When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

As victims grapple with injuries, medical bills, and other immediate challenges after a car crash, a pivotal question often arises: When is the right time to hire a car accident lawyer?

While every situation has its unique nuances, understanding the strategic value of timely legal intervention can make all the difference.

In this article, we’ll delve into the critical moments and circumstances when you need legal counsel.

Rothenberg Law Firm LLP aims to shed light on the importance of bringing in legal guidance at the right juncture in your post-accident journey.


Is a Lawyer Really Necessary After a Car Accident?

It’s a common misconception: “The accident was minor, so why would I need a lawyer?”

This line of thinking often leads individuals to bypass legal consultation, thinking they’re saving time and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

However, even in seemingly straightforward scenarios, the advantages of having a car accident lawyer by your side more than outweigh the savings.

Short-Term and Long-Term Considerations

Car Crash AttorneyWhat appears to be a simple rear-end collision with minimal damage today can escalate into significant medical or repair bills down the line. Having a lawyer from the outset prepares you for any unexpected turn of events.

Additionally, some repercussions of an accident don’t immediately manifest. Chronic pain, psychological trauma, or complications from injuries might appear later. Legal representation ensures you consider and prepare for long-term outcomes, whatever they may be.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies operate with one primary goal: minimizing payouts. Without legal representation, you might find yourself accepting a settlement far below what’s fair or what you deserve. A lawyer can advocate on your behalf, ensuring the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you.

Determining Liability

No matter how minor, every accident has nuances related to fault, liability, and rights. Legal counsel can help decipher these complexities, guiding you on the best course of action.

States like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are no-fault states when it comes to car accidents. In no-fault states, drivers must first file a claim from their own insurance company before they can bring a claim against another party—regardless of who is at fault.

While you may think that liability is not a concern under these states’ no-fault laws, damages can quickly exceed the threshold over which you may pursue compensation from a negligent driver. In these instances, determining fault for the accident could mean the difference between making and breaking the bank.

How Long Do I Have to Pursue a Claim?

In the legal realm, time isn’t just a measure of moments passed; it often defines the viability of a claim.

Central to this ticking clock is a concept known as the Statute of Limitations. It establishes the time frame for filing a lawsuit after a car accident. After this period expires, you typically lose the right to file a lawsuit related to the accident. If you’re considering legal recourse after a collision, understand that time is of the essence.

How Long Is the Statute of Limitations?

Statute of limitations varies by jurisdiction and the nature of the claim (personal injury vs. property damage, for instance). For example, New York’s deadline is three years from the accident, while New Jersey and Pennsylvania have a two-year timeframe for filing a claim.

However, consult a local attorney to better understand the exact time frame for your specific case, as legal nuances can sometimes shorten or lengthen this window. Such exceptions are not guarantees, and one should always operate under the assumption that time is limited.

For car accident victims, the takeaway is clear: It’s imperative to act promptly after a car accident. Not only does swift action keep your case within the legal time frame set by the Statute of Limitations, but it also positions your case most favorably with the best available evidence. Don’t let time slip away if you’ve been involved in an accident. The best time to consult a car accident attorney is as soon as possible.

How Much Are My Injuries Worth?

Another compelling reason why you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible concerns the value of your injuries and other damages. Car accident victims often fail to recognize how expensive their recovery truly is or what they deserve in the first place.

Insurance companies, at their core, are businesses with a bottom line. They employ various strategies to minimize their liability and protect their financial interests. This could range from questioning the severity of your injuries, trying to find pre-existing conditions, or even shifting the blame to minimize their payout.

Often, the initial settlement offer extended by an insurance company might be conservative. The objective behind this is to resolve a claim quickly and with minimal expense. While the expediency might tempt you, especially when medical bills pile up, the first offer often doesn’t pay the full extent of your injuries, pain, and future complications.

Act Quickly, But Don’t Settle for Quick Settlements

Every injury and accident scenario is unique. An effective negotiation, guided by seasoned legal counsel, will consider your individual circumstances, pain, and future needs. Blindly accepting the initial offer without understanding its ramifications or without exploring the potential for a better settlement can hurt you in the long run.

Your Lawyer Can Accurately Assess Your Damages

If you’ve suffered a car accident, you’re likely eligible to obtain both general (non-economic) damages and economic damages. Economic damages are the direct, out-of-pocket costs you incur due to an accident. These could include medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, costs of rehabilitation, or any other expenses directly linked to the injury. They are tangible and often more straightforward to calculate based on bills, pay stubs, and receipts.

Non-economic damages cater to the subjective, non-monetary consequences of an accident. This might encompass pain and suffering, emotional distress, or even the loss of enjoyment in activities you once loved.

Given their subjective nature, placing a monetary value on these damages can be challenging. However, as legal professionals, car accident lawyers rely on methodologies and precedence. Factors like the severity of the injury, the impact on daily life, and future challenges all play a role in this valuation.

What if I Can’t Afford a Car Accident Attorney?

Financial stress, especially in the wake of unexpected medical bills and lost wages post-accident, can be a significant concern for many. The notion of adding attorney fees to the mix might seem unfeasible.

However, you shouldn’t have to forgo your rights or potential compensation simply because of financial constraints. Here’s how our firm ensures that quality legal representation is accessible, regardless of your current financial situation.

We Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

Hire a Car Attorney on Contingency Fee Basis The foundation of our client-centric approach lies in the contingency fee system. In layman’s terms, this means that you don’t pay us unless we win your case. Our payment is contingent upon securing a favorable settlement or verdict for you.

If we don’t achieve that outcome, you owe us nothing.

This system ensures that our interests are fully aligned with yours — we’re incentivized to give your case the utmost dedication, not just because it’s our ethical duty, but because our compensation is directly tied to your success.

Typically, when a case concludes favorably, our firm receives a pre-agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or award. We’re committed to transparency in this regard. During our initial meetings, we’ll discuss and agree on this percentage so that there are no surprises later.

We Offer Free Consultations

Before any agreements or commitments, we believe in empowering you with knowledge and understanding. That’s why we offer free consultations, allowing you to discuss the specifics of your case, understand its merit, and get a feel for our team and approach without any financial obligation. This no-risk consultation ensures you make informed decisions, understanding the potential benefits and costs involved.

In the daunting aftermath of an accident, financial concerns shouldn’t deter you from seeking the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. We aim to remove any financial barriers between you and the justice you deserve. Your focus should be on recovery and reclaiming your life post-accident, not on how to fund a legal battle.

The Best Time to Get an Attorney is Now

Allen L. Rothenberg, Esq., Attorney for Pedestrian Accident in NYC

Allen L. Rothenberg, Esq., Car Accident Lawyer

Navigating post-accident procedures can be stressful. From insurance claims to potential disputes with the other party involved, having a skilled personal injury lawyer provides peace of mind, knowing that your interests are being protected.

As you can see, the question isn’t so much “Is a lawyer necessary?” but rather “Why would I risk navigating this journey without one?” No matter the scale of the accident, always prioritize your well-being and rights by seeking legal counsel as soon as possible.

Contact the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP today at (800) 624-8888 and see what our team of car accident attorneys can do to ensure the success of your recovery.

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