Ozempic Class Action Lawsuit

Are you or a loved one suffering from gallbladder disease, gallstones, cholecystitis, or other issues after taking Ozempic for diabetes or weight management? Contact a dangerous drug attorney at The Rothenberg Law Firm for a free consultation to explore your legal right to compensation.

Ozempic Lawsuit Updates

October 2023: A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) provides evidence linking the use of popular weight loss medications, including Ozempic, to an increased risk of serious gastrointestinal issues, including pancreatitis, bowel obstruction, gastroparesis, and biliary disease (which affects the gallbladder).

September 2023: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration updated the label for Ozempic to include a cautionary note about a heightened risk of ileus. This condition obstructs the passage of food or fluid through the colon. These updates highlight the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the risks associated with Ozempic and the need for increased awareness of its potential side effects.

July 2023: The American Society of Anesthesiologists issued advisories against the use of medications like Ozempic before elective surgery due to an increased risk of vomiting and aspiration during anesthesia. These warnings raise important questions about the overall safety of this class of drugs and whether doctors and patients have been adequately informed about the risks.

Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic Endocrinologist Dr. Meera Shah informed CBS News that approximately 10% of Ozempic users discontinue the medication due to side effects, including nausea, abdominal pain, stomach pain, constipation, delayed gastric emptying, stomach paralysis, blockage, bloating, diarrhea, and other adverse events. Notably, she has frequently encountered gallbladder disease and pancreatitis as prevalent and severe complications among patients using Ozempic.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is the popular brand name for a diabetes drug called semaglutide, a prescription drug approved for treating Type-2 Diabetes. ItOzempic Insulin injection pen or insulin cartridge pen for diabetics. Medical equipment for diabetes parients. belongs to a class of drugs known as glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 receptor agonists. These drugs work with the active ingredient of the drug, semaglutide, stimulating insulin production after meals and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Ozempic is administered once a week, with dosages ranging from 0.25 mg to 1 mg.

While Ozempic was initially approved for the management of Type-2 Diabetes, it has gained popularity as a weight management drug. In response to the observed weight loss effects during clinical trials, the FDA approved a higher-dose version of Ozempic, known as Wegovy, in 2021 for weight management. It is so popular that there are shortages of the drug. Plus, there are other semaglutide drugs on the market including one called Rybelsus manufactured by Novo Nordisk and one called Zepbound made by Eli Lilly.

Evidence Links Ozempic to Gallbladder Disease

A 2022 meta-analysis of 76 studies published in JAMA found a connection between Ozempic use and cholelithiasis or gallbladder disease. In nearly half of the cases, gallbladder problems began within 90 days of taking Ozempic. The risk of gallbladder issues is particularly significant when used at higher doses, for extended durations, and for weight loss. Gallbladder warnings were added to the drug label in March 2022 following the publication of this report.

According to Dr. Daniel Burton, a pharmacist who focuses on obesity and metabolic syndrome, the adverse gallbladder effects result from the body’s inability to adapt to sudden changes caused by drugs like Ozempic. He further reported that:

Rapid weight loss causes the liver to pump out more bile and more cholesterol, both of which can lead to the formation of gallstones within the gallbladder…We see the same situations with people who do crash diets or do bariatric surgery.

Often, gallbladder removal surgery is necessary to correct the situation.

Will There Be a Mass Tort Against Ozempic?

As of December 2023, the legal landscape is evolving. An Ozempic class action lawsuit was filed in July 2023 in both Louisiana and California federal courts against the makers of Ozempic, with multiple plaintiffs alleging they were not sufficiently warned about the potential side effects of the drug, including damage to their gallbladder.

If enough plaintiffs bring claims against weight loss drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk or other drugs like Mounjaro, the lawsuits will likely proceed as multi-district litigation (MDL). In an MDL, cases are consolidated into a single court for pre-trial proceedings, streamlining the legal process for cases with similar factual elements.

Now is the ideal time to seek advice on filing an Ozempic lawsuit against the manufacturer of Ozempic.

Who Is Eligible to File an Ozempic Lawsuit?

Individuals who used the drug Ozempic before the updated warning label was added to the packaging  in March 2022 and were subsequently diagnosed with gallstones, acute gallbladder disease, or other gallbladder conditions may be eligible to file a dangerous drug product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer due to higher risk of having personal injuries caused by the drug. These lawsuits are based on the claim that the manufacturer negligently failed to warn about the risk of gallbladder disease associated with the drug.

How Can I File an Ozempic Lawsuit?

Filing an Ozempic lawsuit can be a complex legal process, and it’s crucial to seek the guidance of experienced dangerous drug attorneys. To initiate a lawsuit:

  • Consult an Attorney: Contact one of our defective drug lawyers who handle Ozempic cases at our law firm with decades ofobese fat man preparing Semaglutide Ozempic injection control blood sugar levels experience handling dangerous drug cases. We will evaluate your case and help you determine if you have a valid claim.
  • Gather Medical Records: Provide your attorney with all relevant medical and health care records, including diagnoses, treatments, emergency room records, and any adverse reactions to Ozempic.
  • Follow Standard Legal Process: Your attorney will guide you through the legal process, which may involve filing a complaint, conducting discovery, negotiating with the manufacturer, or preparing for trial.
  • Seek Compensation: If your case is successful, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages resulting from Ozempic-related injuries.
  • Join a Mass Tort: If a mass tort is established, your individual lawsuit may be consolidated with others, streamlining the legal process and increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

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The Ozempic lawsuit landscape is evolving, with growing concerns about the drug’s potential health risks. Evidence linking Ozempic to gallbladder disease and other gastrointestinal conditions has prompted individuals to explore legal avenues for compensation.

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