New Jersey Bicycle Accident Lawyers

New Jersey Bicycle Accidents

Who doesn't enjoy bike riding? 

In the everyday hustle bustle of our fast paced world, biking is a wonderful way to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, however, New Jersey bicycle accidents happen much too frequently.  As a result it’s extremely important for bikers to understand  their legal rights and to turn to an experienced New Jersey bicycle attorney in the event they are involved in any type of bike accident. 



Injury Facts from the National Center for Health Statistics reports that of the 1,024 bicyclist deaths in 2018, 682 died in motor-vehicle crashes and 342 in other incidents.  Additionally according to Injury Facts, The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports 424,350 emergency department-treated injuries associated with  bicycles and bicycle accessories in 2018. This estimate includes both preventable and intentional injuries. 

New Jersey is no exception!

The State of New Jersey, Division of Highway Traffic Safety, has determined that  “each year, bicyclists are killed or injured in New Jersey due to bicycle crashes. Many bicycle deaths result from bicycle-motor vehicle collisions. However, injuries can happen anywhere, including parks, bike paths and driveways, and often do not involve motor vehicles.”

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The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) recommends the following steps to prepare for your bike riding:

  • Ride a bike that fits you—if it’s too big, it’s harder to control the bike.
  • Ride a bike that works—it really doesn’t matter how well you ride if the brakes don’t work.
  • Wear equipment to protect you and make you more visible to others, like a bike helmet, bright clothing (during the day), reflective gear, and a white front light and red rear light and reflectors on your bike (at night, or when visibility is poor).
  • Ride one per seat, with both hands on the handlebars, unless signaling a turn.
  • Carry all items in a backpack or strapped to the back of the bike.
  • Tuck and tie your shoe laces and pant legs so they don’t get caught in your bike chain.
  • Plan your route—if driving as a vehicle on the road, choose routes with less traffic and slower speeds. Your safest route may be away from traffic altogether, in a bike lane or on a bike path.

The State of New Jersey, Department of of Law and Public Safety offers: 

  • Bicycle Safety Hang Tags - with information in Spanish and English, these informative safety tips hang on bike handlebars and can help riders avoid negligent drivers. 
  • A three- panel brochure presenting facts and tips on safely riding a bicycle, produced by the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety.
  • Bicycle Helmet Fact Sheet -  with general information on New Jersey’s  helmet law and guidance as to how to properly secure a helmet.

Serious injury cases are not just business for us – they’re personal. When we take on a new client, we adopt them as part of our family, and we fight for them in every way possible.

That has been our motivating force in capturing hundreds of millions of dollars for clients we have represented during the past 50-plus years. It is also the reason we aspire to be the best personal injury firm in the country.

Our bike accident attorney team at the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP will advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process. We’re aggressive in negotiating with an insurance company, and we’re equally prepared to take your case to court. Our goal is to recover monetary damages for such losses as, but not limited to:

  •         Past and future medical bills; 
  •         Past and Future lost wages;
  •         Pain and suffering;
  •         Scarring and disfigurement;
  •         Diminished quality of life; and,
  •         All other amounts allowed by law.

What to Do if You Have Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident

If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and financial losses. The steps you take in the immediate aftermath could impact your health as well as a potential personal injury lawsuit. First and foremost, avoid further injury. Remaining in the roadway is dangerous, so move somewhere safer.

Here are some of the other essential steps to take if you have been hurt in a bicycle accident:

Get somewhere safer

As noted, if you were struck by a motorist, moving out of traffic as soon as possible is crucial. If you are able, try to move to the side of the road and as far away from moving traffic as possible.

Always seek medical care

You should seek medical care for your injuries following a bicycle accident. Call 911 for immediate emergency treatment at the scene of the collision. Even if you believe your injuries are relatively minor, there is a chance they could worsen in the days or weeks to come. It is a good idea to have a doctor evaluate your medical condition. In addition, this helps create important documentation about how you’ve been hurt and the extent of your injuries which could be used as evidence in a personal injury claim.

Get the driver’s information

When you are involved in an accident with a motorist, they have to provide you with their name and driver’s license number. In addition to this, you also have the right to get their insurance information. Acquiring this information at a crash scene can only take place if you are physically able to do so. If you are not able to obtain this information and you pursue a personal injury claim, your lawyer will help you with obtaining this information.

Wait for the police to arrive

Unless your injuries constitute a medical emergency, never leave the scene of a bicycle accident until the police arrive. When they are at the scene, you can expect them to ask you and the driver how the accident happened and prepare a report.

Document the accident scene

If your injuries allow for it, carefully document the scene of your bicycle accident. All of the details are important. Where was your bicycle before and after the accident? Was there any visible damage to the vehicle that struck you? Were there witnesses present at the time of the crash? Was it raining or snowing? Were there any obstacles or hazards on the road? You can also note the location of nearby businesses that might have security cameras. Any details or pictures you take at the crash site will be helpful. Obviously, if you are injured and cannot obtain any of this information, it will not prevent you from pursuing a personal injury claim at a later date.

Talk to a lawyer

Besides seeking medical treatment following a bicycle accident, a crucial step is conferring with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They can advise you of your rights and the next best steps to recover damages for your losses.

Contact a Skilled New Jersey Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your Legal Remedies

Every bicycle accident has its own fact pattern and injuries and there are many complex legal concepts and nuances that you may not be able to handle if you try to negotiate on your own. You can trust our attorneys at the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP to fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. To learn more about how we can assist with your bicycle accident claim, please call 1-800-624-8888 or go online to set up a free case evaluation.

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