Zimmer Durom Hip Cup Replacement

When a hip starts to fail, mobility becomes a huge problem, forcing many people to make major life changes. Fortunately, medical advances have made Zimmer Durom Hip Cup Lawsuithip replacements more feasible. These replacements offer hope to the tens of thousands of individuals who struggle with hip problems.

However, some patients have had their lives made even worse by a failed hip implant.

For example, one company, Zimmer Holdings Inc. (Zimmer), manufactures a number of hip replacement devices and parts. When Zimmer designed and marketed the new hip replacement cup (Durom Acetabular Component), patients who were in need of the hip replacement were excited. The Durom Cup, as it was commonly called, was especially appealing to young and active adults since the new implant lasted longer and younger adults were likely to outlive a conventional hip implant. Potential implant patients from across the United States were convinced that this hip replacement cup was the solution to their problems.

Unfortunately, these cups began to fail at a much higher rate than expected. In 2008, a highly respected orthopedic researcher and surgeon, Larry Dorr, MD, reported that a very high rate of Durom hip cups that were implanted at his clinic had to be surgically removed and replaced within two years of implantation.

The Zimmer Hip Cup Replacement Recall

The Durom Cup, approved by the Food and Drug Administration for total hip replacement, is made of cobalt-chromium alloy. According to Drug Watch, the Durom Cup was designed to “address two problems that were inherent in the function of previous hip replacement devices – durability and range of motion.”

The metal device known as the Durom Cup was implanted in approximately 13,000 American patients before studies showed that approximately 5% of Durom Cup implant patients experienced significant complications following their surgeries. In July 2008, hip replacement components made by Zimmer were recalled after it was learned that the surgical parts did not work properly, forcing many patients to undergo painful and costly additional surgeries to correct the defect.

Many individuals may still be facing complications from these defective hips unknowingly. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by the use of the Durom cup, be sure to seek out legal help immediately. In this case, as with many major defective product cases, the company involved may seek to have victims sign a “release of liability” form in exchange for promised compensation. Those forms should never be signed without first receiving the advice of a legal professional.

If possible, one should seek legal advice before undergoing any further surgery to correct the problem and preserve evidence. If you have already undergone additional surgery or have scheduled surgery, ask to preserve the parts that were removed from your body during revision surgery, as they can be used as evidence in a hip lawsuit.

Hip Recall Attorneys

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