to ensure you have all the necessary evidence and experts to prosecute your case.

    Consulting a Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

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    You should know that the Statute of Limitation provides established deadlines for filing product liability lawsuits. You may waive your right to compensation if you don’t file your lawsuit by the deadline. Get in touch with a product liability lawyer in Philadelphia now to prevent this from applying to you.

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